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  1. I have three main responses. Yes! No! And sure, why not? I don't think I've been doing anything differently these last several months.
  2. ... I'll remind the powers that be.
  3. Everyone gets sent one. Everyone who pledged, anyway.
  4. Every update on Invision gets more "advanced" but also seems to be a little more fragile. Unfortunately, the updates come with security and spam features. What to do, what to do?
  5. Posting this from the latest Firefox on OS X. I see all the tools in the toolbar. Does it do the same thing to you in a different browser? You may want to clear the cache associate with the reaper site and try again.
  6. Has nobody been in touch with you about this very thing yet? One of us was going to send out an email to let you know we weren't trying to cheat you by changing the rules mid-game. I'll follow up on that today.
  7. I'll officially endorse Laoke. I have four projects left I have to get completed before ReaperCon. Once I'm done with those (and ReaperCon itself), then a progress ticker is next on my list.
  8. Simple. No new releases for the next month of so to let us focus on the fulfillment of the Kickstarter. Then we're going to have a new release of 200+ figures. You know, the Bones.
  9. Local folks can come by pretty much any time for vampire sets, figure cases, and paint sets. But best to ask for me, and probably best to email me and give me a heads up before you come. Though this one package I applied postage to this morning was going literally down the street around the corner from me. I ride my bike past there when I work out. I could have dropped it off. Ah well. Postage applied.
  10. Depending on whether we can find space for it or not, we're going to be allowing Vampire box pickup for sure, MAYBE paint sets and figure cases -- those are dependent on the space issue.
  11. I may have put the wrong date in the take-down. Sorry. But not to worry! We still have tickets at the door, and we order +25% more shirts in every size.
  12. There was a flood of spammers that all ended in .us. But you look like a trustworthy fellow. I removed the ban filter. You should be able to update your email address now.
  13. I'd be lying if I said the Left 4 Dead 2 Dark Carnival level didn't inform some of the art choices. Something Wicked This Way Comes was also an influence.
  14. Short answer. Nope. Long answer: We don't have the catalog re-do done, and we won't in time to ship, and hard-copy catalogs are fairly expensive anyway, and we're already eating the cost on shipping, and… I think that's enough for now.
  15. A simplified version, from an individual called Bryko. Or in other words, the infringement is in the copy, not the sale.
  16. Yeah, probably. You guys need to email me with the what's up. [email protected]
  17. Noted. That's on my list. When I get some spare time from all of the Kickstarter systems and programming...
  18. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Our prayers are with you.
  19. Fake Grimlock has long made me chuckle. The project has a nonfiction tag. Heh. Nice find!
  20. Come to ReaperCon and tell her yourself!
  21. *snort* I should have called you the Badgity Badgers.
  22. Depends on the metal, operating pressure & temperature, product material, and on and on.
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