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  1. WotC did a male rogue with rapier figure for their metal 3e d&d line. It's not an elf, but he is in leather armour and is equipped with a rapier and is in a thrusting pose with it. Assuming you could get it from somewhere, you could probably switch the head with an elven head or model some ears on or something.
  2. On some US late night show or something (I don't remember which one), they had Vin Deisel as a guest and at one point he was telling them how he used to play D&D and that his favourite char was a Drow. He also said he has a tatoo related to one of his characters.
  3. IIRC, GW used to make some of those Chaos Swarf centaurs or something didn't they? I don't think they produce them anymore so you'd probably need to try ebay or something.
  4. Just picked this one up today and put it together so I thought I'd share my opinions on it as it's the first reaper dragon I've bought. I love the sculpt, it's a nice size too, but the pose is horrible. It's a bit flat and... well, doesn't look very dynamic. Anyone else think the same thing? I ended up making the neck shorter and angling the head so that it is looking down a little too. I also made it so he is glancing to the side slightly as well. I bent the tail a bit to make it look a little more dynamic and I altered the wings slightly to make them more swept back. I also angled the arms more down and to the side. When I was done doing all that (took me a while!) I was extremely happy with the end result. It really is a lovely dragon with a bit of work. I will try to get pictures of it once it is painted so that you can all see the end result. Also, how did the rest of you that picked this one up find it? I'm curious as to whether anyone else did a similar thing.
  5. I think he's supposed to be something like that druid Bogun thing? possibly? I think he'd certainly fit the profile anyhow. Or like Tam said, a twig blight. =) (on a side note I think he looks better than the pack of three twig blights wotc used to do)
  6. I remember someone on the showoff board posting some celtos mini's and a brief guide to painting tartan which looked pretty effective. But I can't find the post anymore so could such a guide be possibly reposted here? Reason why is I just picked up a box of the celtos gael swordsman and have began painting them but the whole tartan thing... well... it's not going particularly well. =P Thanks in advance!
  7. I just got them in the mail today. Great figures, though I agree, the swords are just a tiny bit big. I also got Sir Justin Templar Adventurer! I'm really fond of that one. =)
  8. I'm not too fussed about the broccoli bases myself, though I do cut them off all of my reaper figures and use 1" round slottabases instead but thats because I like all of my figures to have uniform bases. Some of the DH stuff has a more interesting textured integral base though so I occasionally just leave them on glue them straight to the base and put a little more work into the basing. I think it would be best to keep the broccoli bases though as those of us who don't like them can always just cut them off and those who do get to keep them. =)
  9. I'd like a ZOMBIE dragon myself. Not a skeletal one, though the skeletal one is very cool (the small one, I've not had a good look at the bigger one), but I'd like one with rotting flesh and such to help further fuel my undead mini fetish. (on a side note, I love the zombie werewolf) And someone mentioned L5R mantis figures. Were the Wasp Archers ever released for the original clan war line? I'd like to see some wasp figures in their stylised chitin-like armour. That would be very cool. And lastly, some more stuff like that female scribe green from a while back. That was also pretty elite. =)
  10. Yeah, I agree, it's nice to be able to find generic looking knights without enormous pouldrons, ornately barded armour or swords as wide as shovels. Also, on a side note, the Adventuring templar figure is wonderful because it's a knight with a backpack! Such a rare thing, and how many rpg characters DON'T have "a backpack" written in the equipment section of their character sheet? =)
  11. Well, I'll definately be picking these up as soon as I can, they'll be perfect for one of the knightly orders in my setting.
  12. It's listed in the upcoming releases for may and I was wondering if anyone knows of a picture of them anywhere? I've looked around but couldn't find any and I have this thing for reapers templars so I really want to see what they look like.
  13. Closest I've seen is a friend of mine being asked to leave a store because he was padding out his 40k army with some converted first edition warzone figures. On the other hand though, some of us did go to the warhammerworld for the day with a couple of reaper and other companies figures in the armies (for characters and things) and no one complained.
  14. I felt like adding my opinion! I love a lot of the warhammer figures, I have quite a lot of them but I can't stand the game. It's dull and boring. It's pure simple unit based combat. It's not even a good unit-level game either like I thought Clan War was, it's way too simple, may as well just roll 1d6 for each unit in combat with each other instead of 50. Playing it is dull and watching it is worse. What's worse is that I WOULD actually buy a small army and play if I didn't hate the game mechanics so much. =P But I've always preferred skirmish based games like warmachine, chronopia, etc etc. I ended up writing my own fantasy skirmish system too just for fun.
  15. Well, I was avoiding mentioning mmorpgs myself. Is it just PC games you want suggesting or console ones too?
  16. If you're looking for something that is a little more open ended with a huge wonderful looking landscape to explore and lots to do I'd recommend Morrowind (and the expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon).
  17. I am a bit of a pain for trying to make sure I have something to represent everything that is going down on the table, so I have lots of figures from all kinds of ranges including GW, reaper, foundry, clan war, those crucible figures (omg pumpkin heads are just so cool!), wizards metal d&d line etc etc. So USUALLY I have the figures I need to represent what the party encounters (or for use in a wargame). But when I don't, I tend to try and stay close. Like for kobolds I'd use goblins or something. On a side note, I also try to put everything I have on the same kinds of bases, which for majority of my stuff is the 1" round slottabase. *mutters about having to remove reaper broccoli bases*
  18. Yes! the scribe is definately a must-have for me too, along with that necromancer. I agree glasses would complete the look but not sure how that'd look sculpted on a figure.
  19. Yes, I've got various resin stuff myself, some from GW Forge World and some from various other companies (which I mostly can't remember the name of) and I also have a bunch of resin scenary. There does seem to be a very high ammount of detail in the resin stuff for the most part although I find it pretty hard to work with when I need to cut or trim it. I've come across two "types" myself. Forge World uses this lightweight resin which is a little flexible and easier to cut. The other companies use the heavy stuff which doesn't cut well, isn't flexible at all, tends to shatter when you drop it (don't ask =P) and err.. well it doesn't smell too great either. =) *stops rambling*
  20. I actually really like those undead legionairre figures. (but then I've always had a weakness for themed undead stuff) Not too keen on anything else though.
  21. The ogre is wonderful. It's so hard to find good ogre figures (well ones I like anyway). The other green that appealed to me a lot was Nicole of the Blade, so I think I'll be picking that one up as soon as its released.
  22. The dragon hatchlings are very cute. =) And the penguin familiar, just yesterday I purchased a pack of penguins from Mark Copplestones high adventure range just so I could use a penguin as a familiar. I'll probably pick up the reaper pack too as it'll include other familiars in as well. The Reaper penguin is more detailed though.
  23. On a lot of undead figures like the wraiths (especially reapers wraiths) I tend to do the robes and whatnot grey to white. Cause the blank space where the face and hands would be is black so it tends to contrast well and it looks more ghostly I think.
  24. The wraithlord, the one holding the greatsword behind its back. It's an absolutely wonderful figure (which I guess many of you probably already know!). Not quite sure how to paint it yet, I'll probably do it's armour gold with perhaps white-grey robes and hood. Err, well, just thought I'd mention my pleasure at receiving it. :)
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