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  1. I think some people ordered 5+ vampire levels and add-ons, some of these were people stocking their gaming shops and friends going all-in on the one order.


    I personally ordered only 1 vampire level, but got HEAPS on add-ons because my roomie wanted some of them too and I added him to my order.

  2. Mostly we don't mind answering a question if it's been asked before. It happens a goodly bit. Heck, sometimes even I forget when I've asked something and it's been answered - even if I was the person who answered.

    Yeah I forget you all the time Buglips. You're just so forgettable.

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  3. Amen to that. As a fairly new sculptor, this delay can be frustrating because I want the world to see my babies. When I was a painter, there was instant gratification, now there is a 3 to 9 month delay. Usually by the time my sculpts are released/announced, I'm so far into the next several sculpts that I don't even notice that they've been announced until someone says something to me about it. :rolleyes: Typical interaction:


    Friend: "Hey Andy, way to go, it looks great."


    Me: "Wha???"


    Friend: "Your Iron Cobra looks great."


    Me: "What Iron Cobra?"


    Friend: "In the Reaper Greens"


    Me: "Oh, THAT Iron Cobra...um yeah, thanks!" Quickly goes and checks the Reaper Greens page then sends a link to my Mom. ::D:




    Poor Andy! It does indeed suck and you have my sympathies.

    Just yesterday I got an email from a company saying that I project I completed last November will be coming-out with-in the next month.


    Also... that Iron Cobra looks great! :;): I'm sure I'll also love what-ever else you're currently working on.

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  4. Heck, I'm not even sure I'm allowed to tell you that I didn't know.

    You could just blame all of this madness on Cthulhu, I hear he's into that kind of thing.


    As a working commercial artist I know the pitfalls and suckiness of NDAs and such. Usually I have a minimum wait of at least 3 months after I finish a project until it gets published where I can't talk about it, show my work, etc. etc. If it's something I'm really excited about it's so frustrating.

    Also an artist, usually it's the case that when my work finally does come out I consider it 'old stuff' and usually hate it. :blush:

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    Ever since the Kickstarter launched, following these forums has been like watching a box full of excited puppies. :lol:

    I'd like to think I'm more like a cat. Cats are random and super adorable!

    And very excitable when it's suppertime, or what they think should be suppertime. So it would be a very apt analogy for us here :lol:


    To distract yourself: Ni No Kuni or Skyrim. I accidentally killed 12 hours on Saturday without realizing it playing Skyrim. I got so focused on quests I forgot to eat/sleep/drink. It was sad :unsure:

    I'm losing count of how many times I've completed the main Skyrim quest-line, plus all of the awesome Assassin and Thieves Guild quests. Skyrim has ruined all fantasy games for me, it's sooo good.

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  6. Thanks cutebutpsycho. I think I was thrown-off when I was looking through this topic today and saw a censor-bar over what I assume was a topless female mini. I figured it was disallowed the mods would be done something about it, but I understand there are things like human error.


    I assume you mods are human right? ^_^ One can never know with these crazy goblin Buglipses running around.

  7. these three, currently in production by Mirliton! 8D

    I think they used to be Grenedier sculpts in the Nightmares range, but I can't check because Mirliton's site is... being weird...

    I love the weirdness! Thanks for sharing.




    I find the 18/20mm "Woodland Warriors" sentient animal figs from Splintered Light (sculpted by the talented Bob Olley) to be absolutely charming. I like and have Reaper Mouselings and Legion of Justice and Caeke miniatures as well, but those are more on the cute end of things whereas. The Splintered Light figs on the on the other hand are how I imagine animals in the Redwall books to be. Still animals and therefore cute, but deadly serious when need be.




    Painted versions from someone else.IMG_1131.jpg

    The only problem is that I don't game in the 15-20mm scales where these figures would be most useful. I like to at least be able to pretend that the figures I buy will have a use in one of my games. Someday...

    Have you considered running the Mouseguard roleplaying game? I haven't played it myself but friends of mine have, and they adore it.




    Buglips. You live in Canada, even that crazy part out where you call home has Canadian winters. Pants aren't tyranical, they are a darn good idea. Freezing one's goblin bits off on a balmy -30C is not a good idea. Now when summer comes around I agree anything that goes past ones knees is to be avoided whenever possible, but it's still to early for that.



    Never! You can make me wear pants when you can pry them onto my cold, dead . . . bits. Until then?




    Now I'm gonna woad my face and run around screaming "FREEEEDOOMMMM!"

    With bug's lack of pants and my lack of top, this forum is gonna be FULL of nudity.

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  8. We have threads about weird minis, and epic minis... but I want to see everyone's favorite minis of all time! What miniatures, barring financial and availability troubles would you love to have in your collection? (or already have?)


    I am enthralled by this limited edition resin mini from Studio McVey:


    I can just picture all of the freehand details I could paint on her skirts if I owned one. I'm a member of a local kimono club, because I'm in-love with the fashion. I would go NUTS with pattern designs.


    I also love Reaper's Shaerileth the Spider Demoness. NSFW, nudity.



    My housemate has a Shaerileth un-painted, and ever since I saw her I knew I wanted one for myself.

    I pledged for two add-ons of spider centaurs in the Kickstarter just so I could get two of her.

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  9. Thanks for all of that info Bryan! I wish you and the packing tram the best of luck, remember to take breaks and keep hydrated!

    (We don't want any of you passing out and slowing down the process.)



    Well, it's been 8 months til now . . . another 30 days or so will be a breeze.

    It's too close for me now, I'm chewing at the bit. I need more gum, or things to chew. or keep me occupied!


    Thankfully I have a Con I'm travelling to in a few weeks where I'll be a special guest. Looking forward to it and should distract me. ... for now.

    You haven't updated your DA account since the coloured Maneki Neko , what do you mean you need more things to keep you occupied. Your fans demand art

    Very well! Here's a digital painting I'm working on for my portfolio:


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  11. Well, it's been 8 months til now . . . another 30 days or so will be a breeze.

    It's too close for me now, I'm chewing at the bit. I need more gum, or things to chew. or keep me occupied!


    Thankfully I have a Con I'm travelling to in a few weeks where I'll be a special guest. Looking forward to it and should distract me. ... for now.

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