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  1. I had a fair number of Bendy Weapons but the Boiled Water + Ice Water treatment sorted that out. 77052 Aina, Female Valkirie was particularly bad, her sword was coiled all the way down to stab her in the head. It uncurled on it's own as soon as I put it in the hot water
  2. Regina, SK Package recieved All pieces present and accounted for Large models all seem to have the right bits and I have 4 extra IMEF Marines Kaladrax is going to need some reposing his right legs just won't reach down to the base he's standing on. other than that I am a happy camper. now the painting begins
  3. My box of goodies is on the move
  4. Since I'm using them for gaiming my plan is to use foam board and some of my Fat Dragon terrain tiles.
  5. Well that's good to know. now my concearn is the box showing up and me having to fork out $25 because caustoms decided to open it
  6. crap that might be my fault pretty much everything I get shipped across the border reaches me with Yellow tape on it, I'm on a list or something. Customs must have seen my name in the mix and said "We Must Check Every Single Box in this shippment"
  7. coming up on 2 weeks since my label was created myself. from what I've read so far it is looking like it's a matter of people who live in western Canada having to sit and wait for a bulk shipment to get processed or something. Wonder if the shipping center for Western Canada is flooded or something?
  8. and now I has a Big Sad god I miss that game. NCSoft did wrong by a lot of people when they yanked the plug on that. Awesome looking fig though, great job
  9. I got my shipping email from Reaper on the 11th followed by the UPS tracking email however I am still at "a Lable has been created" for my tracking info
  10. I'm still at "A lable has been created" starting to get worried
  11. I'm still at "Label has been created" been that way since Thursday hopefully It'll see some progress before the end of the day
  12. mine is still at "A label has been created" ... .. . I'm sensing the Gypsy Curse still working it's magic
  13. You mean other than this one? Wow, they have a whole discworld line based on Kidby's artwork.... that's fantastic. My mom's in England right now, I wonder if I could get her to get me some. at any rate. Swashbuckler Dwarves still looks like a great idea to me. I love the idea of characters that run counter to the norm, so I'm in on this for four of them.
  14. I LOVE IT! Also, that had to have taken whoever made it forever... Depends what they used to do it. Looks like it might be a combo of Flash and After Effects. Very cool work and gives me some ideas for my own stuff
  15. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Swamp Things x1 Jabberwock x1 Red Dragon x1 Figure Case x1 Fire It Up! x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Mythos Monsters x1 Undead Giant x1 Demons x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 C'thulhu x1 vampire x1 Hot damn the Gypsy Curse is lifted ... .. . I hope
  16. Swashbuckler Dwarves..... at last a miniature for Giamo Casanunda
  17. Put a bit of paint on before judging them. Some of the test ones I got in the store looked like there wasn't much detail at first but they were much better after they had paint on. Course it is also possible you got a bad patch, don't know what the process for making them is but if you yank some out before they finish baking they might turn out flat.
  18. relax and don't sweat it. Enjoy the 4th when it comes We have been waiting under the Gypsy Curse of Bonelessness long enough anyway, you enjoying yourselves for a day isn't gonna hurt us. Enjoy BBQ, Beer and watching the stars explode in the sky. the Bones will still be there friday morning
  19. I'm just going to stick with Gypsy Curse and hope for the best before the end of the week
  20. ...and the world making in me begins. Mouselings for the European part of the world Guinea Pigs for Asian themed regions Evil Empire of Rats somewhere in the middle Poor innocent Hamsters somewhere in all that trying to live in peace Curse you and your inspiring figure, I'm already building 1 campaign setting now I have to build two.
  21. My new theory is we are being punished for unleashing Justin Beiber on the world
  22. I keep imagining some crazy gypsy lady pointing at me yelling "You are CUUUURSED!."
  23. Sorry didn't think outside my own group when I made that comment. Paizo already spoiled it for them with their Skull and Shackles Miniatures pre-orders. Party's necromancer is talking about how he's going to enjoy taking it over http://paizo.com/products/btpy8xrp?Pathfinder-Battles-Skull-Shackles-Gargantuan-Skeletal-Dragon Kaladrax is , oh so much bigger than that fig so I'm sure he'll make a much better impression
  24. <chuckle> I always end up over estimateing how excessive I can be over some things. Every time I think "Wow I just blew way WAY too much money and got way too much stuff" I discover that there are plenty of people who go far more into the crazy deep end than I do. Thanks for letting me know that I'm still a relativly sane hobbiest. though admittedly the excuse of "I didn't go overboard, that guy spent way more than I did." doesn't usually work. Spent the last couple of days making Bases for things. Wood, Plastic, Foamboard, whatever is handy. Get things ready for Pathfinder Scale Size categories. If I can slow my game down a little I might beable to hold my players off just long enough for Kaladrax to show up, so I can use him for the Skeletal Dragon they have to fight in Book 6 of Skull and Shakles. (they are about mid book 5 right now, at the current pace I figure they might hit the dragon in 4 to 6 weeks)
  25. ..... ... . crap I think I count as Vamp + 12 I'm gonna be last
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