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  1. I ended up using them as terrain because they're pretty useless as anything else. For a "killer" fungus, they don't look very killer (looking like oversized mushrooms rooted to the ground and all), and in any encounter.. I think the party would know something was up if I put those down and said "ok guy's, what you doing?" Perhaps I should try and make a flower. And maybe I can convert the tortoise dragon into a version of bowser... =P Oh, and mushroom men, lots and lots of them. Called Toad. Yes!
  2. I remember there being a post on the General Fantasy Board (that I probably made) a while back about the skeletal dragon I bought, the small one from the Dark Heaven line. I remember saying I'd get some pictures of it but wasn't able to at the time. Anyway, I thought I'd take some now (bet you can't tell I love my new digital camera =P) so you can all see how I modified the pose to make it look a little more dynamic. Not sure if it's supposed to go here, but it's not painted and it's not really a conversion as such. Just slightly modifed. All I did was shorten the neck, alter the position of the head, arms and legs a lil' bit. I also bent the wings somewhat so they looked more curved and stuff. Lemme know what you think. (the flash made it look shiny btw, it's not really) I was also wondering how other people paint bone too. See, when I paint bone, I go over the black undercoat in brown, then drybrush coffee, bleached bone and a tiny bit of white. But I love this dragon so I wanna do my best and any other methods suggested would be cool as my method is pretty basic and only really suited to masses of skeletons for an army really.
  3. I finally managed to master the focus function on our digital camera so I thought I'd offer some evidence that I do actually paint! Here is one of my favourite mini's which I painted ages ago, it's one of the killer fungus from black tree. =)
  4. I find it kind of amusing that this so called intellecutally elite society relies on a method of measuring intelligence which is flawed. Speaks for itself really.
  5. They remind me of mongbats from the Ultima game series.
  6. Thanks dewen! that has just about most of the range. I have a few figures from it and thought they were pretty cool so I wanted to see what the rest of the range was like. (I had stuff from the Witches of Selene army, pumpkin heads are great =)
  7. ..where I can find images of the entire Ral Partha Crucible range? I've had a look around but I've only managed to find a few random images.
  8. I was quite fond of the Night Elf skin colour from Warcraft 3 so I started painting some of my elves skin lilac with violet highlights. It's actually turned out pretty well.
  9. Interesting that this is brought up. In a campaign I run, the party just "aquired" a privateer and while they have no intention to be pirates, naval adventuring has been opened up as an option so I've been preparing for this. Though, it should be said, in my campaign world, gunpowder doesn't exist (which has a LOT of implications over and above "no guns kthx"), so the ships are fairly sophisticated, but the weapons aren't. I think fantasy settings can have a LOT of depth but only if the creator is willing to put the work into them. Many historical events aren't really that complicated and the motivations behind them aren't difficult to fathom. A lot of people want the same kinds of things, money, power, glory. It varies from culture to culture in your campaign world but these things always remain consistant. I think the main problem with "fantasy" settings is the pigeon holing of races which has a huge knock-on effect towards the policies of nations in your campaign. For example, in forgotton realms, Drow are mostly "evil", Humans are kinda average, dwarves live in mountains. Blah blah blah. You get my point right? So, that tends to leave a lot of political power plots dead in the water right away, because there is no diplomacy or anything like that, people fight each other just 'cause they naturally hate each other. In my setting, there are only four humanoid races, humans, then two which are just kinda slightly different looking humans. What this means is I can have every race everywhere, no one "naturally" hates each other, but I can include more realistic and historical problems such as racial discrimination and such. Hmm, sorry, kinda started babbling there. Basically, I think you could do an age of sail/expansion campaign in a pure fantasy setting if you created your own setting. But it will take a lot of work to create the world. Especially in that kind of setting because elements from all over your world will be colonizing/expanding their empires/meeting/etc etc. So you need all your major nations written up, all your major merchant companies/guilds, you need their general motivations, then you need the motivations of individuals in these groups, then you need to take into account other people in these groups won't agree and there will be traitors and people out for themselves and a few odd groups with totally strange ideas. It can be a lot of work, and works best I feel where "races" are not much of an issue. Or you can take a period of history (I recommend before the american revolution tbh, though the period between that and up to the american civil war is actually really interesting too, especially with the whole barbary pirates thing) and just incorporate fantasy elements. In either case, I suggest limiting the level of fantasy and supernatural stuff somewhat, especially in the latter case. It helps preserve the "feel" (if that makes sense?) and means the party have to worry about some of the key issues people had to realistically face. It also means when the party sees.. a... ghost ship, for example, they don't just go "pfft, 3 hd undead tbh, I could turn the whole ship". =P Well, those are just some of my random thoughts. I never did get to play 7th sea in the end, but from what I read, it looked promising, so that would be another one worth looking at.
