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  1. Just as a note, because I have no where else to put it ... Here's another Greyhawk to Adon similarity: While they have significantly different appearances (walrus vs. fish), the description of the "Afanc" (aka "Reefgorger" "Hammerfish") from p31 of the Landlubber's Guide to the Savage Coast is a perfect fit for the Nyrrian Boatcrusher commonly found in the Nyr Dyv and surrounding rivers. As far as the lore goes, they're almost exactly a 100% fit!
  2. Okay ... so, The Green Griffin in Greyhawk!! Here's what I'm thinking: We do have a map of the Green Dragon, but, honestly, I feel like it's a little small and unpopulated for my idea of the Green Dragon. But I'm not one for usually changing what's already written. So, what I think, is that the Green Griffin is another place in the Free City. There's basically three great locations in the Free City for the Green Griffin, assuming we keep it in the River Quarter (R). Use it to "expand" the Green Dragon (R2) , and flesh out the light material we already have on it. Place it in a whole new place where there's nothing detailed already Use it to "expand" the Barge Inn (R11), which already has lots of similarities to the Green Griffin So, on the accompanying map, the Green Dragon and Barge Inn are labeled. The more northwestern location doesn't have anything at all in it, insofar as officially published locations. The Green Dragon and Barge Inn do have some stuff, but, it's generally very light, and there's no reason the two couldn't be incorporated, or merged. The Barge Inn does already have things like it is "one of the largest inns in the city is .... a four-story structure with two cone-shaped towers and a huge ale brewery in the cellar." and it also that "below the Barge Inn’s cellar floor is a huge, old cistern ... into which several waterpipes and sewers drain. One storm sewer goes north to the Selintan’s banks, where it drains into the river." Obviously, the latter fits with the GG, because that becomes the canalways!! There's some other lore, obviously, so there's an innkeeper already mentioned, for example, and an event or other detail that characterizes the place. So that's where the undetailed location has a slight advantage. SO, one is more of a thematic match for the Green Griffin. Another is more of a lore match. And the last is just white space where the DM can fill in the blanks. [Edit: Holy Toldeo, that's a big map! I didn't realize it was that big when I made it! Sorry! Resized it!]
  3. Well, then it turns out it's a remarkable thing I just ordered the Landlubber's Guide to the Savage Coaston eBay when you mentioned it at the beginning of this thread! I didn't know it was a thing! Honestly, I didn't know how many ReaperCons had books like that of it was a new thing last time! But, since you listed them for me, I went out and got it! Oooooohhhh!! Crap! I just realized!! I found your interview for the SciFi Diner podcast! And, knowing that you wrote Skullport in AD&D 2e makes Brinewind make so much more sense now!! Not that I was 'net-stalking you on RPG Geek, or anything!! (though your page doesn't have any of your Reaper stuff on it, I don't think). And, now, knowing that you played Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh in the old days, and said (upthre4ad) you've played in the World of Greyhawk, it makes me want to talk to you even more, and pick your brain about placing the Green Griffin in the Free City of Greyhawk! It makes me wonder ... I'd like to talk to Ed (and/or Ron? I don't know whose bailiwick that is) about GreyhawkOnline.com working with you about writing for us and doing a kind of conversion/placement article for the GG in GH to help promote the Kickstarter! I'd be thrilled if you'd talk with me ([email protected]) about the possibility of something like that! Ooooohhhh!!! Now that I have listened to the whole podcast (put out in Oct '21, now I think I have a little better idea of what "many things in the works ... Many. A. Thing" means!
  4. I was kind of wondering about that, Joseph! There's some things I can't find on those, from your previous description ... like the "Pellagrino Sea". I'm still not sure what "Gael" is. I did stumble across a map I think you posted of the Dark Moors on the Reaper forums ... but, as you said, there's somethings like the cities which I can't find specific places for, though did find Dreadmere and thus Drowntown on that map you posted. Your text descriptions helpde out a whole lot, though, and suddenly made more sense!
  5. Ho-lee Toledo!!! THAT is so incredibly useful, Mad Jack! Thank you for that! It at least gives me some notions about how nations relate to each other! Also, interestingly, it gives me a little bit of an idea of the world looks like. ... like an alternate Earth/Mediterranean kind of thing! It's awesome!!!! Thanks again! <goes off to stare at pretty pictures!>
  6. Ho-lee Toledo, Joseph!! You realize all you've done is literally make me increasingly more curious, now!?!? I have so many questions! There are so many more proper nouns in there, I just want to know all about it! Like, I honestly think if I were to run a game not in Greyhawk, I am seriously considering that I would love to run a game in that world! Like the cool thing about it would be that there wouldn't be lore-lawyers telling me it's supposed to be this way or that, and pointing at books saying they know more lore than me. I would love❤️to have a brand new setting to play in that sounds as cool as this one!
  7. Something like that, I guess. There's so many proper nouns of other nations and/or places I just don't know. I kind of want to be able to understand where people are from and how nations relate to one another. A map would be easiest to describe the kind of things I wonder about. Like, how far apart are Dreadmire, Brinewind, and Barrowgate? Where is Vestonia? How far is that from Breona? (sp? Breonnese?) What does a "Gael" halfling mean? How far away is Malapanga? How about Anhur?
  8. A.) it's awesome you've already used the Griffin in Greyhawk, yourself, amongst other settings! B.) Is there a world map or something that shows all the nations and cities referred to in your Reaper books? Has Reaper ever put out a world-book?
  9. O ... M ... G!! Mr. Wolf (Joeseph? Joe?) — That sounds **incredible**!!! Off I go to the Comments section of the boards to make some noise and promote the hell out of a larger GG PDF!! Do you think you could say whether there's gonna be a print edition of either version at, like, ReaperCon, or on the website?
