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  1. Core + Swamp Things + Sophie + Burrowing Horror + Barbarians Lords of Darkness Oh, Rats Heroes and Villains Gelatinous Cube Water Elementals x2 Hill Giants Master Series Paint Set 2 Khanjira, the World Breaker Thank You set Cadirith Dragons Don't Share set Expansion Set 1&2 Only 100 over my intended budget And with that... I think I finally got this blasted thing working again... *re-lurks*
  2. Well, I was looking forward to painting up Sophie to match an old character of mine. Now I'm looking forward to painting up warrior princess Merida (and at least one of her little bag pipping brothers). And now we play the waiting game... ... awww the waiting game sucks. Lets play Hungry, Hungry Hippos.
  3. email has gone out with new goal at 3.250
  4. Although slightly confusing in its naming. I almost added a $1 pledge when I went to update in the pledge manager.
  5. Creator Reaper Miniatures 1 minute agoWe do need to scale back to only one visible goal - so that there's not a goal hanging out there at the end of the project. Be aware. We will reveal another goal ONLY if we achieve Dragons Don't Share in time I fear for my wallet should we break 3 mil.
  6. "You are using Bonetti's Defense against me, ah? "I thought it fitting considering the rocky terrain."
  7. And he's FREE !!!! (Buying the individual pieces and the adventurers is $38, or you can get all that + Nathavarr for only $35....) I'm kinda dragon-ed out, but did the same math you did there, and figure "Well... since I'm not actually paying for the dragon itself..."
  8. Okay... that's one end of the book shelf covered... Now, can we get a mechanical knight of equal scale to Khanjira to go on the other end?
  9. Gah! Someone get on a CSI computer quick! Zoom! Enhance!
  10. I would say I'm sorry, but it's your own fault for liking so many comments. You need to work on establishing a like budget and sticking to it.
  11. Had that reaction this morning after the reveal of the last stretch goal for CE 2. My budget has space to add another CE. As awesome as the unholy cow is, I can't see ever needing two of him, unlike just about everything else in that set.
  12. On the game board? He hasn't even crossed 2.387 yet for me.
  13. It just dawned on me... Had some internet issues earlier today, so I went and painted something from the first KS: And then I come back, and the next trick is Barbarians! Quick! What's the most superhero like of the minis from KS 1?! I want to trigger another trick later tomorrow!
  14. Sure they do! *snip barbarian at rest* Well sure. When you finish cutting off a head that's bigger than your whole body, you're bound to need a breather. Edit: Me fail English, that's unpossible.
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