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  1. The colors are perfect together, and the base is awsome! The sculpt is a bit cartoonish for my taste though.
  2. I'm starting the Vampire: The Requiem game with my gaming group and I'm looking for some modern miniatures to represent their characters and anything else they might come across. Any suggestions on companies? --Meady
  3. Heres a nice face tutorial for you focusing mainly on the eyes, as this is really what brings out the life in a mini http://www.reapermini.com/?nav=The%20Craft...sent&article=12 And here is one on thinning paint as suggested by HaleBop http://reapermini.com/index.php?nav=The%20...aint&article=15 You should also check out the web sites of some of the painters on here, mine doesn't have any articles on the hobby itself however, its only a business web site which isn't up and running yet. Cheers, Meady
  4. I too would like to toss in a few pointers. Firstly, I agree with everything said above. Now, I would like to note on color scheme. I think it'd be best to plan the colors out before you use them. However, thats a pretty good attempt as that mini is indeed quite a hard sculpt to paint. Keep practicing and *gasp* maybe you'll be our next Jester --Meady
  5. Thank you Vejlin, I found the site and have it bookmarked --Meady
  6. Thanks guys. I don't have time to look for this info right away, but I can check here every so often later today. What stuff is needed in the production of miniatures? Obviously molds and stuff but what really is used machinery wise? I suppose this is something that can't be contained in a single post, but heres to trying --Meady
  7. Ok, say I made a sculpt and wanted to sell it to reaper, GW, or any other company. Must I be employed to the company in order to give them a sculpt or no? I ask out of curiosty, I'm only 14 yet, but in a few years I figure it could be good side money if I get a little better at it. --Meady
  8. Ok, I'm desperately searching for any Master Series Paint reatailers in Canada. Kit, I dunno if you or anyone else out there can help me? I've tried EVERYTHING and can't find anyone who sells them
  9. Heres me, possibly the youngest person on here :
  10. Ok, I made this thread mostly for the newbies out there, just to give them an idea of what some of us paint on or in. So, feel free to post your pictures, I'll be posting mine shortly. --Meady
  11. I'd like this time to wish everyone a happy holidays, if it be Christmas, Hanuka (Sorry bout the spelling) or whatever other celebration there is out there. --Meady
  12. I'd go with black, seeing as how there is wood that you could drybrush, and it would work well overall. --Meady
  13. I was just looking over the reaper buying policies and stuff. I didn't see anything here about canadian funds... SWhich leads me to my next question. Does Reaper accept Canadian money orders, or must they be international? --Meady
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