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  1. I got my dwarves from him, thought that everyone did. Apparently I'm lucky...
  2. Well, other companies manage spoked carts, so it has to be possible. The thing is that in many movies that are fantasy or playing in the medieval times, they use those full wood wheels. I've got the impression that a lot of people actually think that wheels were that way back then...
  3. Sure that might be the reason. I still would love to see a wagon with realistic wheels for once.
  4. I'm a bit sad that they fall into the trope of full wooden wheels. I mean, spoked wheels have been around for 4000 years at least, I'm pretty sure they have them in fantasy worlds as well.
  5. Actually they had a print in one of the livestreams that they showed from all sides.
  6. That comment made me really angry. How can people be so rude? They don't seem to realize, that everything is done by a person.
  7. You don't need any program, it's just going to a website.
  8. I guess they are still in emergency meetings as they didn't expect us to reach the third map until the beginning of the middle slowdown and now have to plan quickly for what happens after that map. (Wild speculation) I mean it ends on the ocean, so they were obviously planing to have the pirate ship revealed during the slow days to bring some push to them. And now we might reach it much sooner...
  9. Man, four hours still and there is some many things I'm excited about this time.
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