  10. Well, as you said, it's not brilliant, but it's still interesting and useful. It'll make a nice stop-gap until you create something else and it was a good learning experience right? So not a disaster at all if you look at it that way. Also, if you can clean up where it's chipped, add a stronger sealer to it and more vegetation like lichen or stuff to it, it might have a longer life expectancy than you think. I wouldn't write it off just yet imo. =)
  11. Wow, I am totally amazed at that Elzabeth figure. I am definately getting that one as soon as it's available. But the rest are really cool too, I'm really pleased with all the greens I've seen in this batch.
  12. I was wondering, maybe if you could give a small "tutorial" on doing horses like that? I dunno about anyone else, but I have like NO clue about any breed of horses and when painting any mounted figure (which I have a lot of), I either just do them black drubrushed various shades of grey or brown. =P So I was thinking, maybe you could err... promote better looking mounts for minis! =P
  13. I have to agree, the eyes are excellent for a first mini. Like many others, when I first tried to do eyes, mine ended up as huge blobs. =P On a related note, if you ever want to... gauge your own progress, you could pick up another one of that same mini, and paint it in 6 months time. I found that to be a great way of seeing how far I've come. =)
  14. I see this kind of statement a lot and it irks me because it's usually made by people who don't like others asking questions. It's usually something that's said to make out people who look into the strangers theories or ask questions about what happened (however unlikely they may be) to be either idiots or inconsiderate and.. would the word be "unpatriotic" in the US? =P Now I'm not saying that's what you're doing when you made that reply but it's a cheap tactic that I see employed in a lot of places to create an emotional backlash against people who suggest things that others my find difficult to swallow as a possibility for what happened. As for the site, some things made me think, soom seemed a little farfetched and some I just thought "no way". But I do believe there is a lot more to the whole thing than people are being told, much like there is with everything else. And I don't doubt that the current US government used the event for political gain regardless of whether they carried it out personally or not. That's the nature of democracy.. to only be concerned about ensuring you please enough of the electorate so you get voted in next term. =P
  15. Yeah, those ATGM's were pretty advanced and bought via Syria from from Russia. But I don't think they are in the hands of any militant groups. I imagine they didn't have enough to equip a signifigant number of their troops at the outbreak of GW2 and I doubt they are as portable as the more fashionable RPG-7. Speaking of Saddam procuring equipment, I believe he purchased an advanced fibre optic defence grid, or the parts to one from the Ukraine? and didn't the then president of the Ukraine end up resigning after being pressured by the UN? I'm not so sure about that one.
  16. My only advice is to bend it slowly and as close to the apex (is that the right word?) of the bend as possible. Not only should it reduce chances of breakage but it also means you don't end up with it looking slightly wiggly where the bend was.
  17. Ahh, well in that case, if they are not mandatory in all large forces, then I am happy using the Captains. I was under the impression Warlords were required for all large forces so I guess I misunderstood it too.
