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  1. I know the best, I mean the best bog pit to get those new shoes to just the perfect amount of stank. Nobody else knows about it, it's my secret. But I'll totally show you, if you want, because you seem pretty cool for a hooman. I guarantee it will be the most ostentatiously nose-wrinkling odor you'll find anywhere, and certain to impress all your friends.


    But don't tell anybody about it. I don't want every Grom, Blik, and Tarry using up all the best bog stank.

    No no, I think they're fine just smelling like my own feet.

  2. So, if I enter and you say 'painting'... Does this include dipping my minis base-first into a big tub of housepaint and calling them finished? (I knew a guy years and years ago that did this with his GW armies, it made me weep. Those poor minis.)


    I'm sad, I had a great day of shopping and bought the cutest new shoes. I got home, exhausted and crashed on the couch with my cats for a nap. While I was asleep I had a dream that my Reaper KS loot had arrived and I was happily un-bagging and squeeing over my figures.

    Then I wake up! And no minis. :down: ... at least I have new shoes.

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  3. I must admit having come from a family without much and having worked on retail for a long time and having to put up with years worth of consumer entitlement, I have little sympathy for the attitude 'I deserve priority and better treatment because I spent more money.'


    I also spent a lot of money on this Kickstarter, but I never expected to be first a result. I know Reaper are going as fast as they can and having to wait a few extra weeks after waiting months for the items to even arrive at the warehouse is nothing.

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  4. Another stunning piece! Love the colour scheme on this one, the blues on her skin are simply lovely.


    Do you mind if I ask which company / where you got these from? They're really great models.

  5. I just caved and bought myself L2PKs 1, 2, 4 and 5 since people said they usually save 3 until last. The only mini paints I have are awful GW paints I was way overcharged for ($60 for I think 6 colours...?) years ago that I've hardly used and have almost all dried up.
    I stupidly didn't pledge for any of the Reaper paints during the Kickstarter for all those minis I'll be getting. :blink:

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    • Vampire x1 $100

    Figure Case x1 $25

    Spider Centaurs x2 $20

    Ice Giants x2 $20

    Fire Giants x2 $20

    Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10

    Storm Giants x1 $10

    Ebon Wrath x1 $10

    Deathsleet x1 $10

    There Be Dragons x1 $15

    Hydra x1 $15

    Elves x1 $4

    Fire It Up! x1 $5

    Klocke Classics x1 $4

    Pirates x1 $5

    Heroes x1 $6

    Nethyrmaul x1 $25

    Kaladrax x1 $10

  6. And I'm not letting the negative energy get to me. I've got a great crew that's helping organize everything and we're getting faster. And I'm only on here commenting because I have to reply to supplier emails and queries, and figure you guys deserve answers while I have a chance.

    You have our support Bryan! Try and unwind a little at Reaper Con and have fun and don't let it all get to you.

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