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  1. I got a reply back from Adrienne today. but there are some issues.. so I'll be sending stuff to her. Apparently there was a snafu and I won't be posting anything else here.
  2. Yeah.. I did. Nothing since. Called twice.. got the recording the first time.. and left a message both times. No call backs.
  3. Anyone know if the normal work week has resumed? I've still gotten noone on the phone OR a reply from my email.
  4. I still haven't heard back.. so I don't know anything as yet. :(
  5. What.. some guy at UPS took my vampire stock (which wasn't listed on the inventory) and left the rest in it? Nah.. It's listed at 6 pounds..and with the two mini cases that is about what it weighted.
  6. I did. It says 1 of 1. And it looks like it will be sometime midweek before I get a clarification. I just figured they'd send the vampire stiff out at the same time. There is a LOT of room in that box. But I haven't seen the stack of stuff that the Vampire level has. Like I said, it's mostly just bad timing. I figure if it wasnt JUST before ReaperCon, this would have been clarified.
  7. Well so far, no follow up case but hoping that it will be coming. No luck getting anyone at Reaper on the phone or by email but let's be honest this week isn't the best time for them. ReaperCon has to be a LOT of madness. Here's hoping next week resolves it.
  8. It was just one box.. I got the tracking numbmer last week. And it's not EVERYTHING from the parts I got.. I got 3 iconics from set 2, I'm missing the druid from the Iconic set, there are two random characters (a skeleton with a shovel and a dwarf caster), all the familars are there but the only part of the We Be Goblins I have is the the bad guy..the other goblins are multiples of the same 2 goblins..
  9. This is what I got out of my box today. That's the two mini cases against the wall. LOVE them btw. Can we get more somehow?
  10. That was what worried me when I cut the bands off the box and there was so little in it. I hope they get back to me soon after the con, but having helped with a few of them now I know they are going to be way busy for a bit.
  11. Did that already. Don't expect a response till after ReaperCon. Maybe I should have been clearer. did everyone get there bonus stuff separate or does the stuff arrive in one big box? Cause if its the first I guess I'm panicking needlessly. If its the second I am gonna worry till they get back to me.
  12. Okay, I am confused. I got the Vampire level on the kickstarter PLUS the iconics (1 &2), familiars, we be goblins minis and 2 cases. Today I got JUST the extras. I thought everything was coming at once?
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