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  1. They look great. Really got a nice military look to them.
  2. Great CAV's hope to see more.
  3. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, had originally planned on fielding a Rach force so figured I'd try a little freehand. Got the idea from the Dictator in JR1.
  4. Had posted some of these along time ago but got my decaling and final details done so figured I'd post them again in there finished combat ready state. 3 Dictators
  5. First of my light CAV's. Kahn and Raptor. Flash kind of drowns them out a little but best my poor photo skills can do.
  6. Amazing! Anxious to see more.
  7. Terran for me. Gotta go with the home team. Cav's are a mix of KODA and Terran manufacture. Eventually will have enough Terran or Rach to field a pure force of either if I want but will most likely play a mixed bag Terran force.
  8. Nice! I've been running some small skirmishes trying to become more familiar with CAV 2 but have been running alot off of memory since my printer crapped out and my girlfriend started playing online poker. So to be quite honest really hadn't focused too heavily on any engineering. I do see quite a few possibilities here. Plan on playing a pretty good size engagement Saturday I'm gonna run quite a bit of mech inf with some engineers as part of a fairly well balanced force so very interested to see how they fare.
  9. I think you've got it dead right Spartan but I do have one reason they were so successful. Terrain. They were advancing against lightly dug in troops(no serious engineering works to impede their movement) over extremely open ideal tank or armor country. Again I agree that under these circunstances this is exactly how it should have played out and is probabely the game set up we see most of the time with an occassional small wood maybe a scattered building here etc.... but essentially fairly open terrain. This puts infantry in a bad way. Firstly they will be expected to advance over ope
  10. I think it comes down to a question of CAV being more of a tactical simulation or creating mega units untouchable just for the sake of doing so because CAV's are kool (which they indeed are) and no way no how could any lowly infantry even scratch them. Reality would paint a different picture if the armor of a CAV was so advanced why would this same technology not be incorporated into other armored vehicles as well. The weight of a Tank is not that much less than a CAV, Cost maybe could be an issue. Why would I be shooting a TOW or Javelin at a CAV it'd be like shooting a 2.75 bazooka at an
  11. I've been following this thread and decided to throw my 2 cents in. The first thing i think we have to keep in mind is that for infantry to have any viability they must be considered to be somewhat equal in the armor- anti-armor race. Meaning that they are equipped with anti-tank weapons capable of damaging CAV's under favorable conditions. Flank shots, Rear arc etc... I think its too easy to over estimate the survivability of tanks or armor after the two gulf wars where the tanks were for the most part fighting in an ideal environment for armor against inferior troops and equipmen
  12. Great looking squadron. WOW! I've been out of the loop for awhile but seeing units like these has totally motivated me to get back to work. Make sure you get those posted in the CAV gallery over at Reaper games.
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