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  1. I hate some of the warlord army grunts (Most of them) I was disappointed when pretty much all the Dwarf army packs were discontinued and I was even more when Discount Hobby sold out. I dont plan on playing Warlord in big Offical tournaments, nor does the rest of my community (Small farming town ) My hobby store wouldn't limit customers to rules like that since they wouldn't stay in buisness too long if they did(Though I understand those rules when It comes to offical tournaments) So give me DHL Army Packs to fill out my army any day. But I can see Reaper not wanting to produce the DHL Army line if there not selling or meeting the requirements for the company. I was just wondering the same thing mgm was wondering.
  2. I spent about 35 to 40 bucks and I can field 1000 points no problem. I even had a couple of mini's left over. I'm going up to a local gaming store today with a friend and we'll probally demo off a Dwarf vs. Undead game. Wish us luck.
  3. All of my dwarves are from DHL for Warlord. I don't really like the Warlord Dwarves and there isn't that much selection for them anyway. But for right now in the beta stage, any model is legal if it is with your friends. Tourneys are a different matter. At least that is what everyone told me when I started playing and building my force.
  4. I have played a lot of games in the past month or so with my friends. Right now there is four in my area who play.
  5. They probally have worked up some fraction stats or something of the sort by now. Like how much movement and attack value undead has and the alike. I hope they release custom unit/army builder formulas though too.
  6. Airborne and Mountain Division figures if there was a modern day warfare line Anyway I never noticed there were only four gnomes. We need more gnomes.
  7. You have to remember that the hunters had high powered rifles. In most D&D worlds, you have to fight them with swords and guts.
  8. I know, I am real happy with Reaper and their decisions. That's why I plan on buying from them most often then other miniature companies.
  9. Today and late into the night, I was at a indoor track meet with my high school, and one of my teammates had a pair of running shoes stolen while they were doing their event. The world is crazy out there. I feel for you, I too have had stuff stolen.
  10. Oh yes indeed for special armies like that. But I hope they don't put out stuff like "You're Elves have to act like this and must be painted like this!!! OMG OMG!!!1"
  11. I hope the Warlord Elves will have different variants then just wood elves or the sort. For people who want to play High, Dark, etc. If Reaper gos in that direction. I understand about the demand, no sense in the company spending money on something they won't make money on. I just really wanted a good deal on some High Elves. Also if you look around all the elven minis, some of them can pass for a high elf. So there is possiability for High Elves in Warlord.
  12. I love the military look. I think if you could get something to go on the top, sides, or front of a mini with bushes or shurbs, that would be awesome. Give your unit the Normandy Panzer feel.
  13. I noticed that the high elves for sale don't come in a four pack like the other DHL army packs. I'm just wondering why these little guys just don't come in a four pack, since elves only have one army pack as it is. (Archers) Also I wouldn't mind to see some more elf packs come out too. I'm wanting to start up a elf army for warlord and paying 3 dollars a mini to fill it out when I can pay 8 and have four dosen't settle with me good. I'm sure there is a good reason but I just thought that was wierd.
  14. Seems like it will be great then. I hope the leave room for gaming groups to put their own fluff in, so they're not stuck playing a GW 'by the book game.'
  15. I have a ping pong table as well that gos on top of the pool table. For right now it will be more trouble to put on then what its worth. We don't have that large enough army yet. And backs are good for breakin
  16. Use it as terrain. You could say the local town militia attacks his beautiful ship while it is docked. But it's 250. So no ...
  17. I play on a pool table. We have plenty of room to move around and play. I think you should find a big enough board or table that suits you and your friends.
  18. When are the Seahorse and Dragon hunter going to be cast? I really want to get my hands on them.
  19. Please tell me the Seahorses and Oriental Dragon will be for sale one day!
  20. Think of them like mummies and ancient egyptian.
  21. Tough luck man, hope it gets worked out. So far I've been satisfied with Reaper's shipping and model quality and worksmanship.
  22. I have a friend who is going to play wood elf and barbarians, and I don't know if either will be toruny legal. But they will have fun painting them and fielding them with friends. There is even talk of a Drow army. That should be cool.
  23. Don't worry about it, stick her in there anyway. She will probally find her way into the Dunemasters befor the official release of Warlord. And plus, don't worry being by the book so much. It is still beta as of right now, and there are generic rules. So giving her a place to stay in your army shouldn't be that hard for a while.
  24. I just started playing Warlord with two of my friends and we don't have a whole lot of models. Since we are trying to learn how to play, we usually do play with what you see is what you get. When ever we have enough models to have about 500 and above worth of points, then we will probally use WYSIWYG.
  25. From the looks of them they appear to be evil or neutral. I think it comes down to really how the painter and player makes them appear and writes the fluff for them. You might be able to try some of the different lizard models reaper has to offer. There is a toad demon who would fit pretty good in a Reptus army as well as the Alligator warrior. http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...892&cat=&page=1 http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...297&cat=&page=1
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