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  1. I remember the Eldest Son book in a store or two, but since have not seen or heard of more books or anything. i haven't seent he starter set either... Did reaper just stop with the books or what?
  2. Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no steeking badgers! it was being asked for wasn't it? haha
  3. that dioesn't sound like a bad idea for its own line. a pirates and ocean adventure series. that'd be really cool. also i thought it might be cool to see a miniature of some kind of Rhino with a rider. it just apeals to me
  4. That bites. I have a fair dislike towards the sqaure bases, i find them too plain and such. I've seen more natural bases for mounting.. Hmm, maybe its possible to mount the griffon on another base?
  5. Mayhaps i try that out. i'll have to create my own wash though. but it may work. i'm still open for more suggestion too.
  6. Yes pretty much something like that. just an old rustled up, used bone look..
  7. I have quitre a few skeleton men that have yet to be painted. And i'd just like to hear some techniques before i jump into it. But first, what i was thinking of doing is this... Painting them up a bone color, doing a blackwash of sorts, then if needed do some brown or grey drybrushing. Then touchups on the skull i guess. And now i await the comments
  8. In all the pictures i have seen of it, it has its own sculpted base. but in addition to that it is on top of a mounted square base. i was just wondering it it has to be mounted or if it stands on its normal sculpted base alone.
  9. Exactly, just a nice big crab. Cyclops i'm surprised hasn't been done. but i'd think it better to make it a little smaller than the giants. monkeys? i love it. but it might almost be just as cool if they made some kind of cavemen doing that. the orc and ogre ideas are good as well. Oh. and those cheapo non dinosaurs still exist in some packs of dinosaurs. i even have a few still from when i was a kid. what i believe u call the bullet is a complete abomination though. haha
  10. Some new Lizardmen would be cool, and i'd like to see a Giant Eagle or Giant Crab
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