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  1. Is anyone out there? If so, drop me a line.
  2. OoC: Is this game going to continue?
  3. I place ten silver coins on the anvil, "I'd like ten knives, if you need more coin, I'll give you more and ask God's blessing on your head if you hurry." "As to other requierments, I'll not cross so useful a man as you."
  4. Sorry I took so long. Thanks Tim.
  5. In character, as if explaining to someone just awakened from a long sleep. ******************************************************************* The city of New York has an illusion of normal life, but only in Manhattan. Only one in sixteen of the city's inhabitants is still around. Or rather, only about 50,000 people still life in the city. Queens, the Bronx, Yonkers, Staten Island, are dead, icy, wastelands, maybe twenty to a hundred people still live in these bourghs. The people left to flee the snows. Far Rockaway looks like Antartica, Long Island is as cold and empty as Ellesmere Island, and the Catskills look like the Transantartics. The perminant snowfields run as far south as the Chesapeake Bay, most of which is filled with self-ice. A few years ago, the world was normal, or it seemed to be. Then it went mad, but we got starships. New York, for some freakish reason, is an easy place for starships to land. The Psions keep the Hudson ice free and they can still grow a supplus wheat crop in the lower midwest, don't ask me how. The Psions? Goofs with mental powers, esp and stuff. Yeah that stuff was real all along, the "Enquierer' was right! Turns out you have to believe that New Agey crap for Psi to work, so all the Psions say they're wizards, some even wear stars on their clothing. Damm straight their nuts! They damage their brains useing them for stuff they weren't meant for. That why witches and wizards in the old stories were feared, they were NUTS! Useful though, treat the Psions right, they're keeping the world alive. What caused the ice? As I heard it, someone who knew about Psions before the secret came out, selfish pig, tried to see how powerful a Psion, they call him 'Ice Puppy,' could get if you made them really crazy, sadistic bastard. Worked for some corperation called Pentex. It was one of those things like Enron or Halliburton that you never hear about until they screw-up big time and leave the rest of us to clean up their mess. Anyway, this Psion thought he was a Russian Werewolf Prince... Yes, I said all the Psions were crazy, it's a matter of degree. He was so messed up after the Pentex scientists drugged him that he thought freezing the world to death to please the Wyrm was a good idea. The Wyrm? Don't know, maybe the guy liked Tolkein too much. Where were you? Oh that's easy. Lots of you guys got caught in a "Paradox blacklash." That's Psion talk for "Good God I really screwed-up!" Ice Puppy, the Snow King, seems to have messed up time. Lots of folks got frozen in time, which kept them from being frozen to death. Come'on get in the sled, we need to be in a shelter before dark. ******************************************************************** Okay, let the game begin. The southern half of Central Park is a Starship landing field. The Tavern on the Green still functions as a restaurant, only now the prices are reasonable, the food is still disappointing. Please state why your character is in the Tavern eating lunch and some way they would be interested in being approached.
  6. Amairgen looks around the forge, sees if he can see any cold iron, picks some up or touches it to show he isn't of the fay. "I might be going Under the Hill soon. One of my friends has had the come-hither put on them. If Jesus, Mary, and the Saints bless us, we hope to follow her, Over There, where The People of Peace have taken her." "I need to buy knives of unforged iron, in order to jam the door open. I'm sure you've heard the tales. I'll pay in silver or gold, and a good price, and the holy brother will likely bless you for your pains." Amairgen looks the young smith in the eye, "Can we do business?"
  7. I left this message on the personal message system. Hi, I'll start the game this Sunday. Please give me an idea of where your character would be in New York City and why. New York City is in the perminant snow fields. It is still a strategically vital port. The population is only about 500,000, mainly concentraited in Manhattan and Brooklyn. New England has only about 50,000 people left. Canada, outside of Halifax, is nearly deserted. However, Halifax is an important port, it's icebreaker fleet keeps the sealanes to New York viable. Please post me about your PC in New York. Anything from, he's there on a job to "He's visiting his mom" is good. Get creative. Hope to connect soon!
  8. I couldn't post for several days. I'll contact willing players by Personal messenger on tuesday Aug. 24th.
  9. {{{I couldn't post for several days, sorry!}}} "Hello sir," says Amairgen, "God's peace be with you and yours. I hope the forge is open for some business." Amairgen waits to get a reply. If the Smith is friendly, Amairgen seeks to buy some cold iron knives.
  10. This is good bkwrm79, if we don't get more players within the week, I'll try to start you and lizahdman, while I still recruit players.
  11. Good job lizahdman a Mage for a sci fi world. I examine your work more closely tomorrow. bkwrm79 and pornstarmagus, could you post your guys in the same format? Thanks all.
  12. It will be play-by-post, the Mage rules will be used to set up characters mainly. I'll use the rules as a guidline. You've got a good idea there. Just place your character here on the boards where i can see it.
  13. Carrick Evergreen sounds workable. Seeming a little nuts is a good cover if paradox slaps him a bit. Please write him up, and give me more details. To aid you with backstory, assume that scoungers aren't rare near starports.
  14. Amairgen goes to the smithy to see if he can get some unforged iron knives. He tells the group, "I'll get us each one or two, if I can. Pray I'm lucky." Amairgen turns to look at the group. "That wasn't a figure of speach."
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