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  1. How about a hat that's a dome-shaped version of Tom Baker's Doctor Who scarf? Some sort of dalek cozy?
  2. Surprised it is funding as fast as it is, considering no US shipping (actually no shipping outside strict EU). I guess if you only need 100 or so backers maybe you can get enough UK gamers to make it work.
  3. That size is perfectly legible, so you're probably in trouble.
  4. I find that pureed soups seem to work well cold, such as sweet potato or squash (and presumably pumpkin).
  5. Wouldn't a d20 cover all of ones minis? Goblin math FTW.
  6. Posting your KS on the Reaper site is one thing. Selling your KS on here is commerce. As one of the last posters in that thread, I was surprised to see it go as well. Things had gotten slightly contentious, but I thought good progress was being made. The poster from the project was rebutting the analysis of several posters, but I don't think that they were anywhere near the 'selling' line. My post had suggested that the KS project needed to be updated to express the arguments presented (since the claimed experience was not apparent). I think that there is a good chance that some po
  7. Your experience is not being expressed through the Kickstarter as it stands. Instead, it appears that your project is in very preliminary stages of sculpting (having not decided on scale or medium (physical or electronic master) until after the campaign started) and that your team has no notable experience in miniatures or Kickstarter. Yet you are promising to maintain an aggressive timeline matching Tre Manor. By way of comparison, that is Tre's fourth successful Kickstarter project, he is working with the same casting company that he has before, and the sculpts were essentially finished
  8. The problem is that most of that period had no western emperor, and the Byzantines were becoming more remote. So you ended up with folks like Chuck "The Hammer" as effective ruler under the title of majordomo from 715 (until he chooses not to name a new king and directly rules in the interregnum from 737). Aside from the seige of Constantinople (718) and Chuck's Tours in 732, the only other 8th century date that comes to mind is 751/752, when Pepin (a couple majordomos down the line) overthrows the king and seizes power. edit: Charlemagne is actually crowned Christmas day in 800. One of t
  9. Some connection with the moon predates Hollywood, but the transformation every full moon seems more novel. That monthly transition doesn't even appear in "The Wolf Man", where the required conditions are wolfsbane in bloom under a full autumn moon. In "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man", it is changed to every full moon.
  10. You've got about a week to work on that. Better get started.
  11. I tend to find that shorts weather in the spring (for me) starts about 20 degrees cooler than that -- on a calm day in the low 30s F I'll be in shorts. Subject to wind, I can get another 5 degrees or so when running (down to about 20F, but hat and gloves in the 40s). Of course, I also never shifted from my windbreaker to a heavier coat this winter. There were only a couple days I considered it, but I wrapped my daughter in my winter coat instead (gloves for three-year-olds just aren't made for temps of 10-20 degrees below zero (before windchill)).
  12. But Last Knight is actually aboard.
  13. Is there info as to what exactly comes in the physical pledge levels? I can't seem to find it on the page (and the video is caught by the firewall). Is a "full kit" one of each hex (five currently)?
  14. How is this even a question? You can be an inhuman monster, or you can be Larry Talbot.
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