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  1. It's the back 1/2 of the bottom part of the longest mast. Here's the two pieces that I did get... It's, well, the other one that's not pictured.
  2. Is there a parts list for the ship available? I've got a missing piece, and the Customer Service folks asked for a 'Model Number', but I don't see a model number for any of the individual ship pieces. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Is there a parts list for the ship available? I've got a missing piece in my Kickstarter, and I need to request a replacement. Customer service asked for a 'Model Number', but I don't see a model number for any of the individual ship pieces. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. FINALLY got around to transferring all of my inks to dropper bottles, and I've got a little warm spot inside my heart. No more old citadel pots with crusty lids, no more mismatched rows of paint, no more reaching to two places for my inks. Everything fits snugly in it's place. The OCD in me is defeated, and retreats to it's lair to slumber until another day! Super happy. Highly recommended... In all seriousness, moving the paint over to a standard bottle type is a JOY to work with. All the inks behave the same, now. No change in paradigm from one bottle to
  5. Absolutely. I'm actually thinking of buying two more. My gaming space is in an unfinished basement, and the amount of dust on my minis in the case vs outside of the case is like day and night! Thanks for the kudos, all!
  6. Been a while since I've posted, but it's been a while since I finished something! Had this one sitting on my desk for the better part of a year. I'm hoping that he'll be able to see a game table, some day. So many scales to paint. So many layers! I cheated, and base-coated with an airbrush, but still this one was time consuming! And now, I FINALLY have a flight of all the chromatics to sit under my Ma'al Drakar
  7. I recently started a new D&D campaign (running Waterdeep Dragon Heist), and decided to paint up some groups of adversaries. Some of them to represent the opposing factions found in the city. These are all assembly lined, and while I wouldn't call them 'speed painted', I would say that they're not super detail oriented... Sorry for the photo quality. I couldn't find my camera, and had to use the phone! Some Gnolls, from various manufacturers, painted up for a sidequest (Did 20 of these): A large group of rogues and thugs, to represent the Xanathar's guild (18
  8. Semi-permanent? The standing stone in front is pinned on there, so it's permanent. The "main" part of the figure is just resting on there It's pretty stable, since its so heavy. I don't foresee myself removing it a lot, but magnets are a good idea!
  9. Okay, so to continue where we left off... I was done with the model, and working on a scenic base. This thing is crazy huge, so why not make it bigger? I roughed out a little plateau and some standing stones out of foam using a wire cutter and a few xacto knives. Now, I don't work with foam regularly. Only a few times, actually, so I was super unsure about all of this. Seemed fairly straight forward, though. I finished roughing this sucker out, then based it and textured it like I would another mini... a little ballast, and some sand. Then I primed it up, and test fit Mal'adrakar.
  10. Well, a big mini means more procrastination than usual. I got sidetracked for... what, a year or so? So, even with all of the delays, here we go: Finally, I returned to Mal'drakkar a few months back and have been making steady... if slow... progress ever since. Man, this thing is a wrist breaker. I knew that what stymied me last year was just the size of the thing... if I spent 3 hours painting I felt like there was no progress at all. I realized that I had to break it down into manageable, visible chunks if I was ever going to finish it. After some inspiration from the internet,
  11. Thanks for the feedback, and the input everyone! I'm really sketchy on contrast for metals, other than washes and highlighting. I made it a point for like, a year, to push my highlights outside of my comfort zone... go one or two layers past what I thought was 'good'. I guess I need to start doing that with the metals? NMM is still a rare thing for me, but I've never really given as much attention to my metallics as I have my other colors. Thanks for the tip! Exactly the sort of advice I've been looking for! Once upon a time my pics were 'okay', but I've never bee
  12. Look like it still is on their site? It's under 'heroes'.
  13. Had some time off, and managed to get a lot of room cleared off of my 'waiting to paint' shelf for the February Bones shipment! Now, if only my photography skills could improve as much as the size of my unpainted mini collection... I swear they look better in person. I'm thinking it's my light setup, but it also could be my terrible vision. I painted about a dozen dwarves, just to get them out of the way. I assembly lined them all, and tried a lot of new 'speedy' techniques... heavy on washes. And, because I always like se
  14. The figures are the "Urban Achievers", by Impact Ministries. Got these suckers at GenCon for my fiance, since she's a big fan of the movie. Been saving them for a Christmas present, but she's got a bit of a cold, and I'm terrible with saving surprises. A quick paint job, all in one sitting, and they're done. The base is just printed on an interesting jet printer and mounted on some bass wood. Comments and critiques welcome.
  15. I've been staring at shelves and shelves of unpainted miniatures for too long! Too many big pieces and figures that I'm spending too much darned time on have reduced my productivity to a trickle. With the start of our new D&D campaign a short while back, I decided that i'd focus on monsters for the tabletop. Because of the Bones Kickstarters (and just buying too many minis, in general) I've got lots of 'hordes' of baddies that have sat unpainted for a long time. About 4 weeks ago I decided to try assembly line painting some of these suckers, and work on getting them on the tabl
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