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  1. I love the new bug bears and the war dog too, though I do agree it does look more cute than vicious. Even it if it does have big teeth and such. :)
  2. I've never come across them before but I really like the look of their wars of the roses range. :)
  3. I had a feeling they were slanting towards the more fantasy route when their newer releases sported more horned helmets and such. Still, I think they're a lovely range and really useful for the setting I run in too.
  4. I'd convert him to hold a spear too to represent gungnir.
  5. Yeah, I'd love to see an Odin figure and I also think a Hel figure would be very fun to paint up too. I'd love to see some things like einherjar and whatnot too.
  6. 2701 Thor. From the pictures it looks fantastic. Reason I'm so interested in it is because I have a lot of the wargames foundry vikings (the newer range) which are also really good figures, but I've been wanting the collect the myth side of it too. Wargames foundry released some valkyries but that's as far as they went so I'm really glad to find this one while browsing the galleries and I'm definately going to snap that one up. I'm wondering if there are any plans to do any of the other norse gods or things from norse myth?
  7. Well, a little disclaimer first, I'm not the best painter in the world, and from viewing the painted miniatures gallery, you're probably better off listening to the others but anyway, just my input! I don't really outline as such as let the black undercoat do the work for me. I've always used black undercoat on all of my figures for the most part and just built up the layers for brightly coloured areas. I've tried white and white-with-brown-wash undercoat but I always end up returning to black. I think it creates it a nice blacklined effect but it does leave all your miniatures looking slightly darker overall so if you like your figures to look very bright, it might not be the best method.
  8. My two favourites would have to be Alaine, Female Paladin and the Wraith Lord. I have a particular fondness for undead figures and the wraith lord has such a wonderful pose and overall look.
  9. Ler

    Hello people

    Ooo, fairly close yes, I think those will do. I missed those ones. Thanks!
  10. Ler

    Hello people

    Yeah, I have to admit Scale isn't one of my first choices for a d&d character, I usually only pick it if I have a specific look in mind for my character. I can't really change the concept now though as it's already been written and used. However, I did plan for such an eventuality and I do have some units use chainmail, but they are the exception rather than the norm. Though I would settle for chainmail if I can't get anything in scale. Any conversions I'll try to keep simple as I'll have to do quite a number of them, mainly just changing the shields and weapons and perhaps adding a plume to any helms. And thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  11. I Dunno if this is the right place, but anyhow! I'm kinda new here. Well to the forums that is, I've been lurking now and then but not posted until now. I'll give a breif introduction; I'm Ler and I've been collecting reaper figures for ages now, though mainly because they are so useful for character figures, npc's and monsters for various rpg games I play in and run. I tend to collect a lot of fantasy figures from a large number of ranges and I do a lot of conversions too. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could help me out a little. I've been looking through the reaper range for something fairly specific. In the setting I made up, I have a very specific concept of one of the nations troops, but I'm having a hard time finding the right figures for it. I'm willing to convert so 100% accuracy isn't neccesary. Their basic look is scalemail tunics, metal pouldrons(sp?), leather leggings, and armed with longswords. Forearm armour doesn't matter too much as long as it's not solid plate. They have roman style tower shields, but I have a bunch of those anyway so can convert any figures and add those. Some of the troops have solid breastplates so I can live with that for a couple of them, but the majority have scalemail. If they have helms, they need to be fairly simple looking. Officers look a little eccentric. Overall their armour needs too look more "realistic" I guess is the best way of putting it. I had a look through the reaper range but didn't spot anything, however, there's just so much stuff I imagine I missed something somewhere. Even if theres just something for some of the officers or whatever that would be great. I've noticed one of the biggest problems is finding basic soldier type figures in scalemail. It doesn't seem to be a popular armour type. Can anyone help? And err, sorry for such a strange request in the first place. Anyway, thanks in advance!
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