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  1. Okay now I am worried, I was in ROW wave 1 and never got my shipping notification email. Shortly before shipping started I had to change my address to overseas that meant emailing someone at Reaper, they re-opened my pledge manager so I could change it and I did. After checking this thread I went back into my pledge manager only to find that I hadn't actually clicked the 'finalize' button down the bottom after changin my address.
    Just clicked it then... but since ROW wave 1 has finished is this going to bump me all the way to the back of the line?

  2. Sorry to hear what you've had to go through the past year but happy to see you back Cassu! ::):

    That move to Scotland sounds very exciting. Good for you on making a change.


    Y'know what's really odd though, I was tidying up yesterday and came across the issue of Red Sonja with your work in it and was wondering how you were doing.

    And now here you are!

    Oh wow! I had a couple of issues stashed on my desk I packed away also before my move.


     Remember to change your location on your profile...

    Funnily enough I would have forgotten to do that, thank you for reminding me!


    Holy Canoli, that's a lot of change! Welcome to the other side of the world!


    Prevailing winds may carry traces of my... uh... peaty aroma your way now. Scotland is essentially... downwind.

    Hehe, I am sure I'll be fine. Either way, outside it's so cold my nose has been freezing anyhow.


    Welcome back, Cassu! I'm glad things are looking up.


    Didn't Scotland just come through a record cold snap? Weather in the UK seems to have been particularly brutal the last few years.

    It's been a big change to get used to the weather. Going from Australia Summer to Scottish Winter. Brrr!


    Welcome back!  Here's to a great year!


    And I just missed you.  I was in Scotland just a couple of weeks ago.  Who, knows, I may head out there again for work in the near future., I may head out there for work again in the near future.

    Oh wow!  Let me know when you're back and we'll have to meet up. There is already a minis shop in Edinburgh I want to check out when I next get the opportunity to go there and have a poke around.


    CASSU!!! My favourite comic book artist/mini painter with a funny accent is back YAY!!


    I am really really sorry to hear about how much of a mess 2014 was for you, but I do hope that this new year is going to be an amazing start to new and better things. Also, Scotland. How cool is that? 

    You're too nice to me Shadow. People ask me if I've ever been here before (before I decided to move) and are stunned when I say 'nope!'  :;):  Apparently it's unusual to relocate half way across the World to a place you've never been before? teehee. Either way it's a 2-year working Visa, might move somewhere else after that. Who knows.


    I appeared here after your hiatus began...but still, welcome back!

    Heya! *waves*


    Cassu! So nice to see you back online here! Let me wish you an awesome 2015 and fast boat for your hobby supplies!

    Eeee thank you! I am itching to paint so bad. Thankfully my Bones II will have to tide me over, I can caress them gently at night until my paints and brushes arrive.


    Congrats on the move, Scotland is a lovely place! I just moved back to the US after two years studying in Edinburgh and miss it something fierce.

    I can't get enough of the old buildings in Edinburgh, especially around the castle. So breath-taking!

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  3. This is an interesting discussion. I think I'm in the majority when I agree that we all have personal tastes that obviously reflect what we're going to like or not. Neither one is invalid, art, even miniature painting is a very personal expression of taste. The same way one of us will have a personal favourite mini from Reaper's line, someone else may have a different favourite.

    I'm also not partial to the 40k miniature presented here as an example. The artist has a very sure technique and it's a stunning piece but I do feel there are some areas that he could have kept the freehand but knocked it back in some areas so your eye drifted comfortably around the miniature. (This would look great with some washes to dull some of the freehand I think.) The other examples given here are gorgeous.


    Here are a couple of my favs:






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  4. wave one ROW has officially resumed. We will complete it tomorrow (less than 500 wave 1s remain) and continue on to Wave 2 ROW. We will complete wave 2 ROW before returning to wave 2 domestic orders.


    Wooo thanks Bryan! Looking forward to getting my email tomorrow. Am still very thankful for the timing that I was able to change my address before my Bones shipped due to my big move to the U.K.

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  5. Is it because you lived in warmer climates for a longer period of time? Or is it really cold there? I lack geography knowledge.

    Both. I lived in a warmer climate where it was Summer, to move to somewhere much, much colder during their Winter. I am not used to seeing ice and snow on the ground even back home so it has been quite a change.

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  6. I am doing much better now thank you OneBoot! Things are finally settling down and besides an average head-cold right now I am doing quite well. I've also picked up a brush for the first time in months.


    Despite having a few projects on the go now I felt like starting something new just to have a play around with and not care too much about to get back in the saddle. I picked up the Bones; Aina, Female Valkyrie I slapped a quick base on months ago:


    I've never had a problem with paint sticking to my Bones like some but I decided to play around with Buglips' trick of slapping some brown on the mini before panting any way. I figure at least this way too I have some shadows to start off with.

    Started on the face because I could paint the faces on minis forever and not get bored, it's easily my favourite part to paint.



    Just blocking in some more colour. (Not happy with that shade of blue, I'll be knocking it back a bit.)

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