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  1. Glad you like her. ^^ I f you want to take some better pics, feel free to do so.
  2. Alrighty, since the exchange mini I painted up is finally in transit for a few days already (not telling yet who's the recipient ), I'm gonna post some pics. I originally decided on Justine because of her cloak, as I wanted to challenge me on trying some blending, because I frankly suck at it. When I saw the flagstones and moss/lichen sculpted on her integral base and read that she was an hunter of the undead I thought to myself 'Hm...I wonder if this could work...'. As always, I bit off more than I could chew and paid for it, hence the multiple delays finishing both mini and base. Still got a long way to go concerning blending and painting skin, but I'll keep on trying... EDIT: Changed thread title 'cause Almathea got the package. ;)
  3. Alright, I finally managed to shoot some (half-way) decent pics I'd like to share, but the mini looks far better IRL. I especially love the blues and the skin, both of which personally I'm still having a lot of trouble. ^^;
  4. Alrighty, short update: still not done. Had to go on a business trip, will return home tomorrow. To the person I'm painting for: I'm truly sorry to keep you waiting. :( Painting was about 60% done before I left, I'll do my best to get the mini on the way before the end of next week. To the person that painted a mini for me: I'll get back to you and cutebutpsycho as soon as I can confirm that I got the package. Thanks for the patience, Jochen EDIT: Done and the package will hit the post office tomorrow.
  5. Thanks to my job I'm only about halfway done with my mini as of today and not sure if I'll make the deadline.
  6. Yep, October 15th. In other news, I'm finally done with the base of my exchange mini. Never had to work this much with green stuff before, but it was fun. Now on to painting...
  7. Got mine. Many thanks, Erin! <mal reynolds> huh. </mal reynolds> I wish I could decide on and paint a mini as fast as you, Frosch. Ah well...off to raid the FLGS! Arrr!
  8. 300? BTW, I got the smaller Paintier. ;)
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Yep, he looks ready to take on all comers (actually, that's exactly why I bought this sculpt - lotsa character in this one). ;) As for the skin... *le sigh* Let's just say, it's not the picture and I'm not satisfied with the transitions on his back. I normally don't paint human(oid)s and it shows (this is my...fifth or sixth one in about five years of painting). But that's also one of the reasons why I keep participating in the exchanges here on the forums, so I can keep pushing myself to do better.
  10. Hey all, this is the spring exchange mini I painted for DireBadger. As usual, I'd like to apologize for both my photo-fu and my skin-fu lacking. That's what I get by painting only tanks and mechas.
  11. Hi, I just got a PM from direbadger - he reveived the mini.
  12. This was my third or fourth exchange and I also had my share of partners bail out on me (I declined a replacement - the poor organizers already got their hands full enough). I've got no problem with stuff happening, but it bugs me a bit that some people seem to simply prefer vanishing off the face of the earth instead of contacting the organizer or the one they were assigned to... BTW - Steven Tobin, since I haven't heard from you yet, I sent you a pm. I'll wait until the end of this week, then I'll post the pictures.
  13. Still no news, so... Steven Tobin - if you read this, please drop me a line. Your mini was mailed out from Germany about two weeks ago. Thanks, fara
  14. Haven't heard from my recipient yet...I hope that customs didn't screw up.
  15. I think you know the answer to that question, Sarge. ;)
  16. Stop making up imaginary animals! ;) http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/?p=8039 http://www.wizkidsgames.com/wk_article.asp?cid=41436 Kinda meh on the sculpts right now, but I'll reserve my final judgement for when I see them in the flesh...err, plastic.
  17. Originally, I wanted to sit this one out but as usual I cannot resist the temptation...I'm in again. ^^; PM will be sent shortly. And thanks for putting up with us again, cutebutpsycho. ;)
  18. Finished mine (yay!), gonna take some pics tomorrow and then send it away. Ah, the joys of deadlines...
  19. Well...then paint another one to send away. ;) Finally started on my exchange mini. Got to make up for the time lost procrastinating. EDIT: About 70% done - what's left is basing, sealing, taking pics.
  20. I received this mini already three weeks ago, but thanks to my work schedule it took some time shooting some halfway decent pics.
  21. How about adding some bits to the top and maybe glaze the transparent parts with green or blue to make it look more like an actual force field?
  22. Guess what I received today... Hans made it safely to Germany. Hontou ni domo arigatou gozaimasu! I'll get some pics posted later, but as my photo-fu is weak, feel free to post any pics you took.
  23. Got my assignment and just returned from a raid on my FLGS.
  24. Nice work, Magdalena - and it's at 6.5 right now. ;) I'd like to add 'How good are the pictures?' to WolfDreamerNZ's list. Include at least one close up, and also the picture quality makes a huge difference. Case in point... ^^; : Made with my camera Made by TABMiniatures Made by TABMiniatures
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