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  1. The internet station is separate from this brouhaha. I have a little video I'm working on to show you the traffic on the floor.
  2. Getting more Bones is never an "idiot" move. Who wouldn't want an army of Mister Bones? I sense a diorama coming on!
  3. I believe Kit said they were using Amazon which mean's it's out on the cloud. Every time then that they ping reaper's server it breaks the cloud echosystem and thus costs Reaper a pretty penny. It's been a bit since I've had to deal with cloud pricing but I wouldn't be surprised if the counter was costing them a few grand a week. It would surprise me. We deal with AWS a lot. I doubt they need terribly big instances and the band width cost tends to be negligible. Cloud based resources have gotten very affordable. They keep dropping rates as competitors come on line. :) I turned it off because I was tuning the database, dealing with some locking issues that came up. Fixed those. The SE was from some internal testing that I forgot to clear out. The counter is going to cost us about $60 before this is all done. Using AWS is also a test case for me, tracking latency and whatnot. I have a new project that may be getting the Amazon treatment with a few different confederated instances. Especially as our physical hardware is hitting the ceiling again after only two years! And after I had built it to be really robust! Seriously, baddest servers I've built to date. There's something really appealing about clicking a button and magically having an extra 4 cores and 8GB of RAM at your disposal. I digress.
  4. Yep. This counts as 7. Email me with your KS email address and I can see what's up. [email protected]
  5. Edit. Should read more closely next time. This morning we had 3-5 people at various stations running orders as we could. We ran out of ready vampire pallets and had to unpack a couple of storage containers, so most of the crew was out there tossing boxes around, organizing more vampires. After lunch we were back on track. Not sure what was broken. I'll have to ask in the morning.
  6. As I said before: yes, riveting. I had fully intended for the ticker to say 1301 all night long, yes to screw with people's OCD, but in my haste, I failed to remember that USPS posts the next day's date after 5PM, so the two orders we applied postage to rolled to the next day, thereby screwing with my OCD. Karma.
  7. It was late when I posted the update and didn't take the time. It's really quite mundane. The number of items shipped is based on the number of tracking (or confirmation) numbers generated in a given day. UPS and USPS both commit their date in YYYYMMDD format. Not terribly precise. To get up to the moment information for items shipped and location, I used the item details table that tracks the scan-out to the second joined to the address table. By our powers combined, I get the three data boxes. Riveting, right? Not by a long shot. We were, in fact, planning a second shift. We ended up going with a larger first shift. Not our intention to mislead. Plans changed as the reality of the process coalesced.
  8. The first and third set of numbers are packages getting scanned out and boxed. When they get a shipping label, the second number updates. That's why it's a little out of sync. Why did I do like this? Because, reasons.
  9. Silly me, I was still living in the reality of our server traffic a couple of years ago, completely forgetting the 100% increase in traffic year over year. We've come a long way from where we were when I started with Reaper more than a decade ago. I mean, for the love of pete, I'm actively in the process of reworking a number of systems to distribute across a number of servers to lighten the cumulative load. I mean, when I'm not helping pack boxes all day. Serves me right for coding at 3AM. Anyway, yes, I'm going to see how well Amazon's ECS system will take the heat off of reapermini.com proper. At least if that implodes, it won't take down the mothership (as efficiently and completely). Please update your bookmarks. http://ks.reapermini.com
  10. There have been a number of things said in places other than the updates section that seem as though they would make worthwhile updates. This is even more true since the last stretch of silence in the update section turned out to mean things were very much not on track with the previous updates. This doesn't appear to be the case this time, but there is no good reason to make people dig through three different places to figure that out. Yes, but we also know people suffer from email fatigue. We're trying to strike a balance. Still learning.
  11. I expect the KS hasn't been updated because there wasn't really much to say that hasn't already been said. Pretty sure we're going to be making a blitz of announcements next week. I have the bruises to show for it. On one hand, I'm happy that people still care enough to get passionate about the topic. On the other, this squabbling isn't terribly productive. We should have some great news as well as some bells and whistles next week.
  12. Just curious as a point of information: permission from whom?
  13. Let us know a little before hand so we can make sure we're here for the tour. We usually take lunch around noon, but we can make other arrangements if we know you're coming.
  14. Our regular release schedule is a couple of dozen models a month, around 250 models a year, give or take. The bones comprise a yearly release in a single box. We knew that the Bones would be our "new release" for a while. People expected the greens page, complained when it was gone, so I added it back. No big deal -- the data comes from the same place as the preview gallery. Regardless that the preview gallery offers more variety and functionality, tradition won out. Though that gives me an idea for a silent redirect… hm...
  15. You are absolutely correct. People could infer these things. You are free to do so if you choose. As for us, all we can do is be up front about the delays and hope honesty mitigates most of these impressions. We don't like it any more than you do. Thanks for your input Adm56. I think we've said about all that we can say about this.
  16. Allright. It's just a matter of semantics. We promised prizes in exchange for monetary support. Prizes became more valuable over time. It was only a pre-order because the product still had yet to be manufactured. If we had it on hand, then it would have been an order. The Kickstarter people don't want to give that impression, but there it is. Whatever. Makes little difference to me either way. Being honest people at an honorable company, we are trying our level best to respect our commitments even if the date slid. "Pre-order" or not. It annoys me to no end that we couldn't hit the March date for everyone. Of course, that was our best estimate based on our assumptions about support, but we didn't predict this going viral and our manufacturing needs growing exponentially. So my annoyance has to be tempered by my excitement about the great response with so many new people coming into the hobby. Lose some, win some. Hope this is enough truth for you. Not sure how it's going to change your opinion of anything, but I also understand that we can't make everyone happy, so take it as you will. Be well. Let me know if there's anything else you need.
  17. I am so confused by you. You sound like you're in full troll mode, banging the drum of discontent, then this. What is it you hope to accomplish by digging in here?
  18. We had a product. People liked the idea of it so they preordered it. You clearly don't like the idea of Kickstarter. Trees are made of wood. Rather beating a dead horse now. Time to close the thread if this can't get constructive.
  19. Have I told you lately how much I love you? It's fantastic that you identified an itch, and you did the work to scratch it. Simply wonderful. Now to bust out the equipment next time you're in town and we'll have a good old fashioned jam session.
  20. Shoot me an email with your KS email address. I'll look you up. [email protected]
  21. When I need to get super close-up detail, I tend to use extender rings on my existing lens. Generally for miniature photography I tend to shoot aperture priority, and my aperture is set fairly small, f-18 or so. That makes sure everything is in detail for most figures. For some I have to go smaller, f-22, but that doesn't blow out the background as well. And a tripod with a cable remote shutter is a must when working with such small apertures. Your shutter will stay open for quite a while to get a proper exposure. Don't underestimate the importance of good lighting. An inexpensive diffuser box will do wonders for your presentation If you're serious about it. I'm going to suggest 2000px for online use, opposed to Doug's 1000. As more of the world moves to higher resolution screen, having the extra pixels compressed into the 1000px area will dramatically improve inline viewing.
  22. As far as I know the metal exchange is still happening. On Saturday, we'll have considerably more parking at the county building and metal fabricators in front of us, but taking into the number of pre-registrations we have parking will still be at a premium. I can't tell you if parking at the High School will be okay or not. I'm not sure how aggressive Denton enforcement is at the High School on the weekend. My guess is "not very" but you would be parking at your own risk.
  23. Misogyny has no place in gaming and certainly not on this forum. It won't be tolerated. Stow it or you'll be banned.
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