  18. With regards to me query about generic warlords, I understand that the factions have overall leaders, Duke Gerard, etc etc, and of course it wouldn't make sense to have multiple faction leaders. But! that wasn't how I was thinking of it. I was thinking any generic leaders (if they existed, which they don't) would have been liutenants or whatever underneath Duke Gerard for example. Duke Gerard may be THE leader for the Crusaders, but I don't picture him showing up at every minor skirmish. Surely occasionally he'd go "Oi! Captain Stan, go burn that orc village down by the river... I'm playing... golf today". The only reason I asked is 'cause I didn't want to run into the same situation that I ran into in Warmachine, where you have like nine Khador armies playing and they are all led by Sorscha. Get's kinda silly I think. On a completely unrelated note, I saw the Vale Archers in the gallery and they are very nice. =)
  19. I had difficulty getting ahold of chainmail figures, though found it much easier to get their 3e metal d&d stuff which I have quite a lot of (I love the beholder). However I did manage to pick up the House Kilsek faction box. I wasn't all that impressed overall, I didn't like the drow mage, his staff was.. well... weird with that big spider thing on top. The drow fighter seemed kinda flat, though the ranger wasn't bad. BUT! The Kuo-Toa were really cool! and you got two in the box! I really like the way they look. On a side note, I did like the chainmail gnolls a lot and am a bit dissapointed I didn't manage to get any. I was also very fond of the abyssal maw. =)
  20. Ok, I got a question about this "if the figure is not released etc etc" rule! And also a few questions surrounding it. Basically, for example, there are the crusaders, and there are lots of named characters for the crusaders. It is my understanding that there are generic warlords for a faction? faction specific generic warlords, unamed characters, but not mercenaries. (I'm not sure if this is true btw =P) Well, I did a nice conversion of the DHL Templar Commander for my Crusader army, so I assume this would be totally legit until a generic Crusader Warlord figure was released? (this is assuming there are indeed generic faction warlords, hehe) Also what about unit commanders? even if there is no unit commander in a rules sense, it is just for the sake of the look of the unit, are DHL figures and conversions still ok for official stuff? And ermm, there were a few other things but I forgot. =/
  21. Ler


    My favourite incarnation was Christmas Lemmings because they had red suits and hats and it looked really cute. Plus, watching them get caught up in christmas lights and getting electrocuted was fun too. =P
  22. Ahh, thats great then. I will focus on Necropolis mainly, but as I seem to have a templar force means I can lend an opponent an army and play proper warlord games. Also, the being able to use any figures thing is important as a lot of people I know will want to try it out before they start buying stuff for warlord. And the elves well, a good compromise, I imagine I will do a force of those too. =)
  23. Well I downloaded the beta rules some time back. It's made me wanna pick up the rule book, which I will do when it's available. I've also managed to get some friends interested too, but I have a few questions: 1) I'm interested in Necropolis because of the whole undead theme. I'm a great fan of undead in general, so I was basically wondering, what units do they have? 2) There is a basic "generic merc" list right? Could I use this to hook other people I know into the game using other figures from fantasy ranges in the hopes they'd take a serious interest in warlord? basically, would they be able to take their existing figures to try the game out before making a serious commitment? 3) My main interest is Necropolis as mentioned above, but I also have a lot of Templar figures. I currently have 9 unforgiven/two handed sword templars, 9 templars with sword and shield (as soon as they arrive), a female justicar, that high mage guy, the undead hunter, the "good" cleric, the DH templar commander, the male justicar guy with the hammer (I forgot his name) and Alaine. Is this enough to make a basic Templar force with? (I have to admit, I have a soft spot for the templar army) 4) I've also taken a shine to elves recently. What can you tell me about that faction? are they "high" elves? the more foresty kinda elves? and what kind of units do they have? do they favour bows? whether they do or don't, do they still have melee troops? what is the general kind of theme behind 'em? Well, that's all for now. Any replies are much appreciated, thanks!
  24. If you're just interested in the miniatures then, then the L5R line is where you need to look. Granted, they don't have a whole lot of stuff released yet, but the Clan War line had some real nice stuff and it'll all get re-released eventually I imagine. Plus, who knows, they may even bring out some new stuff. =)
  25. His name was Kerwyn (Human Male Rogue). Don't recall the product number. =P I had a look around but couldn't find any pictures of him anywhere sadly. And I don't have a camera to take a picture of mine.
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