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  1. Most of the threads in the Show Off forum are specific individual stuff. I was kind of hoping for a more general "everyone tosses their pics in the scrap book" kind of thing.
  2. Being in Canada, I and others in the great white north, are no closer to seeing our Bones than we were a few weeks back. So needless to say there is a certain amount of envy at the many posts declaring your shipments have arrived. So lets see em. I'd like to see photos of what you've painted so far, lets see how these things turn out once people get their hands on them. So Show us Your Bones!
  3. You know what they say "Getting the Canadian government to do anything requiers 6 months plus paperwork" honestly seems true a lot of the time
  4. I've got a friend who has gone crazy over the pre-painted ones they did for D&D and Pathfinder. He's gotten tons of the damn things off Ebay, insists that we use the right fig for the right monster for every encounter Gives me dirty looks whenever I just grab something the right size and say "Close enough" they are ok but you just can't beat a nicely hand painted fig. That has really been driven home as I'm painting my Bombshell figs. Delzira isn't even finished yet and she is hands and above better looking than most of the pre-painted ones. Very much looking forward to my Vampire set. Been planning to make a whole campaign using nothing but the new Figs. It'll make him happy knowing I'm using the right mini for each encounter.
  5. read some of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, they'll be good for you and now a part of me is wondering how hard it would be to turn one of those Familiar minis into a Greebo style cat.
  6. A wizard's staff has a knob at the end... But the business end could have decoration... sad now, knowing that a joke was missed Nanny Og would roll her eyes at you
  7. I do like the horror genre but I rarely get a chance to run it. Did get a player to have his character commit suicide in a Raveloft game once though. He fell in a pit of bones and I described the "Chitenous horror as long as his forearm crawling towards him, greenish venom dripping from it's mandibles" he just freaked and declared there was no way he could fight it so he character slit his own throat rather than face what ever terror lay in store for him. There was no way I was going to tell him it was a 1/4HD centipide afterwards
  8. Lets see I got Vampire x1 Cthulhu Kaladrax Reborn Clockwork Dragon Demons Undead Giant Mythos Monsters Methyrmaul Fire it Up Pathfinder Red Dragon Jabberwock Swamp Things and the Miniature Case for transporting things. As to what I shall do with them all. I am writing a campaign about a pair of dragons driven mad by the old gods who embraced undeath and now seek to rend the very fabric of time and space for their eldritch masters. Thanks to Super Genius Games I can even include the non-fantasy figs using their Anachronistic Adventurers sereis of stuff.
  9. I guess it comes down to what kind of thing the Clockwork dragon is. It could be some devastating Gnomish death machine spewing grease and steam or they could be an outer planar creature from the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. Living machines driven by extra planar energies. or they could be Emissairies of the God of Clocks and intricate devices.
  10. I love the idea of them being Time based One could be forward and the other could be backward. be a heavy book keeping encounter but I really like the idea
  11. My plan right now is to write a Pathfinder campaign that uses every single miniature. So every Dragon I'm getting is going to have his moment. and now that it looks like the Torn Armor KS is going to succeed I'm going to have fun thinking up a particularly nasty encounter with 2 Clockwork Dragons.
  12. Well...those colored tiles looked like a nice idea, but the price at the Canadian Amazon store is $50.99
  13. At this moment I remember less than half of what I ordered. I'm probably going to start small with one of the villain figs. I'll say this much, It's gotten me buying minis again. Been popping by my local store and getting 1 or 2 bones just to get in practice. Started with me just wanting to see what I was getting into but now I'm buying a fig everytime I'm downtown. Big plan of course will be a painting party. Pizza, Movies, Paint and a bunch of my friends and I'm going to write up a pathfinder campaign that uses every single fig. just because I can
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