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  1. wow. umm..yeah, just wow. You've done it, you have rendered the shadowraven near speechless with your art.

    I take that as a huge compliment! I hope to render you speechless again in the future.


    i want a Goblin paladin/cavalier in full plate mail :bday:

    That sounds like such an interesting idea! I haven't drawn a goblin for years.


    Why? It would be easier to put in in chains. Chained or in a plate mail, he can't move anyway.


    And nice pictures. :-)


    Thank you and hehehe. I guess goblins can wear small plate mail like from halflings, heaven knows some of the halflings in our party have stolen armor from gobbos before.



    Thank you!


    dang, you're good.

    how about doing "Oback of sands" a copper kobold dragonborn earth druid , and his earth elemental companion. :grr:

    Thank you and wow, that's a very interesting concept. I do love the idea of quirky characters, especially creatures.



    Eeeee thank you.


    Very creative work! That Monkey Monk is particularly original.

    Thanks, I was a little worried that people may think I'd been a little too inspired by the Monkey show, but I guess the idea of Sun Wukong flying on a cloud is a very recurring image in Chinese mythology.


    I do personally love adding a little extra something to my role playing game playable characters by way of their appearance. My main playable character in my regular D&D group is a Dragonborn Sorceress named Antigone, despite the physical description of the Dragonborn in 4th ed. I picture her looking a little more human-esque with gold scales and horns. Here is a picture I drew of her last year:


    This was done for an artist original trading card and measures 4 x 5 inches.



    Here is another 4 x 5 inch card from last year of my Skyrim Dark Elf character. I downloaded some mods to give her adorable pigtails.

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  2. We have a friend who thinks he can hide the box from his wife, as she doesn't know he did the kickstarter. My response is that if he tried to hide it at our house, I would steal all of his dragons. Seriously. He does have this strange idea that it comes in a small box he can slip inside his cabinet...heheheheheheh.

    If my husband tried to hide something like this from me, it would be because I would steal it all for myself.


    He should buy his wife the new Bones Silverhorn Unicorn and bribe her with it so he can keep the rest. Unicorn bribes are the best.

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  3. While waiting for my big stash of Reaper Bones to arrive I thought it might pay to work a little on my painting skills since I've never painted a full mini to competition before. I have the first World of Warcraft board game, and picked out a few of the heroes to paint.



    First I primed the mini.



    Then I laid down the base colours. I decided on a colour scheme very much like my favourite Priest set in the game, the Vestments of the Avatar.



    Some details on the back on her cloak.



    The gold bits got covered when I shaded her robes, I'll need to go back over those. Also haven't played around with the face much.

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    I've been playing around in Photoshop with my idea for the Cloud Giantess:

    I like the cloud stockings.


    Also, +1 to the idea of keeping your old paint jobs around for comparison. For a couple of my recent projects I was able to dig up an old crappy one that was similar. These were 80s/90s minis, so it's funny seeing the scale creep, too.

    Oh, those are stockings. That actually makes me sad; I thought having cloud patterns on her skin would be really cool. Not to mention she seems to have "sunset" colored clouds on her cheek?

    They're supposed to be her skin, but I can play with the design element in other areas of her body to make that more obvious.

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    So am I the only one who plans to host a Mini Painting Party where I invite my friends over, make them delicious food to bribe them to help paint my minis?



    I wouldn't trust a single one of my cheeto-fingered neanderthal compadres to do sloppy blacklining, much less actually paint.

    Well I'm lucky, I have some great painter friends. One won a Golden Demon award many many years ago, and was nearly poached by Games Workshop.

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