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    I like collecting minis, especially dragons. I don't paint all that well, and don't even try anymore ;) I also collect hobby / craft stuff like rubber stamps, scrap booking, fabrics, etc. I'm not the best at completing projects, that's why I say 'collect'.

    I enjoy ballroom dancing with my hubby, Mengu (it's how we met in 2001). It's a lot of fun when we're not arguing about who's right:) We're not the best, but it's an exciting hobby.

    I also started belly dancing in 2010. Watching movies and TV, RPG (D&D), and beading are also hobbies I spend a lot of time doing.

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  1. and that's my decapitated figure standing behind you! It was nice to meet you and I'm glad I didn't totally scare you away from mini painting when you speed painted your first mini at GenCon a couple years ago! That's also the littlest ReaperMatt Clarkspawn standing next to me (behind you)...anything that happened in that round of Sophie Says was her fault since she was rolling the dice...she made a great Sophie! debby
  2. That's good to know. Did they happen to direct you to documentation of this? I'd like a print out just in case. Yeah, Erin, what Qwyk said...can you post a link? This would be my luck. Get there on the flight home with 2 bags each and tell them "but I purchased my ticket on March 1st and a representative from your airlines told me on the phone that the new rule only applies to tickets purchased after May 12th"...Baggage checker inner "I'm sorry ma'am, you were misinformed, that'll be $50" ($25 for my "extra" bag and $25 for Mengu's "extra") I usually ship back from ReaperCon, BUT most of the time I travel by air, I pack an extra duffel. I really don't like carting around 2 carryons when I have to make tight connections in really busy airports. debby *who's hoping the AA MD-80 fiasco is over since both her flights are on MD-80's
  3. Just a warning to those flying to con next week. American Airlines will start charging $25 for checking a second bag starting Monday, May 12th. I believe some other airlines have already started a similar policy. You might want to check with your airline before your trip. This is on top of the overweight charge of $25 (over 50 lbs in a bag, you get charged $25). Just thought you might like to know if you're like me and pack an extra bag to stuff full of goodies from your travels and check in as you go home. Either ship it home or bring extra money if you've exceeded your maximum 2-piece carryon limit (or in a lot of our cases - the weight limit from so many minis!). just thought you might want to know, debby
  4. WOW! Anne! Already over 200 in about 2 hours!!! pretty impressive! debby:)
  5. Here's hoping that the UPS guys don't make off with Derek's version this year!!! Are you sending it to a super secret location instead of HQ Derek? Make sure you take lots of pictures first! Can't wait to see Marike's...love all the others in the gallery so far. Looks like Sue had some fun! debby
  6. I LOVE it! Vince is no longer Gus' brother, but is now recognized as Angela's Brother-in-Law too funny! debby I guess at this point she is the more recognized painter *ducks*
  7. Yeah, they only lived in Colorado for 2 minutes, er I mean months debby
  8. Amen to that! Not that I'm not eternally grateful for ReaperPeeps arranging for catering and SonicMike being there and bringing in his crew and putting up with me heckling speed painters for 4 days, because I am. But there's only so many tatertots a person can eat (never knew this was possible, but indeed it is). I don't want to see another tater tot again (until next year, that is ) Reaper Rocks!! debby
  9. Congrats on your trophy ML! That was a sweet little diaroma (if you can call a ghoul queen sweet). Maybe next year you'll consider speed painting a round? debby
  10. My question for Werner during his sculpting faces class... "If a guy with one eye is called a cyclops, what is a guy with one nostril called?" After my failed attempt at making 2 nostrils on the face I was "sculpting"... debby
  11. Gen Con Indy 2007 Event Registration is open! Reaper is sponsoring 6 rounds (make that 7 including the Championship round on Sunday) of speed painting at Gen Con Indy (THANK YOU REAPER as always!). Go sign up! It only costs one ticket ($1.50) and you get to keep the mini. Here's the description and the session id numbers.. MHE00142 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 1 8/16/2007 13:00 MHE00143 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 2 8/16/2007 14:00 MHE00144 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 3 8/17/2007 13:00 MHE00145 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 4 8/17/2007 14:00 MHE00146 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 5 8/18/2007 13:00 MHE00147 Reaper Speed Painting Contest Session 6 8/18/2007 14:00 You can come watch the pros speed paint on Friday evening at 6:30. Aces VI: Charity Speed Paint and Auction is an annual event and excuse for 10 great mini-painters to have some fun, show their talents, and raise some money for charity. For one hour they paint their hearts out, try to keep from laughing too much (slows down the painting), and then the miniatures are auctioned off as one lot in the Gen Con Charity Auction. Miniatures provided by Reaper Miniatures, prep and display base by Dragon Forge Designs. It’s fun from both sides of the table, so come and cheer your favorite painters! Friday 6:30 pm in the Speed Paint Arena. There are lots of other great Miniature Hobby Events (MHE) too like the Paint & Take that you'd probably like to check out while you're in Indy. And lots of great classes taught by some of your favorite painters you can sign up for. Just do a search of the Gen Con catalog, gametype "MHE", and you'll get a list of awesome classes. Hurry though, the popular ones will go fast! Session 4 of Reaper Speed Paint only has 3 seats left! hope to see you there! debby p.s. and of course, don't forget about the Gen Con Painting Competition. Get those entries ready!
  12. I take it the list does not have to be painted to play in the tourny? debby
  13. and the winner is from GREECE!!! Please tell me there's a Greece, Texas and that we'll be able to see Anne's in person at ReaperCon. Or at least that you contacted the buyer and requested to keep it for another week or 2 to let people see it! debby *who really missed this auction*
  14. We just flew to and from Seattle last week with our paints in our checked baggage, not a problem in the Columbus or Seattle airports. We only have our MSP, no spray primer or sealer. The liquid and gel carry-on thing enacted last September is still in affect as the 3-1-1 rule. Watch out if you wear gel inserts in your shoes. You're not allowed through airport security with those on (you can check them though). That's too bad, if more people were "gellin' like Ellen", there'd probably be less uptight people in airports. debby
  15. I know it doesn't have anything to do with mini transport, but Mengu and I were surprised by this rule in December... Remember the 3-1-1 rule when flying now...If you have ANY liquids or gels to carry on, they must be in 3 oz containers or smaller (includes gel type deoderant), you must put them in a 1 quart sized ziptop bag (have it outside your carry on when going through security), and only 1 bag per passenger. No half used rolled up tubes of toothpaste allowed! Ladies, this includes lipgloss too (chapstick is okay). Mengu and I have discovered it's a lot less hassle to just check our toiletries in our baggage. We've had no problems putting our paints in the checked bags either. see you soon! debby
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