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  1. Sounds like a project for you to tackle By all means attempt.
  2. I wouldn't paint the hood black or anything. That seems to come with every undead army ... I know death is black and all. But grey and white color robes would be cool. Post picks when you get it done.
  3. We play till everyone agrees they are tired of the world we are in and want something new. We go from a European theme world to maybe a Arabian/India environment. This is so we don't get burned out you could say. Thought we've had some for a long period of time befor; about a year. Though some people will say that isn't much.
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm going with Dwarfs, I haven't got a chance to see any of my friends who play yet and discuss it over with them yet. I'll probally pull out of the credit card (gulps) and get me a leader for my army. I was thinking of getting a mounted Dwarf warlord to lead my troops. I saw one in Dark Heaven maybe? He could serve as a beast and a leader instead of doing both early out. Maybe a type of Cave Dragon ... Dwarf mine in mountains and etc, and maybe they came across a den of a dragon. I could see the dwarfs having a "you scratch my back I'll scartch yours" deal with the bady. What are your thoughts? Can you see Dwarfs with a dragon? Then again painting and using a Earth Elemental or some Bears sounds grand as well. Sigh ... So many more options then "other" wargames. http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/p...032&cat=&page=2 This was the guy I was thinking of for the mounted warlord.
  5. Thanks for the information! I love this community. I'd give everyone a hug but that would be going a bit to far. Thanks, I was having some confusion on trying to go through all the minis and put together army list. You've summed it up great. Thanks. Dwarves or Orcs are looking good right now. I need to find a few good monsters to stick in them for bigger battles in the future too
  6. I love the thought of being able to assemble and collect your own legion of troops. Something I hate about warhammer is you see the same armies over and over again ... "Oh my god! Another chaos army ... Eww the same colors as the other guy with Chaos I just played." There just isn't enough varity in warhammer for me. I like the tohught of being able to walk into my local hobby store and play someone with a new army I've never played befor or seen. The thought of seeing a army of Gnoll's or another general well known race in the fantasy world. Maybe it would be easy on the company if you made generic army cards. Have set points for any unit not listed in the rule book. And let players bend the rules for their force a little. Maybe if certain models are being sold more and certain armies are appering more and more on table tops then Reaper could work on some rules for it. A magazine that updates rules and other information from Reaper would be able to make all that a reality. I'm just rambling on though.
  7. I think we could probally modify them or convert them to fit on a square base.
  8. Alright alright, so I can use any Dark Heaven or Warlord mini, and any other kind of model is legal among friends. I'm catching on I think. Thanks for the clear up. Thanks. I think I've got it down to what kind of army I want. Probally Dwarf, so I'll be buying maybe a special character just to get started.
  9. I like the idea of any model being legal in warlord from the reaper line. There are just to many good looking models not to use!
  10. I did some searching and found the line of reaper warlord minis. I believe this is it ... http://www.newwave.org/minis/reaper/darkhe.../2000-2025.html So those are the units I can use and etc? I can use all the different characters like the wizards of half-lings in a army they fit in? Thanks for everyones help.
  11. I got it working. I've read what I can for the day, was rushed with time. I found the list of armies but no real information on how they fight, what they're strong at and some back ground. I love the models so far and I'm really interested in playing. Befor I invest the money into a army I want to know some more things about it. I have a question about the models and the future of Warlord ... First, it seems if I want to buy a army pack, it comes with four models as from what I can see. Though there is only two different model pose for say Dwarf Axes. Is there going to be more releases of models and etc so they all don't look the same? I probally wont use all axes in my army or what ever but still I was hoping for more choices and varity. Is reaper going to relases more minis in the future if everything gos well for them? Or am I missing something? And also, are they're going to be more armies in the future? They're is already a lot just for a beta stage, around 11 I think. That sounds pretty good to me. Sorry I don't mean to sound so picky or annoying but I'm just trying to make out some pros and cons befor I buy into it. Even If I don't end up playing I'm still going to pick me up some great minis
  12. I get this when I try to open it ... "Color Space name C50" or a map coding error. I get a lot of blank pages as well. I go from basses to breaking in combat ... Err is that right?
  13. Thanks for your help. I already like this community I'll start off by downloading the rules befor I ask any more questions. The game sounds cheaper then GW so far. And I like that a lot. I played skaven and they were so cheap (points wise) you had to buy a lot to field a whole army, so that sucked. I'm looking forward to converting some friends from Warhammer to Warlord. Oh and by company do you mean like a large enough force to play how big of a game?
  14. A line new line of pirates, merfolk (think MtG) and tropical Island mini's. The under water world is filled with all kinds natural beast to get ideads from ... Sharks, eels, squid, coral monsters, sting rays, and other creatures. Would give Merfolk heros something to fight at least on adventures. Head hunter tribes with witch doctors and they're own kind of giant beast they worship (King Kong) Just think what pirates or Merfolk could loot off a island full of head hunters
  15. Hey, I'm new to the reaper line, though I've played some GW games. I'm wondering if Reaper Warlord offers anything different then other minature games out there. Also, I have many questions about the world, armries, fluff etc. Bare with me What armies are there and what are they like? You don't have to type it all out and put it on here, a link would be apperciative because I'm having trouble finding the information I need on it. Are the minatures going to have in depth backgrounds or will you leave it to the individual to make that up? Exp. A orginial theme based army? Err I have a lot of questions about the Warlord world. But I guess I'll just start off with the basic stuff. Any help would be appreciated for someone who dosen't know where to start with warlord. (and yes I know the rule book isnt out yet as far as I know, just the beta) Thanks.
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