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  1. Just adding my info to track. The "OMG they've shipped!" post should be earlier in this thread. I got a notice from the postal customs office on 20 Aug saying I have to give them an invoice or something more than Reaper's word written on the box. After I sent them the papers (emailed personal data/Amazon transaction/bank transaction were enough) the processing lasted about 7 days (and yes I did have to pay 23% VAT based on the transaction amount, not Reaper's declaration). Just to close the page on mine. :)
  2. Speed painting is like a session of a budget committee - "what can we remove so that it still looks good at first glance?"
  3. At this point about the only option it'd make the situation worse is if the ROW backers wouldn't receive their Bones at all... .....but that would mean... Oh crap. Excuse me, I have to get my torch and pitchfork.
  4. What guarantee do we have of that? After the false ticker and the "final and immovable deadline is 3 weeks from now" thing I'm fully expecting to see the KS Bones sold through official channels and other retailers before I even get my shipping confirmation.
  5. Just wanting to post it: Reaper, it was a chance to build trust with me (and probably other international customers). Instead, you've made me wary of your shipping practices. For all I know, Reaper might not care at all about other continents and I probably won't be ordering directly from you soon, if at all. Sorry (i.e. I hope you are), but you've earned it. Yes, I know there are delays and I'd accept them. The real dealbreaker is the lack of communication. We had the KS ticker, then it goes offline just before the list ends, I'm expecting some delay but OK, the wait is almost over but no, several weeks and not a peep. Then we get an update of "we're still working on it" type, with ANOTHER LIST of X thousands of waiting line items entirely. So the ticker was a lie. Reaper has maintained good communication until the near-end of US shipping. The message is clear: "Get lost, rest of the world (not to use stronger words)". Now I've been told I'm not welcome here as a client, but I still expect to get what I've paid for. VVV: Well, that would've helped, if I weren't an international KS supporter. As it is, I'm lower class.
  6. So, what's the status of international orders? The KS ticker disappeared a while ago and since that time I haven't got a shipping confirmation, any update regarding the KS completion, nothing, and last I checked, there were relatively few orders left. Do I have to worry, or just should I just give them some more time (how much?)?
  7. A series of Darksun minis - especially Thrikreen, muls, dwarves, anything that looks very different to the "generic fantasy" aesthetic. Clockwork bots/spiders/familiars. Gith (especially githzerai)
  8. Look at it this way: every update that doesn't get posted is more Bones sets crossed out from the waiting list before you ;)
  9. I have to say, when I started using a second water cup, my brushes became much cleaner. It's amazing how much of this stuff persists in seemingly clean water. (And don't even get me started on the "2 painters 1 cup" thing. That's disgusting.) As for the derail, I'm still waiting for sexualized male minis -_-'
  10. Heh, I'd have to order it specifically and shipping isn't the cheapest I assume. So it gets bumped waaay lower in the priority list.
  11. And why shouldn't they be? They sell the best miniature paints on the market, they're probably confident enough.
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