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  1. Wow, Jahenne is really nice, yet another crusader I'll have to pick up. For an army I never intended to do, it's certainly getting mighty big. =P
  2. Considering how wonderful some of the other Crusaders like Finari and Devona are, I'm really intrigued as to what she looks like and I can't seem to find a picture on the site anywhere. The online store one is a bad link and I can't find any out on the world wide intarveb. =( Can anyone help? =)
  3. Oddly enough, four of my favourite ever reaper figures are in that list of five there. =P
  4. Ages ago, I came across a website (I think maybe I got the link from this forum) that had pictures of minis from different companies compared in size to each other with a ruler by the side too showing their exact size. I was wondering if anyone knew the site I was on about and had the link? I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I would describe them as non heroic 28mm. But I never really found it a problem as many of the L5R figures also fell into this catagory such as the generic light and heavy infantry. Bayushi and Hida House guard look big alongside them of course but they are supposed to. =P If nothing else though, it's worth grabbing the ashigaru with the great standards. They are just wonderful.
  6. Just downloaded it. Not one of the old ad&d modules I've played through so was a joy to read really. I'm quite fond of a good dungeon crawl now and again. Noticed that even though they converted it to 3.5, there are still a few insta-death traps and stuff in there. Will prolly run it during a campaign break as a one off for my group. I imagine they'll enjoy it more that way. =P
  7. It's a shame really, I know the L5R figures weren't of the highest quality but they still had the character of L5R. Such as the Bayushi house guard and the Shiba house guard. I'd have liked to have seen the whole range re-introduced. I was really happy when I found out Reaper would be continuing production of the clan war stuff. Fortunately, I have gotten most of those I wanted though I'd still love to get ahold of some of the others. In the meantime, I've found perry miniatures do a wonderful samurai range. I use their yari-armed ashigaru to bulk out my clan war armies and they do some other great stuff such as the banner bearers, unarmed samurai, the monks and the villagers. Well worth checking out if you're after that kind of stuff.
  8. I would recommend putting either a howdah on it (so it's basically like a war elephant) or putting a small ballista on it. A catapult or trebuchet just wouldn't look right at all really imo. Could try looking at various historic ranges for a ballista. Stuff like GW's ballistas tend to be fairly big.
  9. Yeah, I've never played warhammer and don't really want to. (I much prefer skirmish level games) But a few people have tried to get me to consider it, and when I did think about it, it was gonna be Vampire Counts or Wood Elves. If I ever was to play it (which isn't very likely tbh), I'd replace the regular plastic wood elf archers with klockes warlord archers and I'd replace the vampire counts vampires with Reaper vampires. Infact, I've met quite a few people who actually work for GW and actually do use a few reaper figures in his army. I remember one saying he just loved the range so much, but was a die hard warhammer fan. So he used his favourite sculpts in his army.
  10. I'm a big fan of the new wood elf line as well though I'm not too keen on the plastics. I've bought a lot of the waywatchers, tree kin and various other things to go with all the dark heaven and warlord elves I have. I think they did a nice job on the new wood elf stuff.
  11. Not keen on the overall colour scheme myself, but it looks well painted to me. On the otherhand, I love the cloak. It's an effect I'm yet to master on some of my figures I've painted, I just can't get it to look right yet.
  12. I second a dark hair colour. Black or dark brown would but mainly black I think would look best.
  13. That female duelist is wonderful and perfect for one of the characters in my campaign. =) And Reven become more attractive with each release...
  14. I've not played much of a variety myself, only Noble Armada, Star Fleet Battles and BFG. I think BFG is too simplistic and I don't like the ships anyway, Star Fleet Battles is just way over the top in terms of rules imo so out of the three I found Noble Armada to be my favourite.
  15. Thankyou. =) Throw in some Catapult K5's with C3 slave and 2x MRM 30's and it really does add up to a disgustingly heavy artillery company. =P So far, I've found that C3 networks are near-useless in anything less than company size, at which point with the right mix of units, they are really... well... overpowered. =P
  16. I only hope the Kachiko sculpt is as good as the artwork... =P
  17. To me, both look just as great just in different styles it appears (from my view anyway). The fact that I absolutely love the sculpt too helps I guess. I've not painted mine up yet, but I hope to do so soon and put it up here.
  18. These are some vehicles I painted a while ago for the 2nd Benjamin Regulars in a campaign we're playing. My mechs are all in the same scheme too. I'll try and get a picture of them but someone else took the picture of these for me. It's part of one of my C3 Company's, a Schiltron Prime and three LRM Carriers (3058) plus a Mobile HQ.
  19. I think the paint job looks great, and the gore looks the part, certainly adds to the overall effect (though I'd do the blood of the pot/couldron thing much darker myself). Only thing I'd suggest is maybe doing the clothing a different colour instead of red so that it contrasts with the blood. Unfortunately, I hate the scuplt itself. Infact I hate all the ogre kingdoms sculpts, but I should probably save that rant for later! Though admittedly, I did see some Bullthingy Ogre warriors on here a while back and they really did make the best of a bad scuplt (IMO). Maybe the sign of a really good painter is to make something absolutely awful still look good? =P
  20. Those look pretty cool, are they the Dwarven Warjacks?
  21. It's certainly a very pretty piece of work so far, I'd love to see how it looks when it's completely finished.
  22. I think it would be a good idea to have it count as light armour given the weight reduction, and it being designed to be flexible. The sheer cost of having that armour made in terms of materials should offset any balance concerns. =P
  23. Yeah, assuming you mixed it correctly, an hour or two usually does it. A bit more if you think you might have mixed in too much of one bit and not the other. (which I have done in the past... =P)
  24. Could always just get a few people here to come up with something. There doesn't seem to be any shortage of Clan War/L5R fans here. Perhaps getting individuals to do specific factions or something. Then everyone can show each other what they've come up with and give feedback on each others factions. Even if it's not officially endorsed, could be put up somewhere on the forums or site as a fan resource or something. There wouldn't be a whole lot to do for each faction. Beyond things like the generic heavy/light infantry, archers and ashigaru/peasant levy, it's mainly stuff like House Guards and specialist units like Daidoji Harriers and the elemental guards and stuff (horde being the exception of course). Then people could add in things like minor clans, bloodspeaker, nezumi forces and stuff from different eras. As it's for warlord, you can work with smaller warbands in mind and not just huge armies. Just my thoughts anyway.
  25. It would certainly get my vote, I have hundreds of Clan War and other figures I use for the L5R RPG. Would love to make greater use of them. (on a side note, Klocke's Water Elementalist makes a great Shugenja)
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