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  1. It's not impossible it's just that it works like an archetype. You don't actualy multiclass you just burn a feat in order to steal a few abilities from another class, by using even more of your feats. If anything it's how 4E did multiclassing with a few tweaks to it.
  2. I'm finding it's the opposite. So many things are locked to specific classes or level gated that I am having real trouble making the character I want. Most of my ideas leave me with no choice but to take a multiclass archetype, which gets in the way of looking at other options
  3. I don't mind the systems of PF2. 3 action combat round, how they handle things like initiative and combat maneuvers don't look bad. resonance seems like an ok idea but I don't think it should apply to potions and scrolls. More like attunment from Exalted. Damage on magic weapons...kind of think the extra dice of damage should be more a about your level of Weapon proficiency rather than how many shinnies I have on my sword. but the classes...oh god no. That whole "Everything is a feat" character creation set up. That is exactly what kept me away from 4E At best I'll steal some of the systems and port them over to my PF1 campaign that or go play Exalted
  4. Was doing some prepwork for a Pathfinder campaign and realized, the PCs will be fighting an Ogre Sorceress fairly early on. Kind of hit me that "Hey I just Got one of those" so while I am still working through Bones 2, I went and dug into Bones 3 for this one. and damn she has turned out really nice. Very proud of this one and can't wait till she beats down my players.
  5. Well approaching the end of my Bones 2 figs and getting some of the big boys done. Behold the Great old one Mashaaf one of the first figs I've ever used an airbrush on, although final details by hand. finished it off with dullcoat followed by a light spray of a shiny clear coat, to give it a slight slimy look
  6. have you seen some of the stuff 3E Exalted came up with. All kinds of strange new ideas. Lesser Gods now can make their own Exalts with help from the higher ups. So Joey God of Basket Weaving can create his personal Exalted Champion of Baskets. Plus we get some Frankenstein Exalts
  7. I've seen a nice description of the whole Neverborn situation somewhere. Kind of goes like this. The original system the Primordals created had mortal souls getting reincarnated right away after they died. Mortal Prayers are what feed the gods so they had to keep them cycling, so you get born, you live, you die your soul goes into the Well of Souls and gets popped back out nice and clean ready to be reborn. When the First Primordials died they kind of made a mess of it. As something that was never supposed to die in the first place they can't fit through the reincarnation system they basically clogged the drain that souls go through, and created the Underworld (the Underworld is basically dirty bath water pooling up from a clogged drain pipe, and the Neverborn are the giant hair clog in the pipes.). The only way they can get unstuck is if the entirity of creation gets destroyed at which point the Neverborn get sweet sweet oblivion of non-existance. This kind of puts them at odds with the Yozi since the Yozi actually want creation to still exist. Well of Souls brings up Autochthon and the Alchemicals. After the Primordeals got imprissoned Autochthon saw things going a bit pear shapped and said "screw you guys, I'm taking my people and getting out" Turns himself into a planet, puts all his worshippers on it and goes into another dimension. Just one tiny problem. Mortal souls go to the Well of Souls when they die and get reborn in creation. In order to keep his followers from all vanishing and ending up back in creation Autochthon creates the Soul Gems. Everybody gets one implanted in their forehead. When you die they pluck it out and put it in a new vat grown baby. If you died being really really awesome they put the soul gem on a robot body and you get to be an Alchemical Exalted. Which is fun cause when the Alchemicals invaided creation they find people's souls just kind of flopping about willy nilly going who knows where when people die. Which is one of the first tings they want to fix. Waste not, Want not, you know?
  8. We did something similar years ago. There was this one spell. It would put a building into elsewhere and the place would only return to creation when specific conditions occured. Our Exalts ended up in an ancient tower under one of these spells and stayed there too long, and got trapped along with an abyssal and his zombie hordes. DM then shifted to a Vampire campaign that involved some hunt for a mystery Clan founder. Said campaign ended up at, you guessed it, a mysterious tower that appears out of nowhere. Our Vampires were annhilated and a small pack of Exalts walk out of the tower into the modern world. Full Circle +1 Lunar. From what I remember we had no access to Peripheral essence at first. Personal only. Which seriously limited the damage we could do to the world. Was fun.....turn full on apocalypse bythe end but yeah lots of fun.
  9. There is a kind of nice family game called Ryutama. It's a fantasy setting and the players are, people going on a journey. They are Farmers, Merchants, Craftsmen maybe a Princess. Meanwhile the GM plays a sort of hidden guide and guardian who is collecting the story of their journey in order to feed the story to a dragon. The game is mainly a shared world building experience, for example when you come to a new village the GM passes around a "village worksheet" and each player fills in one part of it, and then you explore the town you've created together. There is some combat but it tends to be pretty simple, the focus of the game is the journey itself.
  10. So with Bones three we got a nice batch of grey, hard plastic weapon sprews. I've never been much of one for Conversions so I'm asking What is the best way to use these things with Bones. A few I figure I can just glue on, particularly the Swords in Sheaths or the loose Crossbows, but how would one go about replacing say a Floppy Bones Sword or Spear with one of these cool looking grey (and not floppy at all) weapons?
  11. It certainly is taking some getting used to. I figure I would start with the large figs and work my way up (down) to the smaller ones. Although having used it a bit already, I can't imagine trying to do Khanjira by hand anymore
  12. Well this here is my first attempt using an air brush. little tricky to get the hang of but I think it turned out ok. finished off the details with a regular brush. Not enough confidence to try doing eyes with an airbrush. This here is Reapers Frog Demon from the Bones 2 kickstarter (standing ontop of Fat Dragon Games, Castle Winterhawk ruined Tower) any advice for someone new to air brushes?
  13. I think the flash on the camera gets part of the credit for that. Although I am apparently a bit of an odd-ball among my friends who paint minis. Everyone tells me I should be using an air-brush, but I just like using regular brushes for everything. down side of that of course is they wear out a lot and I have to get new ones every couple of months.
  14. Ok so here are a few more shots We got a Skeleton Giant and a few characters plus a big nasty demon fellow
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