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  1. I don't have any pics of it handy but one thing I use is a shotglass display case. Its shallow, wall mountable, and has a mirror as the backing. I have no idea where it came from... my uncle gave it to me ages ago.

    Oh that is a great idea! I might make a trip out to my local Storage World this weekend to have a look at their display and shelving options. I can't wall-mount much here cause I'm just renting, but there are a few nail spots around the house I could make use of.

  2. Every time I receive an email in my inbox with a Reaper Kickstarter update I squee a little.
    Living in Australia and having ordered heaps of extras on-top of my Vampire level, I don't expect to see anything arriving before early / mid April. Still looking forward to it though! I'll live vicariously through everyone on the forums posting photos of their box opening. (There had better be photos, I demands it!)

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  3. The Reaper Kickstarter is helping me beef up my mini collection by a thousand, but one thing I haven't really considered is where I'm going to put all the damn things. (I ordered a case with foam inserts that I'll use to transport my minis to and from D&D sessions, but the rest of the time I'd like them on display somewhere.)

    I'm an artist and putting my minis on a desk somewhere is not really an option because every flat surface is covered in pencils and comic boards.

    I also live in a house with two kittens, who while adorable manage to wreak havoc where-ever they go. Do you guys mind showing me photos of your display cases, share your ideas and generally run around like a headless chicken in a panic with me?

    Oh lawd our minis arriving is getting closer! :bday:

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