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  1. Just got my March package, this will tide me over for awhile while waiting to receive my Bones. ::P:

    I see what people are saying about the gaps in how the Efreeti is put together. The one in the right has far larger gaps where her right arm and leg are attached.


    I am so happy with the quality of the Bones black material compared to the OG white. It’s nice and rigid, seems to have a bit more detail and non-bent weapons are sooo good.


    I also got this sample bottle in my parcel, no colour is listed. Did anyone else get one?


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  2. 15 hours ago, Spodi said:


    In the back is a listing of all the paints, and paint triads.

     ^^^ THIS is what I need dammit. ::P: Seems like a good way to keep track of what colours you have and what you don’t.

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  3. Really keen to grab one in my next order if my local retailer isn’t going to stock them.

    I remember having a printed Reaper catalog back in the day, was really handy to lol through. Especially at D&D sessions, you could pass it around the table easily.

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