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  1. Lovely delicate shading you have there, really beautiful. Those pinks work well with the greens too, fantastic stuff.
  2. The base is lovely! The small details on the mushrooms and foliage are really great, I see what you mean about it being a detailed mini.
  3. Really gorgeous, love the colours you've used for her armour!
  4. Just got my March package, this will tide me over for awhile while waiting to receive my Bones. I see what people are saying about the gaps in how the Efreeti is put together. The one in the right has far larger gaps where her right arm and leg are attached. I am so happy with the quality of the Bones black material compared to the OG white. It’s nice and rigid, seems to have a bit more detail and non-bent weapons are sooo good. I also got this sample bottle in my parcel, no colour is listed. Did anyone else get one?
  5. Where you live: Sydney, Australia If you'd be willing to ship internationally: Of course If you want to be a box starter: Not just yet, it’s my first time.
  6. ^^^ THIS is what I need dammit. Seems like a good way to keep track of what colours you have and what you don’t.
  7. This... this was just terrible. I am loving this thread so much. Sad I couldn't get more in my order due to financial constraints at the time, but still looking forward to getting my swag.
  8. Found out that one of my local retailers stocks Reaper paints! Got some purples for my upcoming drow mini.
  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of cake!
  10. Nice work for a speed paint! The gems on his back look fantastic. Really intrigued about Bones black now!
  11. Love the Sophie! Gorgeous work.
  12. Wooo! Love that someone is painting Bones 4 already.
  13. Really keen to grab one in my next order if my local retailer isn’t going to stock them. I remember having a printed Reaper catalog back in the day, was really handy to lol through. Especially at D&D sessions, you could pass it around the table easily.
  14. Requesting all of the photos when boxes arrive so I can live vicariously through you all until mine arrives.
  15. Just started playing 5th ed with a local group, so got myself some goodies for next session!
  16. I am vaguely interested, will be keeping an eye on this one. Have enjoyed their minis in the past.
  17. She looks fantastic, like cute little autumn witch! Love the smooth paint job, I think in the future however you could push your shadows and highlights further. You certainly have a steady hand and great paint control.
  18. Ooooh, really nice texture and lighting on the fur!
  19. Really like the textures on this, the wood beam on top is especially nice.
  20. Really have the NMM you have going on here, especially on the shield! Nice work.
  21. He is vey icky! (In a good way.) beautiful paint job, the details pop beautifully.
  22. I adore the colour scheme! They're a barabarian rainbow! Your highlights are gorgeous, especially on their cloaks. That archer is divine!
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