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  1. You're the best Anne, thanks for sharing. I might actually be able to accomplish that for my Razig army. The skelies look a lot less complicated than that vampire skin! I love the face you got on that vampire though, very expressive (as usual). Hey Meady - Razig's army is great, can't wait to get mine together. Well I've been collecting them since September (using some Dark Heaven skelies), so maybe I can wait. But now I have a plan. I'll post when I get some completed (don't hold your breath though). debby
  2. Thanks Anne! I thought it looked a little greenish grey, but thought it might be my computer screen. You're right about the "not for the faint of heart". I might try this after I get a strong heart debby
  3. Hey Ivy, Can you also talk a little about how to make the image look nice on-line? I think there were people talking about the painting contest and pictures being compressed and looking bad on line, but look okay on their own computers. That's where I am today - at a PhotoShop Class (for work). I think it will sure come in handy when working with mini photos. I will sign up for your class! debby
  4. Or does anyone else want to share ideas for that matter. I really like the newest Vampire skin tone, do you remember your recipe? Anne's Gastaroth Also, I want to paint up my Razig Warlord Army. Yes, I found the other thread on painting skeletons. While I realize that a "whiter" skeleton is not "real" looking, I'll be playing a fantasy game, right? I wanted to achieve a look similar to this skeleton color. Any ideas?! (or Anne, whadidya use?) Anne's Razig thanks, debby
  5. In case you didn't find it yet Durak, She has directions for the "funky water bases" in the tips & tutorials section of her website. Jenova Funky Water Bases Click on tips & tutorials on the right and then Funky water bases. hope that helps debby
  6. yes, however, if you make a diaroma with him mounted on a base about an inch higher than the new Stern Kestralman fig, you can see that the vamp is trying to impale himself on Stern's sword Hey Anne, how'd you get the skintone for the vamp guy - it's awesome. Would you mind sharing your recipe? debby
  7. Check travelocity... if you're wanting to head to ReaperCon from the Central Ohio area prices are now $83 (date restrictions apply) from Columbus to DFW. Of course you have to be willing and able to spend a few extra days in TX. Leave on Wed before Con and return Monday after, but it beats the $224 I paid! debby
  8. Don't you mean "Generic winter holiday" in July? I see why that name won't work
  9. A monthly workshop! Now I'm wishing I lived in Denver:) I love Lili's technique, she has some awesome work! The detail on this mini is awesome, I saw her working on it at GenCon. Ulthuan Bard I'm all about learning from a lot of different painters. I'm sure Anne was very annoyed with me by the end of last years Origins always hanging around her table gawking. I was too busy at GenCon to bother her much though (that's where I bugged Jen Haley to death) I'm sure my BF would be happier with me if I would actually PRACTICE what I have learned. I haven't painted a thing since Origins. Oh yeah, in case you didn't guess, that was my hand going up debby
  10. Cool, thanks Matt, didn't even think of this as an option (not wanting to impose and all ) back on topic, budget you know are they the same shipping charges as your store offers with additional packaging costs?
  11. Thanks LS organize away! 2 people (Mengu & Debby), 9pm Friday, American #771 from Columbus (CMH), need ride from DFW to Denton 2 people (Mengu & Debby), 5pm Sunday (our flight is at 7:30, American #2080), need ride from Denton to DFW debby
  12. LS is right. It is less hassle just to let them search your checked bags. The same bag I brought home on my flight would have cost me more than $40 to mail. I had a LOAD of miniatures and a clock I had given to Mengu for Christmas packed in that suitcase (weighed 62 pounds - there were books too, it wasn't all minis ) and a metal brownie pan in another. Talk about suspicious... When we got them back, they had both been searched, but repacked nicely (no big deal). Airline Packing Tip: I will be bringing some empty small amazon.com boxes to pack minis in my suitcase for the return flight for protection. Also, don't bother with locks, they cut them off to search anyway use twist ties instead. flynn, I already have Martha, but maybe T'rakzul will be coming home(I have a dragon problem too) debby
  13. 2 tickets and 2 t-shirts to ReaperCon 2004: $52 2 roundtrip airline tickets to Dallas Fort Worth: $450 2 night hotel stay in Denton: $150 Two days exploring Reaperland with my sweetie: PRICELESS! Yes, I'm a fan, and Yes, I'm psyched. Mengu and I will be arriving around 9pm on Friday, May 14th. We will be staying at the Denton La Quinta (thanks Kit for the hotel info). Anybody willing to tear themselves away from the mixer to come to the airport and pick us up? I understand it's about 45 minutes from Denton. Any plans for a Reaper shuttle from the DFW airport on Friday evening (I can dream can't I) ? debby
  14. First come, first serve games. Pretty much whatever you like. I have a copy of Chutes and Ladders back at the house, if you're interested. What about Settlers of Catan? I'm a little rusty on Chutes and Ladders...
  15. Another expense to consider if you're flying. Have that extra money for the plane ride home when they tell you at baggage check in "I'm sorry, your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, you'll have to pay a $25 service charge." Yes, most airlines now have a weight limit on checked bags. Happened to me and my BF when flying home after Christmas. I plan on coming home with a lot of lead!!! debby
  16. Here is a link to a picture. Take a gander at the bottom center photo. See the guy in front of the clump of bamboo? Really little by comparison... Scottish Bamboo Thanks for all the feedback so far, I thought about using asparagus fern preserved with glycerin, but I'm not sure if that would work. hey CD, you'll have to let me know if you find the quote. Got it off of webshots "quote of the day". Actually my mother sent it to me 'cause I'm horrible about getting my degree finished I don't want to have an improper quote driving people nuts! debby
  17. Why yes I do Mengu! And when you get home, you can show me how to post them:)
  18. Hello all, I've been lurking here on the boards in the dark shadows for over a year and have been spurred by my bf to join in the fun. I want to make a diorama that includes some bamboo plants (I'm talking the big 40 foot kind, not the little plants you can buy in a mall nowadays). They are very tall with nice feathery looking "leaves". Nice tree how to posted in the craft section today, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Any ideas? thanks in advance debby:)
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