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  1. That is adorable! and I love the choice of colours as well. =)
  2. I'm a big fan of this sculpt too, it looks really cool, especially the unclean look on the armour, Never really liked seeing "film set factory finished" armour on everything. =)
  3. I'll second the suggestion of using a coat of thinned PVA glue on whatever it is you're spraying. You have to make it a pretty thorough coat though or you can end up with pock marks all over it if not careful.
  4. The greenstuff approach will be a last resort really, I'm prepared to do that if I'm all out of options, though I'll prolly just use a box of plastic GW lizardmen or something. Anyway, I'll check out the Ral Partha one, thanks!
  5. Kappa! those humanoid turtle type things. I need some for my l5r campaign. But I don't want anything that looks comical or like something out of TMNT. I've done a lot of looking around but really can't find anything so perhaps one of you may have a few ideas?
  6. Ahh, I'm dying to find somewhere I can get the old locust. Don't get me wrong, I love the new locust figure, but I also love the old one, theres just something about it. =)
  7. I think it'd look better if the design was my triangular, ie: the roof parts sloped right down at either side to cover the sides. As it is right now, archers on the walls to the left and the right could pick off the crew. =P Still looks pretty cool though.
  8. Black Tree makes some dungeon furniture, mostly torture equipment (probably not what you're looking for =P) and a few other bits and pieces. There is another company but the name slips my mind, they make lots of resin furniture, a bar, beer barrels, beds and such, proper furniture for an inn like that. It looks pretty nice as well, perhaps someone else here might remember the name.
  9. I picked Victoria Cross because I think it'd make a very interesting setting to play in and would be something fresh. My second choice would be the Mecha one, because big robots are cool (along with zombies - hey.. what would happen if you mixed robots AND zombies!). The Napoleonic skirmish could be interesting too, I kinda liked flintlock. Would be little point in a regimental napoleonic game though, there's already plenty of systems and figures for that, but little of it for a skirmish game imo.
  10. I have a half finished reaper dragon, reaper half elf and GW bloodletter. I have about 100 or so primed awaiting painting, including half my battletech regiment (which needs finishing for sunday =/ =/) and a bunch of stuff for my l5r camp.
  11. Well reason I prefer skirmish over block games is because they offer more flexibility with what you can do. Granted my only experience with them is Warhammer which seems to just be "line up your units, charge and throw buckets of d6" so I can't speak for many others. I think a game that could combine the elements of both types would get my interest as having formation rules which certain kinds of "trained" units can go into and out of in a skirmish game is pretty cool. (I wrote a skirmish system where you could do that) Kitsu are a lion family btw, Kitsune are the fox family, named after the spirits that reside in their forest and some of which live amongst them. I do agree though, the badger are especially cool, I hope in the current storyline they manage to get back on their feet.
  12. A RAGE L5R would certainly be good fun, I'd have something else to use all these hundreds of figures and my fox clan army for. =P (I'm a big fan of the fox in the RPG, they also paint up nice in their red and brown colour scheme) Also, I've always preferred skirmish games over block unit based games, I find them more fun.
  13. I bought the second box set and a load of blisters they did shortly before they stopped doing it. (great deal getting all those metal figures for the price) I never got to play though, but tbh I bought it mainly for L5R RPG for which I'm currently running a campaign. So the figures really help bring it to life.
  14. Ler


    Is down to personal preference really I guess unless you're playing a game where the rules absolutely demand a particular base type. Personally, I use 1" round bases for everything, including my warlord stuff. And I paint a little tiny triangle on the side to denote it's front facing. It makes all my stuff look uniform.
  15. Oooo, those are pretty, but I agree, something on the shield would finish them off.
  16. I've still not gotten the rulebook yet but I have a few questions about elven force makeup. I've always been a person to focus on grunts, never make much use of heroes or individuals unless necessary. Well, so far I have Caerwyn, Lysette, a dozen Vale Archers and half a dozen Vale Warriors. Oh, and I also have Prince Thingy (I forgot his name, I don't really intend to use him much =P). I also have a couple of figures to use as a treemen, the GW one and a metal Mage Knight Wood Golem (which is a nice figure btw) until I get a proper one. Anyway! I was planning on just getting more archers.... and thats it.. I just want an army with lots of grunts. Question is, is this feasable? Could I field lots of archers/vale warriors and just the mandatory command choices and still perform well on the field? or am I going to have to bite the bullet and diversify? (bah!)
  17. I've got quite a few favourite dragons. From Reaper's line, my favourites are Sandra's Shadow Dragon, Khulshanthus the skeletal dragon in the blister pack and one of the big ones called Gauth. As for GW dragons, I can't stand the majority of them tbh. They ALL look the same with really long serpentine bodies. But there was one I really liked from one of the old editions, it was a Zombie Dragon, it didn't have a rider and it looked much better than their current plastic one. Sadly I've not been able to aquire one. I only have one Ral Partha dragon which is the Ice Drake. Has been pretty useful though like in that Sunless Citadel adventure for d&d. On a dragon related note, I have the Sisters of Tiamat from the chronopia line which are pretty nice.
  18. I got my elves yesterday. My Vale guard archers and warriors. They are wonderful miniatures, I love them, and unfortunately, despite Elsabeth Briarkiss being wonderful as well, I think 'm gonna focus on Elves are my army. I just needed to profess my affection for them. =P Also, I was wondering what kind of colour schemes other people had painted their elves. I was planning to do mine in shades of green and brown as it seemed most appropriate. Does anyone have any army pictures to show off so I can see?
  19. It used to be released under the chronopia line and under something else before that, before it was released for celtos. I have it too, it's pretty nice. Looks much better all based and with all the flagstones. Makes me want to do a similar thing now. =)
  20. Yeah, the shield really does stand out which is doubly good because on the actual sculpt, it's literally buried in his back.
  21. I'm expecting the whole themed set now.. Ryu.. Guile.. etc etc. =P
  22. I love these troll mini's, I have this one myself. You do it justice though I think maybe if the base contrasted with it a little more, it might look even better.
  23. It's the barbarian tribal leader from the Son's of Kronos army for Chronopia. I forget the exact figure name though. It can't be bought without a rider (if it's still available) afaik. The rider is fairly nifty though, he has stag horns on his helm and an odd looking spear.
  24. I'm pretty fond of the Autumn-ish colour scheme. This and a few other recent mini's has inspired me to paint a few things in a similar palette.
  25. I think the proper name for them is Fly Agaric or something.
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