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  1. It's a daunting task, and often gets shunted over for more pressing critical jobs. I'll see what I can do to get those added when the products get posted.
  2. Yeah, this was a regression I didn't catch in time. Sorry. It should be fixed now. My bosses don't actually like the new releases on top like that. They're going to get a click-through banner for their own page. So, there you go. If there's a missing item, click on the "notify me" button on the product detail page. You'll get an email when we get it back in stock. Not sure why news isn't getting posted. I'm spread a little thinner than usual, running the UK warehouse and managing the web development at the same time.
  3. We're not really updating the news the way we used to, and usage of the RSS feed was really low. I may add it later, but it's not a huge priority at the moment. Not a bad idea. I'll see how much slower the extra queries will make the page.
  4. We have a "notify me" tool we need to test but have been busy with getting an internal tool polished off before we can get the cron job for notifications rolled out.
  5. It's planned to make a return. Have to change the underlying tech first.
  6. There apparently have been some lapsed shipping agreements that have been impacting our ability to meet the free shipping threshold that we were normally able to meet. For the last several months, shipping to Canada has been in the approaching the value of the package. We're working on getting a more Canada-friendly option in place, but the unfortunate reality is that we had to change the free shipping tier.
  7. Official Answer™ Select GBP or EUR as your currency, and the stuff is sourced from the UK warehouse.
  8. Yeah, the weird cert was definitely me. A multi-domain box and the Let's Encrypt certbot keyed it to the wrong domain. Oops. Glad it's working again. And secure, to boot.
  9. Sorry, guys. Trying to get a SSL connection configured. Didn't realize invision board was going to be stupid and redirect login back to a http endpoint. Trying to find the proper configuration setting now. Edit: found 'em. Try to log in now. Let me know if you can't.
  10. Send me that email again if you get the chance. I may have run through it too quickly. I'll see what I can do.
  11. Just doing our part to lower productivity.
  12. Anyone who had placed an order on the old site will be able to access their old order history when they're logged in. https://www.reapermini.com/account/oldorders Added bonus: If you scroll down to the bottom of the listing, it shows what you had in your last cart before the switch. Sorry this took a week longer than expected. Got off the flight back to the UK to unload EU Kickstarter, so I've been a little busy. Oh yeah, we also have associated the wishlist button with the paint page.
  13. Shoot me an order number on email, [email protected], so I can see what's up with your data.
  14. I can investigate this, but there will be issues to overcome. Not the least of which being that each carrier uses their own barcode. We use an aggregator to determine the best rate rather than hooking up to the API for each carrier, so I'm not going to make any promises.
  15. Snark aside, we have corrected the oversight. Tracking information shows up on order details now. Not sure why you're not getting the emails. I get CCed on every one.
  16. We had this thing *years ago* where we produced some sculpts that were decent, but not ready for general release. Just a lark, really. We called them the isle of lost minis. They haven't been a thing for a very long time. Had an issue overnight. Should be fixed now. @Goblyn It was broke. Needed to be updated. Now we're dealing with some growing pains, but this will settle down. For anyone keeping score, the IE issues were fixed. We have regular customers in AU and NZ able to get their free shipping option as well. Not doing VAT calc to the EU at large. We're delivering those Duties Unpaid. So there may be some VAT on delivery. This is the reason, yes. Too disruptive to hunt for bits. We're going to get more conversion kits on the pipe to help with your bits-oriented needs. We email a warning at three days, clear on 4.
  17. Working on shifting these back to standard function, yes. Hopefully that'll address most of the IE issues.
  18. Sorry. Forgot about Reaper Live, team. I’m on a plane getting ready to carry me back to the UK, but I’ll deal with that after the jet lag is under control. Reaper Live is on today. I’ll try to get to the bottom of the IE thing as soon as possible. In the meantime, give Edge or Firefox a spin if you can. IE has been end-of-lifed by Microsoft in 2020 and only receives security releases as is.
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