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  1. I'll be there running Reaper Speed Painting events. And although most rounds appear to be full from pre-registrations (5 spots left over the 4 days), don't be decieved! I have 4 extra minis each Reaper round and I always have no-shows. I will take generics to enter (1 ticket). Just show up to the round you want to get into a little early and find me...Don't look for us in last year's location. I'm pretty sure we'll be located right outside the dealer room/mini hall in the hallway (eeegads - we'll be crowded!). Same with Paint & Take... You get a really nice Reaper mini for $1.50 and 45 minutes to sit down 'n paint with minimal interuption (except for minor heckling)! It's great fun! If you win your round, you advance to the finals on Sunday and get another really nice Reaper mini!!! Come out and Speed Paint!! debby *note, I'm not sure if Rackham will have extra minis prepped. I requested them to do so, but you'll have to check with them at the Con if you want to get in their speed painting rounds.
  2. hey, give me a big old english sheepdog or great dane over a yipping chihuahua any day! Much less scary! how 'bout a berzerker yoda? debby
  3. Just something Werner was working on at RCon. I saw artwork there...I think she was supposed to be a gnome though. Looks much better as a dwarf debby
  4. Linkie for those too lazy to search (like me)... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dwarf barbarian chick!!! Werner took the static pose from the artwork and knocked it out of the park on that one! And the female thief looks like a nice conversion of Kara Foehunter Love 'em all! cool stuff for DHL debby
  5. glad to see you still have some tease left in you Bryan! love these 3 debby
  6. wow! Derek's fire sorceress turned out BEAUTIFUL!! The pirates are nicely done and colorful!! I love the halfling pirate...so cute debby
  7. Morgan Devalis, keshley, sirikus, madrogran, Emmel Eitch, Firebird Happy birthday Lili and Michael and all the rest, hope you're having a great day!!! debby
  8. and what's wrong with a skeletal pirate w/ fingernails?! he uses his gun in his left hand? debby
  9. and here I thought you could do everything Qwyk! debby
  10. yeah, cell phones better be ringing when you all pull up to the curb so we can make a mass exodus out of the building and stare at your newest little creation. And meet Mary too of course. debby
  11. unless you enter one of the rounds of speed painting and win...then you need to come Sunday too, cause that's when the championship rounds are. Mengu and I will be there all 4 days working for Sue (I do Speed Painting, he does Paint & Take, classes, and photography). It'll be good to see you again Kevin! debby
  12. I'm so happy for all of you! she's beautiful! nice job! debby
  13. I suspect the qwykling was just trying to wait for the full moon this weekend before making an appearance. I know you're both anxious for the arrival and I hope things are going well for you. can't wait to see the snapshots! Hang in there you 2 debby
  14. No qwyklings were hurt in the posting to this thread... what do you do with a drunken sailor?
  15. not me Why didn't Qwyksilver pose a question? *tee hee* #2000
  16. Unfortunately I can't answer hypotheticals... When will Mrs. Qwyk have the Qwykling?
  17. wow! gutsy move! the faces on the sword show up really well in the photo... debby
  18. ...PaintBending? maybe Kit could put a halo (gold ring) over your Lupines head? debby
  19. congrats on the 1000 (finally) and the gallery update - yeah! debby *skips off to gallery*
  20. No, but Mengu does at restaurants... Why is the sky blue?
  21. Yes, and Anne painted a beautiful version of her in March (or sometime around there). Hopefully it will be posted in the painted gallery "SOON" debby
  22. I don't think Anne can reach you I like your final decision on hair color. She looks great! I'm sorry you abandoned her... debby
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