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    Oh yes, I (somehow) ended up with a few bottles of Walnut Brown and loved it so much, especially after Buglips' amazing discovery of covering your Bones in a Walnut Brown wash to make the details pop before painting.

    I'm afraid that Walnut Brown, although great on metal minis, doesn't work well on Bones at all.


    Buglips discovered that. He also discovered that Brown Liner is the magic paint that sticks to Bones and makes everything else work.


    Like Doug, I mostly use Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. But I am almost on my second bottle of Brown Liner. It's that useful.


    Thanks for correcting me!


    Also, since I haven't mentioned it in other threads, my heart goes out to you. I hate when bad things happen to good people, especially when it's a person doing bad things. The upside is, you have been given a good life lesson to grow from and things are going to be awesome!


    One more paint note for the future: my metallic of choice is Vallejo Model Air.


    Very true! I shall keep an eye out for Vallejo Model Air.


    I also love the vallejo model air metallics, especially chrome which is super shiny.  Otherwise I completely use reaper or golden fluid acrylic paints.


    Sorry about lost paint.  Are you coming to reapercon?  I have a bunch of promo colors I can bring if you want them.  Just PM me especially if you have a request and I'll bring it!


    oh- edit- the same goes for any bones you want.  I splurged during the kickstarters so I have some extras.  If you want something, tell me!

    No ReaperCon for me yet, although I will one day I swear!


    Thought I should mention that the Reaper Bones metallic paints are much nicer than the standard MSP ones. They are shinier, stay in suspension better and just plain look good. I can't compare them to Scale 75 because I haven't tried them yet, but they beat P3 and Vallejo Game/Model color in my opinion. (Haven't tried Vallejo Air, either, to be 100% fair.)


    And welcome back, Cassu. I hope life has only awesome things in store for you! ^_^

    Thank you!


    I also put an M on my metallics, just in case. But I really like the idea of numbering the triads, too!


    More paint notes: I have some P3, I bought a small set just for Coal Black. Coal Black is amazing (it's actually a turquoise).

    My local store does stock P3 paints, and I haven't ever used any before. I did some research and read mixed things, but will get a pot and give it a go. A turquoise colour sounds amazing.


    I am loving all of the advice and replies to this thread, thank you so so much guys!

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  2. I love Reaper paints for nearly everything except metallic. For metallic I prefer Scale 75's they are very very smooth and I love their consistancy. If you like matte paints, SC75 also has some great paints that are very matte. I like GW's shades like Agrex Earthshade, Nuln Oil, and Reikland Fleshshade. I also recommend inks and reaper clears to up your game with additional glazing options and punching up colors.

    I have used the Reaper clears before and really loved the, totally getting some more again!


    Paint wise, any non-metallics Reaper!!! But, I love Vallejo metallics. Sorry reaper, but I hate the metallic paint they make it always seems grainy.

    I have limited experience with metallic paints  but as others have recommended, will try a different brand.


    So I've build my own paint set and added it to my cart, this is it:


    (I must have missed one when I was copy and pasting the colours from the site into Photoshop.)

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  3. So much great stuff in this thread already, thanks everyone!



    For Metals I recommend Scale 75. They have a set for the gold and the steel spectrum.

    IMHO Scale 75 has some of the best Metal paints.


    Vallejo has a great skin set for undead/unworldly creatures, Malificent Set.


    Reaper, check out the Vampire Skin Triad and the Moldy Skin Triad, and the Olive Skin Triad.


    Of course it is all kinda personal.

    Depends on the style of painting and the fantasy race you paint the most.

    Thanks for the recommendation on metals. I think I'll end up getting any metallics later, I still don't have that much experience with metals and when I do finally feel ready I want to go head-first using different techniques, weathering, etc. to make them look amazing.

    I haven't seen those Vallejo sets but will keep my eye out!


    The Reaper Triad sets are still available, you just need to dig a little farther. I think the build your own set is a great option though.

