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  1. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/sledgehammer/sku-down/70700 I assume. I considered it at the time but also skipped it.
  2. So many great pics! Super excited. These minis are photographing better than ever before too.
  3. I agree. I think the sprues for minis that were in danger of warping is a good idea, and superglue really is not that hard to use on bones. I hope they do a full bones fly over like they did for previous kickstarters when they got close to release. Flight of the Valkyries playing as we get see all the minis spread out over a table is just amazing. The new color will really help show the details as well.
  4. This went live today. I'm a happy owner of the previous Kickstarter table they did, the Duchess. It looks like they learned a lot of lessons and hopefully this one will be a lot smoother for everyone. But I will say they had excellent customer service and the team is great!
  5. I just discovered your app and spent last night putting my collection of Reaper paints into it. It's very cool! Many of my bottles are too old and faded to scan well with the barcode scanner, but typing them in went really quickly. Now I need try out the Sets feature on my next mini. Thanks!
  6. That's a lovely, dynamic, diorama. Well done!
  7. Mine balances pretty well. The base is very large and there was a bit of tension in the legs when put onto the pegs. I don't currently think I"ll need to add weight to the bottom of the base. Dry brushing some lighter green will definitely be the first thing I try to spruce up the base. I did drybrush over with a lighter green before this picture, but I think it was too close a shade to the first coat and doesn't provide the contrast needed. Something brighter will have a better result. I know what you mean about it needing some work. I admit to being lazy and not trimming flash or filling gaps like I should and if you look closely with it in hand, you can definitely tell. But I do like the dynamism of the sculpt, and I had fun with it, so I'm calling it a win.
  8. Here's my take on Kyra and Lavarath. It's been pointed out to me that the base needs some higher highlights on the grass and would probably improve with some actual flocking. Overall though, I'm pretty happy, particularly with how the red armor turned out. It's Rach Red and Honed Steel mixed together.
  9. I haven't counted, but it seems to me that there are many more figures in this KS than the previous ones. There are definitely more expansions than before, and I'm more interested in large parts of all of them. Previous times I was able to immediately rule out expansions, but this time I'm really having trouble figuring out which ones I can do without.
  10. I don't think this is the issue. The other points make sense, but generally anthropomorphic animals are hardly unique to Redwall. As long as they aren't specifically drawing on Redwall concept art and names, it seems unlikely that there would really be any issues there. Now, if someone actually licensed Redwall and made those characters, that would be pretty cool. But generic ones would also be neat. I totally understand why the old line can't be made and also that it's probably still a little too niche for Reaper. But Mouslings need good villains too!
  11. With a longer campaign, and thus more things being revealed, there will probably be more people hitting their limits during the campaign. I'm glad that the pledge manager will stay open for so long since I'm at the end of what I can reasonably do now, but I'd like some more of the things that are being teased or revealed still.
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