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  1. Woo hooo Shipping email for 23 items to UK now on way. Kids now very happy and having to explain international shipping to them... I get the feeling we will be checking the tracking number alot over the next week.
  2. I've come to the conclusion after several months of failed communications that no news = Bad news from Reaper.............. Having to explain to my kids yet again that a company has lied in their communications has at least been an education for a 6 & 8 year old.
  3. Firstly I appreciate that this has been a massive order and everyone at Reaper has been working hard. However I'm really getting annoyed, we have had the delays to shipping, then the supposedly alternate day shipping, then the truck delay, the ticker take down and the ROW left so will update............. It just feels that the ROW shipping has at best been a steep learning curve, fine I can live with that just don't go silent it just winds people up.
  4. These bones, these bones, these dry bones.....

  5. I just wonder how UK customs are going to react to the shed load of bones I've ordered when they do come
  6. Lepordie

    No Bones yet.

    I've been reading the comments and trying not to smile, ....... It's a kickstarter....... I've backed several kickstarters before delays happen. This one was exceptional 30k to 3.5m wow. The rolling targets in the ks were great to watch and drew my boys (6+8) and I in. I've had them painting ever since then (even my wife is painting now) So my kids and I have to wait a few more weeks for delightful models at an amazing price.... I think I'll cope and my boys even at their age are smart enough to appreciate that great things are worth waiting for. Good luck Reaper I really hope this experience doesn't put you off doing another.
  7. Lepordie

    Stories from the Kickstarter Discussion at ReaperCon

    I'd really like mounted figures as most ks I've are mostly individual figures. I think the bones material would be fantastic for the modification capabilities, plus the size/weight and cost of lead really work in the bones favour for bones. Just imagine.... mounted goblin raiding party Desert raiders Various knights, reapers has several themes Elephant riders Jungle figures ridding big cat Ghengis khan would have to be a stretch goal Charlemagne would be another along with King Arthur All this without even considering flying types!
  8. Lepordie

    Casket Works with Bones Shipment?

    I really like the casket works, almost as much as my sons who mark up enough "I'd like......" models to cover their next 10 birthdays. Do you know when the next version will be on PDF? I understand on the shipping costs, plus customs my have an issue with the catalogue due to reaper miniatures being classed as highly addictive. ...more minions, more, more.... (when is the next kick starter ) just kidding
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    The mega bloks are expensive and popular on amazon. I was checking out the laser Dreaworks stuff and it's a shame I missed their kick starter lat year http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1002529637/run-out-the-guns-0 Interesting video showing the scale of the ships though and now they have cannons
  10. Lepordie


    I hadn't seen the Soulcannon, that's a must for Skelton crew! http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/soul/latest/14084#detail/14084_G
  11. Lepordie


    Hi Nice pictures, I've downloaded the Savage Worlds PDF it looks fun. The mega blocs look great painted up, previously I'd seen these http://www.laserdreamworks.com/28mm-ships/ they look pretty good just not cheap. http://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/server4100/8v3hc0yr/products/33/images/223/DSC00906__22573.1354333830.1280.1280.JPG The mega bloc one look more fun for kids.
  12. Lepordie


    Thanks these are giving me ideas to try. Song of Blades and Heros has a Pirates mode Flashing Steel which looks good. Legends of high sea seems a bit harder to get following the demise of warhammer historical. I've seen Freebooters Fate and Cutlass as additional sets but they look heavier/more detailed. I might try the here's some die6 now what's the rules approach for shear amusement factor. The Lego ship looks fun although I like the look of some of the laser cut models. I'm going to have fun with the pirate bones. Thanks for the ideas.
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    Hi I'm looking forward to my KS Bones, they are going to be great for my Pathfinder campaign with my kids. Reviewing the KS (still amazed as to how many coming), can anyone recommend a decent easy skirmish game I can run for the kids 6&8 using the KS bones, probably focused on Pirates? Thanks