    I shall keep looking! I remember getting a few nice ones years back, they're such a great idea.


    ​What I will say about Citadel is I most agree with you they are not very good.  With one exception....The technicals, Textures, and Shades.  Seriously the shades are sooo good...


    ​I have a fairly large a array of reaper paints.  While I'm trying to use up the citadel.  I find that for miniatures that I really want to do well on vs terrain or mooks.  I find myself going back to reaper as it just seems a vastly superior paint that easier for my to thin and wetblend with.   Down side to reapers paints....Metallics...Specifically New gold and True Silver.  I cannot paint well with these colors for some reason.  They don't flow well. 

    ​Vallejo I have mostly just their varnish and mediums.  Their glaze medium is pretty good.  I just got this metal medium but I have not tried it on anything.  (I do like to use metallic for a lot of things so we are opposites on that). 
     â€‹I also got their line of transparents.  These have been interesting when painting some tiles that are clear.  They were also pretty good for painting Reaper slims.  I recommend them.  I know Reaper is supposed to have their own as well but I have not picked up any to try yet.. Not even sure they are out yet.  

    Primer - I pretty much exclusively use Army painter primer for all my metal stuff.  Occasionally I will use Reaper Brush on primer...Depends on the whether. 


    Pokroney Paint from Dwarven forge is something I use for terrain.  I have considered trying to use this stuff in place of Brown liner for priming bones.  Just as an experiment...This paint is very similar to Reaper paints.  the fact that is paints directly to the Dwarvenite pieces without primer is what makes me interested in trying it.

     â€‹As to my favorite paint color.  I would say other than brown liner lol which I buy often I would have to say Mahogany brown.  I used this color often for leather.  I seem to always be running out.  There is a citadel color that's similar but I forgot what it was as its the first paint I emptied from the set.  (second was the Sepia shade.)


    I've used a combo of Primers, but fairly happy with Reaper. Used some of their clears before too and really enjoyed working with them, work really well for transitions. Brown liner yay!


    I find that Palomino Gold is a good base for Yellows, Golds and Copper.
    Coat'D Arms has a set of 'Super Washes' it may be well worth looking at.
    (There's 3 browns in it. They're in pots, but empty droppers are cheap)

    But then again, I like Tamiya Clears, also, so take anything I write with a grain of salt...

    I have the MSP Bones kit, and they're sweet. some are a bit 'difficult' to get right, at least for me, but yeah. I also have the entire Army Painter kit... They need way more thinning than Reapers. The white is useless(agaqin, this may be me... )...

    Vallejo have a few colours of brush-on primer you may want to look at, such as 'skeleton Bone', 'Leather Brown' and 'Plate Mail metal'

    I shall look into those primers, thank you.


    Just a suggestion:


    Coat d' Arms paint is a pretty near perfect match for a lot of Citadel paint colors if there are any of those that you liked.

    Thanks for the tip!


    I use Walnut Brown on pretty much every miniature I paint. It's one of my "have to have" colors. Ashen brown and Dusky Skin are another couple I really like. Saffron Sunset is another good one. I also think highly of Sunburn Flesh and Suntan Flesh. 

    Oh yes, I (somehow) ended up with a few bottles of Walnut Brown and loved it so much, especially after Buglips' amazing discovery of covering your Bones in a Walnut Brown wash to make the details pop before painting.

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  4. Due to some awful circumstances I lost my entire Reaper set of Bones III Kickstarter figures and my entire set of Reaper paints. This caused me to step away from the hobby for awhile, due not only to not having paints but I felt a little heart-broken over the whole thing. (Mostly my paints, I had spent years building up my set of Reaper paints including some of their awesome limited edition ones they gave away during events.)

    However, it is time for me to wallow no longer and a trip to a local shop this past weekend has had me purchase some paints to jump start my passion for the hobby again.


