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  1. So far all of my models for Warlord have been DHL. I just don't really care much for the Dwarfs in Warlord and there isn't enough of them yet. I just don't know what I'm going to do when the official rules come out and models have there own stats. I will keep a copy of Warlord Beta for sure. Dragon Snack hit it in on the head. Use Dark Heaven Legends to fill out your army til more are released. And I hope they release some new Army Pack for Elves in DHL. I think all they have is just the archers.
  2. Anything they've suggested above works, but if you are just playing with a group of friends, then anything you all can agree on works.
  3. Whob

    More mini's

    I wish they had some faces from the "Little Giants" when they put the stuff in there mouth to make foam and scared the helmets right off the other team.
  4. Sounded like a good game. I think me and my friends will have to try the tower scenario. Me and my friend will go up to our FLGS and play. You could say they will be demos but we just want to take use of there tables where they play cards. If anyone wishes to watch they can and I'm sure they're will be a interest in it. Last time a Table top hobby came to town (about 3 years ago) it was nothing but Warhammer and Mage Knight. The whole store totally restocked and redid the floor of what they carried. To bad the Tabletop stuff stayed on for about 5 months then caused them to have to get rid of it and go back to there old floor. GW was to expensive and wasn't enough interest or time with the community. And Mage Knight ... Well it just sucked. So now it's mostly D&D, Magic, and Yugio. So I'm not to sure the store would stock anything like Reaper. Oh well thats enough about Kentucky Hobby Store History 101.
  5. I've played a ton of more games since that one. I'll post them sometime soon when I get the chance. I really want to tell my Caravan encounter.
  6. I think Christmas or sometime next year about this time. But thats just what I've seen on the boards and it's not official.
  7. Some of them go to Warlord I believe and others go to Exalted or DHL. I think I read that somewhere. Also anything with a square base go's to Warlord unless Exalted is getting mini's with square bases as well.
  8. Look like from there the armor they are Crusader. But they could be under Mercs. Who knows. I like the DHL orges better myself. I'd field the Cheiftain any day.
  9. I think I will have to buy the burrowing horror for a Warlord burrowing monster when it comes out.
  10. That's alright about the Dragons. Reaper has more then enough to suit my needs. I was just hoping to see at least one more in the next year or two in the 10 to 20 dollar range. Now I got to start saving up for the new Dwarf Greens. Yay!
  11. Two and you don't even know how much they cost. Heck they will be worth it. Warlord is really picking up now. The models quality and designs make GW want to craw under a rock and hide. And just look at that Line Breaker for Reptus, my eyeballs popped out of my head in amazement. Any chance will see any new Dwarfs in DHL or warlord line; and some Dragons in greens? Greedyness.
  12. Everytime I think I'm ready to decide my second army for Warlord you go and post more greens. But no complaints from here.
  13. I have a few of some half painted skaven and unpainted Dwarfs if you want to see any of them. I think I have a Caravan Ambush, a stronghold siege, and small battle out in the open. They were all just learning games but I remember enough about them to give a battle report as well if you wish to see them. And I'm with Debby, I want to see some demo photos. Besides the black lighting page Steven posted. Those photos helped me in my decision to get into Warlord or not.
  14. Yeah give them a evil look with your painting skills and you have your self the perfect meani.
  15. As long as you and your friends can agree to something and not bicker over everything, then you should have a fun time playing your own custom version of Warlord that meets your needs. I agree with everyone else, use Hexes.
  16. Just to get a little off topic; I wouldn't mind to see a little formation gaming in Warlord. But I think I like it better as a skirmish.
  17. I must say I am very happy with my first mock game of Warlord! My friend and I played 5 vs. 5. Skaven and Dwarf head to head. We didn't use any ranged attacks, magic, or sergeants; we wanted to know if we could learn and like the main part of the game. The story for the encounter had a warband of Skaven scouts moving in on a small Dwarven sentrey in a small cave, somewhere at the foot of a mountain. The Dwarfs caught flat-footed gathered their gear in haste and clashed cold steel against the ratmen. It was a roller coaster ride from the start. Dwarfs brought first blood but spilled their own as well. Just one Dwarf and one Skaven remained on the last turn to decide who would win. With luck my Dwarf rolled and hit the vile rat and he wasn't able to endure through his save throw. The Dwarven warrior silenced the last rat from returning to his hole. It was a great game and I had a load of fun, we will probally get together and use games with Magic, assassins, and Orges tomorrow afternoon. I must say I am hooked to play more Warlord now and wish I could live where there was more interest in the hobby. I have a couple of pictures I wish to show if I could post them here. I'm not to sure on the rules for such a thing so I won't till I look it up on the forum or it's posted. And we ran into a question while playing ... After a model kills another in close combat ... His next turn to move can he or can he not move? We didn't really look since we were rushed with time. Warlord has two new fanatic players
  18. I'll post pics of the little battles even though they won't be big at all since there are only 5 dwarfs to work with. I have a Rat Orge, two Assassains, a mage, and plenty of warriors to work with all luggin spears around. I also have a Javeline* team if anyone knows what that is put it probally won't be apperaing this day Sadly though I used to have alot more Skaven from GW but I sold them off. Oh well Warlord gets my business now. I'll try to write up a nice little story or fluff to go along with the report and pics.
  19. This weekend or sometime in the next few days one of my friends who are interested in learning and playing Warlord, are going to get together and play with what little we have. I got my Dwarven warriors and I'm very happy with the figures. They're just great! Reaper has one me over. Anyway, I we were going to have our first go at the game. I was going to field the 5 dwarfs, and my friend would field some old Skaven models I have around when I played Warhammer. And he can later field a Rat Orge for a giant beast or whatever. I thought it would let us see how we are going to like the combat. I know it dosen't sound exciting but me and him are pretty hyped up about it. The battlefield is the top of a pool tabel and I throw some 'terrian' on there somewhere. I'll let everyone know how it gos though I don't think you'll be to interested in it. Next order will be some paints I need. Probally starter paint set or 2 or 3 basic paints I need and some Miners. After I get my paint and core troops done, I'll start making my desert Dwarf army I really want to make.
  20. You can see my heart break in between those somewhere. It's alright. I plan on playing Reptus one day after I get my Dwarfs together, and a giant T-rex will suit me just fine.
  21. pteradactyl, pteradon, something like that? cher If those aren't the names, then we'll say they are.
  22. The angle may not have to be large insize. It will probally have great power or something. I was hoping for a giant ... err I don't know what the name of them are but they were a dinosaur that flew, and had the beak and the well ... other beak on the back of it's head. I think it would be pretty cool if it was about the size of a Wyvern model and sculpted to look like a man eater.
  23. What is Reptus going to have? I haven't seen anything on it lately.
  24. Don't worry about it and let your imagination go wild. That's what hopefully this game will end up being like. Give him a dark color scheme for evil warbands if you want to use him in the horde. A animal can be usually be trained from a early age. Hopefully the rules will be 'loose' and flexiable to work with. But as Lord Baasen said some armies it wouldn't really fit right in with. I think the crusaders or human mercs would be the idea home for the littel guy.
  25. Hope I will have the same reaction when I get my Dwarf mini's in sometime this week.
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