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  1. Thanks for the swift response I'll be in touch soon, on holiday at present
  2. Do we know if they are dispatching in wave order? (Wave 1 and no notification yet)
  3. It will arrive when it does. It's not as if I've painted all of Bones 1 and 2 yet.
  4. Good News The PDFs of the books are out for backers now. Just started reading, and looks good so far.
  5. Sorry I haven't replied earlier, hate it when real life gets in the way of fun Anyway. My main experience of Z games is the board games Zombies and Last Night on Earth. Z's simplistic game play is ideal for one offs, and is adaptable to many different settings (we even did a Space hulk style variant once). LNOE has more character depth, but still plays out very much like a board game. TWD does play more as a story, in fact it felt more like a wargame than a board game if you see what I mean. The play felt tense and in keeping with the source material. It's not blasting hordes of Zs,
  6. I've had a chance to try the rules now, both solo and two player. The rules really give the feel of creeping around and trying to avoid the walkers, and the threat level mechanic helps. I have written a bit more on my blog (link below).
  7. The playtest rules have been released now, should answer a lot of questions.
  8. Mantic are pushing this idea of some product being retail only, there were a couple of bits in both KoW and DS IIRC.
  9. Looking at the image of the boxed game I wonder if there are plans for model vehicles, buildings (like the Mars Attacks ones) and better quality counters. The booster sets may also go some way to filling the spend gap, but seeing Mantic's other Kickstarters I have no worries that the end will be well worth the price point. But, if they don't do Daryl......
  10. They have looked long and hard at how their kickstarters have been delivered, and made substantial changes especially regarding add-ons (details in the latest newsletter). Hopefully this will help this Kickstarter run smoothly.
  11. The Mantic blog has some pictures of what is presumably the game on the short video. Also some of the minis. I can't tell what they are made of, but Coral (sorry Carl) looks good.
  12. Its very much about groups of survivors battling it out over limited resources, the walkers are treated as a hazard rather than a player option. Viable tactics include attracting the walkers to your opponents.
  13. Yes it is to be Kickstarted, sometime in February. They will be trickling out info via the newsletter over the next few days.
  14. Mantic Games have the licence for a skirmish level game set in the Walking Dead comics, kickstarter to commence in February. Live now https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/the-walking-dead-all-out-war-miniatures-game
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