    In the past I have only ever used Reaper and Citadel paints (Citadel paints are freaking awful, the way the yellows dry up after you've barely used them once... might as well be tossing money at a brick wall) so am keen to stick with what I know. I have however just purchased some Vallejo and Army Painter paints and washes due to the fact that no-where local stocks Reaper paints in store. I am avoiding Game Color paints as well because although my local store stocks them I have heard nothing but bad things about the stuff.




    I just purchased a few Army Painter tones and the Vallejo skin tone set. (The skin tone set has some handy dandy how-to inside as well.) This is enough to let me get a few licks of paint on some minis I have on hand but I am doing some research on the most cost effective way to restock the diverse inventory I had in one foul swoop. I've been looking into various Reaper sets (are the triads no longer a thing any more?) and am tossing up between the 'building your own paint set' and the pre-packed Reaper Master Series Bones Paint Complete Set: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/set/sku-down/09966


    I just had some fun in Photoshop pasting together swatches of all 54 colours in the set for easy reference:


    This set is $184.99 for 54 paints, which is $3.51USD per bottle, the same price as the 'build your own paint set' for the same number. That's $4.68AUD which is still cheaper than the $6 for Vallejo paints I can get at my local gaming store.


    Given that I don't use metallic paints much at all and I am fairly set for skin tones I suppose it would be better for me to build my own paint set. In that vein, are there any colours that anyone really recommends I get? A colour you personally love and find yourself running out of more often than not?

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  5. Oh also, one technique I find to get the right amount of paint onto the bristles for dry brushing is to dip your brush in your paint, and then blot it or run it gently across a dry paper towel. If you're using a paper towel with texture or ridges you can also see how it will look before using it on your mini.

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  6. The others have given some great tips on starting to use your uber fancy expensive brushes (there is a reason my local art store have their W&N's in a locked glass case behind the counter) but the rest now is just general maintenance.

    I don't recommend using your W&N's for things like dry brushing that could easily destroy the bristles, use a cheap brush for that. Also don't leave your brushes sitting bristle-down in your cups of water while painting. Once you've finished using a colour, rinse your brush off in a cup and just place it side-down until you need it again. Sitting the brush with it's weight on the bristles will destroy them faster than you'd like.

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  7. Pretty much what others have said. You can also use washes and glazes over the top of dry brushing top knock back the colour a bit if you think it's too bright and to diffuse some of the harsh edges. I tend to only use dry brushing these days on fur and if I'm painting grass, rocks, etc. for bases mostly because I feel I lose a it of the control over where the paint goes when I dry brush. But dry brushing is still a very effective technique.

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  8. Interstate trip?  Are you not in Scotland anymore?  Or just traveling about?

    Back in Australia. Short version of the long story, I ended up dating a very, very bad person and left Scotland very suddenly to get away from them. I don't have my paints and most of my minis from Reaper's third Kickstarter because I had to leave most of my belongings behind.  :down:  I am not safe, and happy back in Australia with family and friends.



    Caaaaaaaaaaaash! I swear you guys have gotten freaking amazing in my absence, I got some hard core catching up to do! I wanna paint so bad right now but I'm in my hotel room with some paints and some figures and no files or cutters, and there is no way I am painting a mini with bits hanging off it where I don't want it! 2 days until I'm home and then I can start and have things to show.

    I swear posting here again is like coming home.  :blush:

    Well, some people have. I'm just kind of bumbling along after a slow year last year (only painted a couple minis and a bust), then I broke my foot, then I took up drawing and oil painting, then another break this year. I've really only done a handful of tabletop minis this year (3 plus a rushed OSL experiment). I'm glad people like them, but I'm not exactly lighting the world on fire (unlike Kuro and Corporea!).


    I saw your art stuff, so cool and mad props to you for giving it a go! So sad about your broken foot though, eep! To put this thread semi back on topic, teehee, just bought a Bones Vanja the Fire Giant Queen to start painting when I get home.

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