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  1. That would be the one. Thanks EVS. Saw the one Jeneki painted. Top Notch!
  2. Got mine yesterday as well. Got a couple assembled minis that look like Imperators but on steroids. Searched around but haven't been able to find a name for them. Any ideas on what they are? I assume they are "bonus" figures?
  3. Got my first shipment yesterday. Everything looks great except the Tsukeis (sp). This looks to be a bulk shipment problem and not something Reaper did sending them to me. What info do I need to include when I email the help line?
  4. So if we are missing stuff from the KS should we post here or on the KS forum?
  5. Thanks Cher, Erion, and Crazy 8 Got the rules DL now I just need to find time to read through them. Will the point total for the Warmaster be 1300 or is it known yet?
  6. Where is the CAV2 Beta DL on ReaperGames? I looked through the DL section briefly but didnt notice them. Is the Warmaster Tourney a single CAV platoon or????
  7. Isnt that a SA under CAV2? Brian
  8. Oh yeah... Are the points different for CAV2 than they were for CAV? Guess it wont do me much good to figure units based on CAV if the point values change for CAV2. CAV CAV2 Brian
  9. Hey All I was wondering if Reaper or BLDT are planning on running any point based tourneys using the CAV 2 rules. If so what would the ponts base (IE 2,000; 3,000; 5,000 points per battle) be? Just wondering cause I thought I might get started on a couple different units if I knew what I could "fit" in each one. Best Brian
  10. Looks good Jeremy. You might consider glossing the canopy to give it a more glass like appearance. Also might try getting a little better coverage on your detail paint, looks like it might be a little "thin" or worn. Hard to tell from the pic. Of course a lot more decals wouldnt hurt either. Brian
  11. My inspiratioin came straight from the cover of the CAV rulebook. Dont think I got the red quite bright enough but its the 1st time I've gotten red to look good. The paint chips are painted. What makes you think those are decals Horn? Brian
  12. Chrome said it was ok to post these now and since I cant remeber my password on Mil Net I'll post it here. (if I can figure it out) Any comments welcome. Brian
  13. Hey Roger Still waiting for that game you were supposed to host. Brian
  14. We would be willing to do decals for this line as long as its ok with Reaper. Would also need some input as to sizes and how they should be laid out. (i.e. one faction per sheet or a couple per sheet or any suggestions that may be offered. Brian
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