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  1. I am rather awe-struck on the shading on the back of her skirt, so epic!
  2. I adore the details on the back of her cloak, just stunning! Those highlights are so lovely.
  3. I applaud you for your efforts, like... wow! Set yourself a huge goal and certainly achieved it, amazing stuff.
  4. Oh I am jealous! I caught a Machamp in the wild yesterday while on my interstate trip to Perth, never seen one in the wild before.
  5. Welcome to the forums and amazing paint job! No doubt you've learn a lot watching Kuro, it certainly shows and your painting style is very reminiscent of his. Gorgeous work, looking forward to seeing more! (Kuro, keep her here!)
  6. Happy Birthday dewd! Hope there was much cake!
  7. We missed you!!!!!!!! *whispers to the others* Who is she...............? I used to be a frequent painter here but due to LIFEâ„¢ I come and go as I am able. I lost the majority of my paints but hoping to be a consistent poster again. Caaaaaaaaaaaash! I swear you guys have gotten freaking amazing in my absence, I got some hard core catching up to do! I wanna paint so bad right now but I'm in my hotel room with some paints and some figures and no files or cutters, and there is no way I am painting a mini with bits hanging off it where I don't want it! 2 days until I'm home and then I can start and have things to show. I swear posting here again is like coming home. I stared at the Blood Vestals for awhile before deciding to buy them. I have like zero purple paints to paint them with, but I've adored these minis since they've come out. So I had to! So happy to be catching up on everyone's painting.
  8. I missed you all! I also miss my minis and paints. I'm currently on an interstate trip and stumbled into a game shop and bought some cool stuff and some things to re-build my paint set:
  9. Corporea, I could tell you how freaking awesome this is like everyone else and add fuel to the fire of praise but... what the hell, THIS IS STUNNING. It's so good my face may have melted off. I can't really be sure, my eyes melted too.
  10. Welcome to the forums, and welcome with your mad painting skills! Loving the vibrant colours on these, reminds me of the Lizardman from back in the day. You better stay and keep sharing your awesome painting with us!
  11. That Slithe Queen is stunning, really amazing colour scheme there. It's easy to mess a colour scheme like that and have the final piece looking muddy, but you've pulled it off beautifully.
  12. Loving the comparisons, what a great idea! The newer figures certainly look more dynamic with your greater use of light and shadow, especially the first one.
  13. I am such a sucker for dark skin and pink hair, loving the colour scheme. Looking forward to seeing your final shading on the cloak too, the blocked shadows and highlights are looking good!
  14. I am loving the hell outta this! The colour scheme is gorgeous! The shading on the leather is lovely and mad props on the white fabric.
  15. The different browns in that leather all work so harmoniously together, loving it! I am so drawn in by the light sourcing on that hat too, very nice!
  16. Thanks so much for the share Cash! That technique looks so great on your bust too.
  17. My posts are so sporadic right now. Many apologizes! It's getting very cold in Scotland so rugged up for the weekend to start painting one of my dragons. Nathavarr from Dragons Don't Share. All assembled, rawr so intimidating! Green stuff to fill the gaps. I started doing my undercoat while waiting for my green stuff to dry because I knew it would take awhile. Undercoat done and working on the base. Adding my shadows with a wash. Working on the inside of his wings.
  18. That's really great. Miniatures can be a daunting hobby, especially when you look at some of the prices of other companies. *cough* If not for Bones I wouldn't have as many minis as I do.
  19. This is so bad-elf! Love it!
  20. Badass! I adore those lightsabers, amazing work.
  21. Genius! Thank you! it was a pleasure meeting you, hope we get the chance again. Thank you! It's good to be back. Blocked in some colour. I am really not happy with those sleeves. I wanted them more blue-ish, right now they're too close to the purple of her dress. Thinking about re-painting them from scratch. Also reaching the point where I want to grab and start another mini. Oh the idle whims of a miniature painter.
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