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  1. I've always loved the idea of the wild hunt. I think Mike Mignola does a good take on it with Hellboy. Those hellhounds look quite cyberpunk I think! maybe some kind of tron cyberpunk.
  2. I.. wow. Thank you. From someone of your caliber, that is quite a compliment. Now I feel encouraged to do more!
  3. More work on my second Blorc. This time I've put down some more definition in his arms and chest and added some source lighting to his amour. I'm continuing to transition out of drybrushing, and really enjoying the process!
  4. Another blorc! I'm trying to teach myself staged layering. Probably not that obvious at this point. As the great sage said, brighter highlights, darker shadows. I'm working on it. I also tried some NMM technique, except I kind of used metallics to do it. Some of the facial details on these bones are dreadful by the way. This guy has a very mashed up visage. I want the metal version!
  5. We'll derail the thread if we keep this up, so I might just salute your epic skill, Cash. From one artist to another (I'm a graphic designer).
  6. Yeah, I remember the first time I tried drybrushing (in the 90s too), and it knocked my socks off. Clean off. I was astounded! My technique became largely based on it until I discovered inks. Everything I owned had a wash of chestnut ink on it. I had no idea what to do with miniatures without large, chunky areas to drybrush. Space marine shoulder pads for instance. Thin paint layering is a bit of revelation for me, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Having gone on about drybrushing and its limitations a bit, I assume you've seen Buglips Kaladrax drybrush-a-thon? the technique still has legs, that's for sure. Now Cash, is it true that you've only painted a handful of miniatures over the course of a year? (because that would be a staggering level of innate skill!) or is that definition only attributable in your modern period? either way your stuff rocks.
  7. Thanks mate! I kind of wish I had kit 2, I feel well past the drybrush/wash phase. Even in these kit 1 examples, I felt my distaste for drybrushing assert itself. I didn't do much of it. Washes are cool though, and I feel like I've got the hang of them. I think I will take your advice though and just run through a few bones using similar techniques to the ones I've used here.
  8. Right, here is the Anhurian candidate. I was quite happy with this one, even I did become terribly over-critical of his face. I blame you, Cash. I was referring to your Anhurian guy while painting mine. Benchmarks should be set high! Facecoating, as per instructions. Application of blue clothing and face detailing. I thought he looked a bit puddingy here, so I went back and obsessed over his mug for aaaages before I was somewhat more satisfied. Walnut/Sapphire blue/water at 1.1.3 ratio wash on clothes. Lots of pushing and pulling tanned skin and walnut brown around on Anhurian's face. Juuust about finished. Silver, black ink and some application of thin blue layers over drybrushing pass on his clothes, followed by a light silver drybrush on the armour. I might do a little more linework and tidy up the base before I call this guy finished, but for a WIP, this will do as a final for now. Next stop is kit 3, because kit 2 is out of stock and has been for weeks. Boo hiss. Once I get my mitts on it, I'll post it. EDIT: make that kit 4. I'm nowhere near ready for the dreaded kit 3.
  9. Ok, here we go. I'm going to be doing the LTPKs in order; so hello, this is rat. Basecoating. Washes, drybrushing, and linework in situations where I hate drybrushing. I initially washed/drybrushed rat's coat as per instructions, but I decided I wanted it a bit darker for added contrast and impact. Further drybrushing and some fine details thrown in. I thought rat looked a bit Gene Simmons here so I toned it down for the final. Final rat! the stones on rat's base ended up super dark and gross on washing, so I went off-script and drybrushed them with rainy grey. Rat used cone of halitosis! Darkmatter fails his dodge breath weapon roll, is nauseated and takes 4 damage. Next up is the Anhurian candidate.
  10. I am drowning in bones

  11. Those look great! I especially like the bone treatment on that horrifing monster that will give me nightmares. (Just the thought of being a player and facing up to that thing has me in cold chills) How did you do it by the way?
  12. I thought it was about time I took some poor quality photos of my not quite finished painting efforts. Bones are fun, and reaper paints feel like cheating after years (on and off with long periods of inactivity) of using GM products. Anyway, thoughts/comments etc welcome. I'm only recently moving away from drybrush/wash techniques, mainly thanks to scrutiny of Buglips' WIPs! So thanks to that particular goblin. The Bathalian is metal, the others are bonesium.
  13. I am not 100% sure if this has been covered before or not, so apologies if this is a repost. Anyway, my storm giant is such a great sculpt, all except for his sword. No amount of boil/freeze action keeps it from really making me want to resort to bad viagra jokes. I'd imagine some kind of modding would help? I think the terms in use are pinning and drilling? anyway, I've never pinned anything before and I don't really want to start without seeking some advice. Anyone willing to impart some hard-won wisdom?
  14. I'd like to see some bonesium terrain pieces. I think that you could do some really cool things with interlocking pieces, in similar fashion to the way the self-assembly bones are slotted together. Also, that thing that Kaladrax sits on made me want more of the same. Big ruined statues, looming cliffs, arches bridges.. think of the utility!
  15. That thing she is holding is a toothpick. She helps clean adventurers out of Kally's teeth.
  16. All of my miniatures arrived intact, and after a pretty exhausting stocktake referenced against Greg Botch's guide, I have everyone accounted for. There are quite a few instances of miniatures with warping (especially with weapons), but I'm hoping the boiling/freezing water thing works. I'm a bit concerned about some of the flimsier weapons ending up the way they are intended to look. Also, Kaladrax is nearly as big as my cat. It is a seriously impressive piece of kit, and I personally don't think any player party should be able to survive an encounter. Just saying. Now I just need to find a shelf with enough wing clearance to house him!
  17. That 'eye beast' looks like it would really enjoy photobombing someone.
  18. That is great, really creative use of colour. I love the white one. White is hard to paint. I feel sorry for your poor players! (but I secretly want the hydra to win)
  19. Just received my shipping notice! (I'm in Canberra, Australia) Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Kickstarter Sophie x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Forces of Nature x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 vampire x1
  20. I've got a couple of those WDs with young Mike. And his partner Ali is really phenomenal. The whole thread that spawned that video was my initial level up in painting last autumn. (You can find the link in my thread that smokingwreckage linked to earlier) Well that sounds like a good direction for me to take then. I haven't really levelled up in years. (oh, what is the 'with bow' thing? I feel that I must be missing some kind of meme) Bryan tells it best, but the basic story is that he was once helping a picky customer find a mini for his character, which was described as a "fighter with a bow." After rejecting several minis, the customer exclaimed in joy at a particular mini. Bryan was about to ring it up when the customer's face dropped, and he said the mini was no good. The blister was clearly marked "Ranger," and he needed a fighter with a bow! aaah the public. I love the public. That is a good one!
  21. That is really well put. I might add that I personally plan on picking one thing to focus on improving at a time. That one thing might vary based on the model, but I think that will keep me improving while keeping things interesting. Thanks, and I agree, all of those points seem very well made to me. That two cents will go a long way I think!
  22. Surely they would ship all the stuff to Australia in one go? I haven't got a confirmation and am now worried. I want to be the excited kitten instead. Dammit.
  23. Has anyone from Australia received notice yet? I have this sinking feeling I'm going to be last.
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