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  1. I'm not kidding. It's the WOPR (Wheel Of Pain Reaper) Software. And our programmer coded in phrases like "wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess" as possible sounds it can make. so no more reading the blister card? Who's programming for the wheel for you? Kit or Gus or do ya'll have a new programming lackey? debby
  2. But you're so good at the purple and teal! Why mess with a good thing? I like the addition of the undies. beautiful painting as always debby
  3. and at the earliest? debby
  4. that's what I get for not coming for so long to look around here. I sure hope UPS finds this one and someone is able to buy her... she's amazing!! debby
  5. OMG!!! She's stunning! You won right? debby
  6. er? they don't have a "cute puppy with his head cocked to the side ears perked with a quizical look" smilie debby
  7. How 'bout it Anne? Is the card fixed? Do you have a link for us? debby^_^
  8. yeah, so much for flynn's "I can't do freehand" claim! Isn't it beautiful!! debby
  9. I got this beauty from Mengu yesterday for Valentine's Day. Thanks so much Flynn for doing such a beautiful job on one of my favorite minis. She's joining a nice little collection. Thanks again honey! (and flynn ) debby She's a little bit shy, but here she is...
  10. thanks Flynn (and Bryan) - that worked debby
  11. Nice job Matt! Thanks for the piccie Bryan! @Kengar, if it's really priced at $50, it probably compares to the small box dragons like Cinder and Blight Fang. (just my guess) did Sandy sculpt her too? If so, nice job Sandy...she's a pretty girl! debby
  12. ditto, no problem with previous pdfs, just the 1/14 edition debby
  13. Do I feel a Stern Kestrelman/Gastaroth 54mm face off coming on? debby
  14. Great artwork and green Werner and Tim...on the brown, the guy on the right reminds me of someone. Who is it? I can't seem to rememb...ah, yes! replace the arm with a fish and cough (*golem golem*) just kiddin! love the mob and the driad too! good stuff Bryan, keep the greens a comin! debby:)
  15. It's a six shooter a gun, if it's like the other one I've seen debby
  16. Sela Windsprite looks REALLLLLYYY close to the conversion Jennifer did on Lysette/tara using Sandra's monkey (okay, I know that sounds funny, but really!). Did Werner really do a new sculpt for this? How cool! Yeah for Derek's bard and Matt's Justine looks pretty interesting too! So is Kassandra Shadow Sister of the Mercs Bobby's or Werner's? The greens listed her as Werner's the gallery says Bobby...inquiring mind wants to know;) thanks for sharing Bryan! debby
  17. he usually makes it to Origins Sergei (he was here this summer) Kelly, thanks for the bigger shots...are you sure you won't take Shak up on his offer? How 'bout sending her to me then? I'll take the piccies for you You can trust me, right? debby
  18. and so do Derek's as I said before... beautiful job Derek...lucky Cher! debby
  19. Kelly, I LOVE this! Do you think you could post a detail shot of her face (kind of an angle looking down her cleveage)? Not to be rude to her, but I want a closer look! Is the white...see through? transluscent? you know what I mean? I can't find the word I'm looking for... great job...closer pics please! debby *going blind in her old age* forgot to beg...please, please, please??!!!
  20. Wow, wow, just wow!! love the 2 new Werner females and all the rest too... and Bryan, one more thing, when is the Bthalian Pirate is coming out? It would be a great fig for the exodus road pirate contest. Too bad the contest ends Sept 19...ARRR! I'll echo the question about the deva/angel release date...when? nice stuff, oh great and wonderful Reaper sculpters! Thanks for the piccies too Bryan! debby
  21. @ neccowafer She's 14274: Clarissa, Banshee (aka the woman who broke Razig's heart, ergo turned into banshee). Sculpted by Gene Van Horne, he even sculpted the water. debby
  22. yep, that's the one...and you did a great job on him for 45 minutes... I was the "nice lady" heckling er, I mean, running the event for you hope you like him, you are now one model closer to an awesome reptus army! debby
  23. I remember seeing this mini in the case...where were you Kevin? sorry I missed you, debby
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