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  1. Whoohoo! Orcapocalypse x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Fire Giants x1 Frost Giants x1 Undead Giant x1 Red Dragon x1 There Be Dragons x1 Spider Centaurs x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 To Washington state. I already picked up my Vampire cases.
  2. Bryan will not go if they are not done shipping. However, Reaper the company will be going regardless, setting up a full booth, and manning it for the entire show. The fact that this is a known contingency would be surprising to Kickstarter folks that aren't closely following the forums.
  3. It's May now, and a week and a half past Reapercon. We really should have an update giving the overall number of orders shipped. That's the only way we'll have any idea what the progress is and whether Origins is going to interfere. An update on how they are categorizing 'complexity' and where they are in shipping different types of orders would be nice as well.
  4. Cool, I really appreciate the update, Bryan. I don't think we have to get into too many details about how exactly everything is working. It's nice to just hear a top-line number and generally see how the shipping progress is going. I really love all the Reaper guys, and I know the Kickstarter is a huge task. So, I don't want this to sound overly negative. But if you are actually only a thousand (simple) orders in after starting last Wednesday, it sounds like you are seriously in the weeds right now. At that pace, it would be 4.5 months to ship the 18,000 orders, and we haven't gotten to the complicated orders yet. It will be good to see how things smooth out and hopefully pick up pace over the next week or so. Thanks for all the hard work.
  5. Since Bones is primarily a vinyl-based plastic, has anyone tried PVC glue? It would be nice to get a real plastic weld that would bend with the rest of the figure.
  6. Hmm.. been close to a week of shipping now. Can we get an update from Reaper with how many total orders have been shipped? I know Bryan didn't want to get into details of what types of orders are shipped when, but it would still be helpful to get a top-line number.
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