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  1. reaper wouldn't do that. but we must know how they live.
  2. but it would be good to see more fluff like a Razig's army backoground
  3. hey, i need some basic information about backrgound and fluff of warlord. who is who and wy are they fighting (it's a war, some kind of local conflict or maybe everyone can't understand their neighbours)? I only found topic with map of Taltos (now i know where my mercenaries will be making trouble :) sorry for my poor english ;)
  4. I decided to play mercenaries so I have some questions: they will be separate army or support for other armies (maybe both)? what minis shall I use for grunts? lupines? or maybe for now they haven't got ready grunts minis? sorry for my crappy english
  5. I want rules of warlord, more minis, more cash, bigger house, nice wife.....
  6. so, what will be rules of weapons? what you see is what you get or if mini have (for example) sword and crossbow I can equip it with axe and shield (sorry for any mistakes, my english is poor)
  7. I'm new here and I have some questions. What sides of conflict are in Warlord. When will be stats of the minis? (i know, it's beta version and this is difficult question) Will be Warlord distributed in Poland? And what with release?
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