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  1. Thanks Pingo.
    I think the main thing that caused this too is that although I live in Australia, being a freelance illustrator most of my work comes from the U.S. and I get paid electronically in USD. My Paypal is in USD and I'm very used to shopping online using US currency, in fact it's easier for me because I don't have to worry about pesky currency conversions.


    Any way, enough of my silliness and back on-topic: I am looking forward to the arrival of my kits! Since I've heard stories about the brushes that come with the kits (at least the first one) perishing if you try and use it for everything, I bought myself some extra Kolinsky Sable brushes.

  2. *bangs head against wall* Well there goes that then. Ah well. it sucks too because I saved up that extra $30 just because the website said shipping would cost that much.


    It's not very obvious looking at the online store, I wonder if other people make the same mistake. if they can offer you free shipping if you spend a certain amount, after you put in your address why does it give you a shipping total?

  3. How long ago did you order? Mine was placed on the 3rd of April, order info:


    77029: Silverhorn, Unicorn $2.99 x1
    08901: Learn To Paint Kit 1 $25.95 x1
    08902: Learn To Paint Kit 2 $25.95 x1
    08904: Learn to Paint Kit 4 $25.95 x1
    08905: Learn To Paint Kit 5 $25.95 x1
    60130: Diabolist $5.99 x1
    77020: Bathalian $2.49 x1

    Subtotal: 115.27
    Shipping: 31.55
    Handling: 1.00
    Order Total: $147.82



    As an added bonus, if you buy 2 or more kits and you live in Canada or the US, I'll throw in Free Shipping! (Ok its not really me, its just Reaper being awesome)


    The free shipping also applies to overseas countries which is pretty unbelievable!

    Keep in mind, the US free shipping kicks in at $25 US, I believe for international, it kicks in at $50 of your local currency/currency on the site.

    I didn't get free shipping (I live in Australia) and I spent well over that much, shipping ended up costing me an extra $30.

  5. I'd love to do a horror-themed sessions but most members of my RPG group are babies when it comes to stuff like that. (I'm the horror movie buff out of the group, most of my friends refuse to watch horror movies with me.) ::(:


    Maybe I should just spring a horror session on my group one day.

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  6. I've decided I'm going to paint over the translucents, despite the fact that they were translucent being the very thing that made me jump in on the kickstarter.

    I think I'm going to do a combo of partially painting them so you can still see the transparent bits as well. I just think this looks too cool not to try for myself:


    I mean look at the ghost's sword hand! It looks like you can see the sword through his ghostly hand! So cool!

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  7. there better not be 3 bathalians, 3 unicorns, and an elf in there, because I'm still waiting for mine....

    Seriously though, that just makes me all the more eager for mine to arrive. Plenty of good paint, and minis to work on.

    Funny coincidence, I ordered a Bathalian and Unicorn with my L2PKs too, as well as a Diabolist because she looks so cool.



    This thread just cost me $88...10 days sooner than expected.


    I got impatient and got L2PK3/4/5...and 2 more minis.

    Bwahahaha, we're good at spending other people's money here.

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