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  1. I attended PAX Aus this weekend on the Saturday and Sunday and stopped by the Reaper Paint and Take area on both days! I was excited since I didn't get to spend any time there last year.


    Saturday I entered the speed painting competition, we were given an hour to paint the Townsfolk Mom and Kids. It was such a fun challenge! I won! :wub:


    I won an amazing little medal! Eeee! I was so flattered.


    The next day I also entered the 'paint and take' competition, which was to sit down and paint a miniature on the day. I spent two hours painting upthis Bones Terezinya figure:




    And I won another trophy! I had so much fun, and everyone working hard at the Paint and Take area did such an amazing job. It was an amazing weekend. I don't often get to paint around other people or be exposed to so much Reaper-y goodness! One day I will make it to Reaper Con, one daaaay!

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  2. On 9/12/2017 at 4:58 AM, Grayfax said:


    My biggest problem is that some of them are fairly hard to tell apart without the card reference photo when playing the game.  "Which ones are the Dwarven Warriors?  Oh yeah, the lot of guys that have the two-handed hammer, but the boss isn't the one with the two-handed hammer, he's dual-wielding.  The boss with the two-handed hammer goes with the Cleaver Dwarves.  /facepalm

    So I sleeved all my cards, because the cards are now much more valuable than I anticipated...

    I played it over the weekend and am finding this as well, even with the cards it's hard to tell which figure is meant to be which when it comes to the Goblins and Dwarves.


    Had an epic 3 play-throughs on Sunday! First time playing the game, started with a friend at my local gaming den and we had two play-throughs of the tutorial quest to wrap our had around the rules and all of the components. Then another joined us for a 3-player game of the 1st quest. We super fun and inspired me to apply more paint to my minis!


    Added a wash and just started applying my highlights to the hammer hilts and back pockets. Still need to higlight other areas. And tossing up between using metallic paint for their weapons or just some NMM.

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    You're too harsh on yourself.


    This one looks great and many people would give their neighbour's right arm to be able to paint like that!

    ( Note: offering a neighbour's right arm will prevent losing yours, you need it to paint, right?)

    A detachable zombie arm perhaps?

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  4. 3 hours ago, Erifnogard said:

    I would be so tempted to paint those guys like lawn gnomes. 

    Haha that is an epic idea! 


    I am a little stuck on colours at the moment. I was going to paint them like the colour scheme on the cards but honestly they seem a little bland. While I want my heroes to stand out a bit more I don't want these guys to be a mass of grey / browns either. 


    I am thinking maybe red beards and blue or purple for the fabrics parts of their outfits.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Erifnogard said:

    Once you learn the golden rule you are...erm..golden.  Paint minions/secondary villains/rank-and-file-troopies using the 3 foot rule.  Paint them so they look good at 3 feet away on a game board.  Put extra effort into characters of course, but cannon fodder gets the quickie paint job.

    That is such a great tip! And that's the idea, I'll put more time and effort into the PCs but not the mass of spawning bad guys. I have also heard this tip referred to as a 'Monet,' looks great from far away but up close it's a mess! :lol:

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  6. So I pledged to the Massive Darkness Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not. Honestly I had forgotten how much swag I was going to get, as evidenced by showing up at the Post Office after work to pick up my box and it was huuuge! I dragged it to the train station somehow and my partner actually met me there so he could carry it home for me. (I swear love is a partner helping you carry your board games and supporting your obsession.) :wub:


    The struggle is real!



    My room mate's cat was very interested in the content of said box. 



    Oh, this is why the box was so dang heavy. It has all of the things.



    I've never painted such a big pile of the same minis before, so I have separated my villains from the main box and am going to paint those first in a factory-line kinda manner so whip them all out fast. I also won't be as pedantic as I can be with my single minis, I want them to look good on the table but I won't get too caught up spending 4 hours painting one face.

    Think I may also invest in some spray-on primer, I am using the Reaper brush on primer (after filing down any mold lines, etc) which works well but takes some time to apply.

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  7. I like him too! I enjoy the colour scheme. As for a critique, maybe some darker shadows and brighter highlights on the fabric of his clothes? His bandages look cool as they are now but you could always push other places further.

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