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  1. Thank you everyone! I was going through my old photos while updating my mini painting Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassusadventures/

    and found that a lot of my old pieces are from 2013, it's been such a long time but glad to be getting back to the hobby. I even bought and built a holder for my paints!

    I just found another Silverhorn Unicorn in my collection of minis so I'll have to paint another in a totally different colour scheme,




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  2. Thanks Glitterwolf, it's been nice stretching my painting chops again. After moving so much and getting started in a new career (I am now a full-time tattoo artist) I haven't had as much time for the hobby as I would like.


    Spent a couple of hours on her face tonight, still some edges to smooth out.


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  3. I got two Efreetis in my recent Reaper order. Out of the two one had far more gap lines than the other, so I opened the one that would take less effort to work on first since it's been awhile since I have properly tinkered with a mini.




    First thing's first, gap filling! This model had quite a lot of mold lines too, I dealt with most of them with an xacto knife and a file. The Bones Black material is brittle enough to handle a file if you're careful unlike the white Bones counterpart.



    While priming I noticed that part of one of her horns was missing, must have snapped off during shipping or during my work on her. Touched it back up with some more green stuff, just waiting for it to cure before I prime over it.



    In the mean time, there is nothing stopping me from popping into Procreate to play around with a colour scheme. I wanted to try something a but different than other painting examples I had seen. Still incorporating the red and gold, just in different ways.

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