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  1. Yep. From his perspective I am sure that is what it felt like. We took over. lol. I didn't think to ook at the map, I was looking at all the event and guides, and nothing said Paint & Take anywhere, lol.
  2. I need to know if there will be space available to sit and paint? I don't see anything mentioned anywhere, or did I miss it?
  3. I seem to be back...

  4. Ooops, i missed ths post! Eyesight is now a severe problem for me. I cannot paint with help, and yes, I do wear glasses, bifocals. I use those nice clip on lenses ( bought a 3x and a 4x pair from some catalog for older folk and cost me about 12 dollars. Then i also have a cheap optivisor-like head gear I got at the game shop for about 15 dollars. I switch off.
  5. I went and got a couple of small sliding glass door display cases from Ikea that hold WIP minis when I leave the table. Does the cat go on the paint/game table, of course, the thing is huge and she loves the heat from the lamps. And yes, cat hair gets all over - grab a dust buster, duster, hair dryer, fan, and clear it before you sit down. It's just something cat owners learn to deal with. Or in this case, my paint group must deal with. My biggest worry these days is if Comet Cat is going to crawl into Skya's paintbag and go home with her.
  6. Everyone who goes should raise a glass or two of the beverage of choice and drink to our 24th Wedding Anniversary. :-)
  7. Reaper Pro Paint pots with poster tac and sometimes glue when all my tac is in use, I have a limited edition signed Michael Proctor Spool, with poster tack again. My dragons have been glued to tuna cans, old wood display bases, and wood blocks from the lumber bits around the house. It sorta depends on whether I am pinning something to a base or not. If not, then poster tack or glue (easy to crack and pry up with a hobby knife), but if pinning, I drill and pin into a wood block. No matter what, you want something comfortable in your hand and big enough to hold the model.
  8. Feathering: Instead of painting on solid layers and showing lines of gradual shading from dark to light (think GW style), feathering uses the tip of your brush to make short even strokes for each layer. Like feathers on a wing, the brush always points to the shadow line and you follow the curve of the section. They are close together, smooth strokes, no pooling. You pull back a little and do the next layer of feather a little lighter and a little lighter, and glazing helps smooth out the transitions. That help? Otherwise it's hard to give an entire class in one post ;-)
  9. Layering is defined as simply one layer of paint over another. Feathering and glazing are types of layering - anything that builds one paint on top of another. Glazing is controlled thin paint, used as a veil. You can layer glazes as well as feathering or just layering straight paint like GW does. Most techniques in mini painting combine different types of layering. Just do not like when folks get confused about terms.
  10. Hawker, it is not a white background at all, it s a mid tone blue gray.
  11. Quit researching and do it. If you err on the side of too thin, you will just need more layers but you will not have to be afraid of going too heavy a mix. You will get the hang of it if you just do it. I think Wren meant that if you get pools (acting like a wash), quick dab your brush on the towel so it bleeds off and is drier, then touch the brush to the pool to wick up the error. Long full strokes over an entire section, no matter what sized brush ( I prefer a 0), and you'll be good. Jump in! It will be fun!
  12. I have no idea how long it took to complete - he's been around a couple months now in various stages of completion - been working on multiple commissions at once. He's a Design Your Own Mini I think? http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11481-kanaag-the-half-orc-ranger/
  13. Just finished this Kanaag for a comission - one of the strangest minis I have ever painted. With the new camera and software I am struggling to color correct a bit. This is darker IRL than it shows, more bluey, and eventually I will master this grrrrr new software...someday. Enjoy!
  14. Just never stop learning if you want to get better at whatever you do. There's metallics, demo metallics (metallics shaded with normal paint colors), nmm, polished pewter metallics (polishing the pewter and using oils to quickly shade it), and there are all sorts of styles that borrow from each other and everything. If you paint a variety of objects, the more you know, the better you can handle whatever comes your way. Whether you paint gaming minis, toy soldiers, historical pieces, manufacturer pieces, museum pieces, model cars, competition pieces, dolls, wedding toppers, etc - be creative, have fun. In the end, it's all color and light. So get out there and create and appreciate what others create.
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