  10. The feel of the Green Griffin thus far really fits my idea of Greyhawk. Especially as a fit for the Green Dragon Inn. I think I could probably run about a hundred adventures based there, with the PCs continually going back to the tavern/inn as their base of operations. They could literally just set up there, and never have to deal with the whole "I wanna buy a house" thing! There's everything they could generally need, including things like a tailor, blacksmith, sage, and more! We know from the PDF that there's canalway entrances to the Green Griffin. The Redfork River flows nearby. In Greyhawk, it would be the Selintan. There's references to the River District and Garden District in Barrowgate, and the Free City of Greyhawk has identically-named districts. The only difference, I s'pose, would be that the canalways beneath the Green Griffin would have to be a little longer to reach the Selintan. But, there's actually a main waterway that coincides with the way the Green Dragon is laid out. The Green Dragon is on Cargo Street in the River Quarter, straight in from the nearby Cargo Gate. It is about 900ft from the Cargo Gate (give or take), and only a couple hundred feet from there to the actual Dockway on the River. (It's location R2, in the GH books if anyone is interested) But, beneath it, there's a main waterway of the sewers which provides water to a couple of fountains and other buildings. These are the same kinds of "oval-shaped tunnels" described under the Green Griffin! The more I read, the more excited I get! Of course, the other possibility is to simply place the Green Griffin elsewhere in the River Quarter of Greyhawk, perhaps right near the city wall, so there's still a "Riverview Lane" in th4e form of River St. or Water St just off The Strip, almost right up on top of the Cargo Gate. There's a bluff along the Dockway with the city wall above it, so Water St. could feasibly look down on the Dockway! The entirely of the Green Griffin basically takes up a whole city block. It's roughly 321ft x 361ft. That's two football fields side by side!! So, it's gonna take up a noticeable portion of the River District, and it would be as powerful and as impressive as the history given in the PDF implies. The layout, I think, would either be at the location of the Green Dragon (R2), nestled in the entire block between Cargo St. and Horseshoe Rd. with an alley to the east, or it would sit a few hundred feet west of there, in the block created by Water St., River St. and The Strip. I can't wait to see what "Volume Two" includes!!
  11. I do appreciate that quite a bit! It's nice to know there's someone reading my Greyhawk rantings! LOL!
  12. LOL!! Well, thanks! It's funny to me, because I'm the Editor-in-Chief of the Oerth Journal magazine ... and there's grammar-humor I adore. Like those Oxford-comma memes one sees about Lenin and Kennedy. I'm gonna assume you mean you don't personally use Greyhawk. It could be read that you don't want me to! LOL! "I love your enthusiasm, but don't use Greyhawk, [it's awful]!" <juvenile giggling>
  13. So, Reaper just released the free PDF of "Volume One" of the Tales from the Green Griffin for the Bones VI Kickstarter! The Green Griffin is absolutely *incredible*. There's so much there it could absolutely be an adventuring locale for a party for years!! So much so, I thought I would put it in my favourit setting, the World of Greyhawk! In the Kickstarter, it's been mentioned that the taxidermy'd griffin head above the hearth of the inn is a separate piece, So, one could replace it with another piece if one wanted! In the Free City of Greyhawk, there's an incredibly famous inn owned secretly by Lord Robilar, called the Green Dragon Inn! I've frankly considered taking the head of another mini (obvs. a green dragon) and placing it on a tiny wall-mount plaque, and putting it over the hearth in the GG set! So, I thought I would start a conversation about it ... Where might you put the Green Griffin in Greyhawk? Dullstrand? Womtham? Rel Astra? ... ohh! Rel Astra would be cool! 😉 Do you have any thoughts on adapting it to the Free City itself? It has a wharf and a dock, so it'd have to be in a river/port city? Would you use it as an inn that's already there? Would you drop it in as a whole new place? I'd love to hear what other fans of Reaper's setting would do! I wanna use this cool Reaper stuff so much it's killing me!
  14. You absolutely should take a look at it, MortarMan!! It’s a rather delightful book with just enough setting detail without getting buried in the weeds. The coolest part, to me, is that the NPCs of Brinewind are the actual minis. they give backgrounds to folks like Sawbones, Orge Porter, etc. It could absolutely be used around Dullstrand. The southeast would certainly be a warmer clime, which I think we all probably assume for Brinewind. At worst, the map might need to be mirrored east-west, but there could easily be a cove or whatever to make it face the ways it’s printed. It’s a city of 19,883 people (an oddly specific number) ... but, I don’t think I’d replace Dullstand entirely though. It is big enough to do so, though. There’s not a lot of places it could go not too far from Dullstrand, but, there's plenty of room. I don't think I'd actually put is as Dullstrand. But, it certainly would be an incredibly cool campaign, I’d wager.
  15. A couple of other ideas I came across today are cities in the Pomarj peninsula ... Highport and Blue. There's not a whole heck of a lot written about it (only a few paragraphs), but Highport is already ruled by "run by a coalition of mercantile and mercenary factions that sit in a council". So that's close. And it's a terribly rough and wild town with the same murder, smuggling, brothels, pressgangs, kidnapping, and all-around tension of precipitous violence as Brinewind. Though it's set as about 75% the size of Brinewind. Blue is another comparable situation, though it's much, much smaller. And there's also the Pirate Isles, which I mentioned before. There's only one place that's ever been properly detailed - Scuttlecove, on the main island. There's the possibility of merging Brinewind with Scuttlecove - they're actually near the same size (within 8% or so). Or just placing it on another of the islands and populating it there. There's not a lot known about the Pirate Isles, and Brinewind could easily be another town there. We know there's more ... we just don't really know what they are. So, it seems Brinewind might find good placement there.
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